100 Email List Building Methods : Part I

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Building a rundown is significant for each business in light of the fact that the rundown is a resource that the business claims to give it exceptional admittance to a client's very own space. Furthermore, List Building Methods I is a modest and genuine method of building leads, conveying an important substance, and building trust and affinity with the clients. Coming up next are a portion of the methodologies individuals can use to develop their rundown of supporters as quickly as could be expected under the circumstances. Practically speaking, different systems can be utilized simultaneously since only one can't adequately accomplish the expected objective.

Here we go…

Creating a Landing Page

A landing page refers to the web page that the visitor arrives at or “lands” on when they visit a website. It is a standalone web page that is distinct from the main website. The land page should have no global navigation to tie it to the primary website so that it can limit the options available to visitors. The main purpose is to guide the visitors to the intended conversion goal. 

Installing SumoMe

SumoMe refers to an application that has tons of cool mini-apps and share buttons that help people grow their lists. It allows visitors to a site to easily share the content to other platforms or other people. In the process, there is a greater exposure which often leads to more people subscribing to the mailing list.

Installing SumoMe

Changing the Call to Action Button – List Building Methods 

Many people use common words such as “submit” or “sign up” as a call to action for people to submit their email address. However, these words and phrases are too common and have become outdated. It is important to create a call-to-action that is specific, enticing, and fun. As an example, Xo Sarah has a call to action in which she asks a question: Want to learn the top 10 tools I use to run my blog + biz every day? Inside the signup box, there is a phrase written “Hell yes- send me the list!” At least the call to action is enticing and fun. It encourages many users to share their email address for mailing purposes.

Using Multiple Opt-Ins

Most sites have only one opt-ins on the sidebar or at the footer. A site that attracts more subscribers should have 5 or more opt-ins to create opportunities for users to join the mailing list. The opt-ins should be located to the footer, headers, sidebar, under each blog post, and ScrollBox because no one will seek the email list.

Use of Comment Forms

People like to leave a comment or ask a question whenever they have read a given content. In practice, this creates an opportunity for one to collect contacts. Many people always use Disqus to manage comments on their sites. However, having a simple form at the bottom of the page can help in growing the mailing list. The form should have spaces for people to put in their email addresses so that a new subscriber can be captured.

Use of Comment Forms

Speeding up the Website

A study conducted by Walmart concluded that when the loading jumps from 1 second to 4 seconds. The conversion rate will decline. However, for each 1-second improvement in load time, a site will always report a 2% increase in its conversion rate. As a result, a person seeking to build his list should first consider the speed of the website. The load time should be as short as possible to enable more subscribers to provide their email addresses when prompted.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging has increasingly become a popular marketing tactic in the last four years. List building methods involve leveraging the traffic, authority, and audience of the website belonging to another person. When implemented successfully, it can drive a massive jump in the number of subscribers

Require Email Address for People to View Pricing

The strategy is straightforward and relatively quick to implement. It involves putting a “gated” email opt-in requirement on the pricing page. Beyond growing the email list, requiring users to submit their email addresses before they can view prices accomplishes two strategic goals. First, it discourages jokers because they have to make a small commitment before they can access the price list. In this case, the people who submit their email addresses are deemed serious, and, therefore, the need to contact them later to discuss more the product or services of the company. Second, it enables the segmentation of subscribers so that the business can automatically follow up on inquiries.

Video Call-to-Action

The video CTA is an advanced tactic mostly used by people who rely on videos to market their businesses. The JLBmedia reported that approximately 78% of internet users watch video each week and 55% watch the video at least each day. Videos are widely consumed, and, therefore, it makes sense when videos are included as part of the website’s sales funnel.

Video Call-to-Action

Target the Same Audience with Ads – List Building Methods 

Marketing technology on the internet today makes it easier to drive high-quality traffic into one’s website. Facebook has a feature known as “Facebook Custom Audiences” which marketers can use to target the same audience. For instance, if a marketer has an email list of 500 people, the list can be uploaded on Facebook so that Facebook automatically target people similar to the matches found on the network. In addition, one can target ads to consumers who have liked competitors and have demonstrated certain purchasing interests recently.

Run a Challenge

Organizing a challenge is a powerful method of list building because of two main reasons. First, it has the potential of massively boosting the email list size when properly implemented. Second, it helps in creating a bond between the marketer and subscribers. Before running a challenge, one can survey the targeted audience to determine a major issue they face. The identified issue should be the basis for running the challenge. It should be a requirement for interested persons to join the email list before they can participate in the challenge.

Host Giveaways

Giveaways are a fantastic strategy to engage consumers with one’s brand and build the email list. When implemented correctly, it is a sure-fire strategy in growing the list.  Important components of any giveaway would include the following. First, it should have a compelling prize that the audience actually wants. Second, referred entrants should have access to bonus entries. Third, there should be guaranteed bonus incentives for all people who do not win anything. Despite being effective in growing a list, one should be aware that giveaways can pick up tons of non-relevant subscribers who do not have an interest in the product.

Avoid Asking Much Information

In the opt-in forms or sign-up forms, one should not request too much information from the targeted audience. In some cases, some people would ask for names, telephone contacts, email addresses, and physical addresses yet they do not need all the information. It is important to keep the information requested just simple. The less data one requests, the more likelihood of collecting more emails.

Sticky Widget

One should have a fixed sidebar that always remains at the top of the page when a user scrolls the website. This ensures that the opt-in is always visible to remind the user of the need to register. The visibility of the opt-in can result in a subscription at any time and at any point on the page.

Comment Redirect

Comment redirect is a strategy commonly used to target the most engaged visitors. These are visitors who have already made an effort to share, comment, or ask a question regarding a given content. As such, they are a click away from opting-in if they are given the right push. The comment redirect can send these people to a customized landing page which appeals to them to subscribe to the mailing list.

Direct Mail

Direct mailing service is an extremely flexible channel that gives a marketer access to otherwise inaccessible prospects for various purposes such as selling products, generating leads, following up inquiries, getting more business from existing clients, and keeping in touch with former clients. Through direct mails, a marketer can present each benefit of his product or service in a manner that is 100% consistent. When direct mails reach the right audience with the right message and offer, a marketer is likely to generate inquiries and sales.

Direct Mail

Using Email Signatures

Email signatures are ideal for people who spend lots of time communicating with customers through email. The email signature normally contains the logo of the business and various contacts a customer can use to communicate with a representative of the business. List building methods drives subscriptions because it is appealing. Also, the target customers understand that they can easily stay in touch with someone from the organization.

Use of Social Media Platforms

People have access to a wide range of social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Periscope, and Snapchat among others. Since billions of people use these platforms, presented in two or more platforms gives an opportunity for one to access a highly engaged audience that can subscribe to their mailing lists.

Referral Systems – List Building Methods 

A referral is whereby existing customers recommend the brand or products/services to other people such as friends, family, and colleagues. It is more effective compared to dozens of presentations. List building through referral systems involve strategies such as reaching out to the hard-to-reach buyers, creating a reputation that opens closed doors, improving customer loyalty, and getting prospects to return calls. 

Publication of Infographics

Infographics refer to the graphical representation of statistics or facts about something. According to Massplanner, infographics are often liked and shared on social media three times more than any other type of content, especially pure text. List Building methods businesses can easily go viral with well-designed infographics that provide customers with an in-depth overview of a product/service.

Publication of Infographics

Effective Advertising

Effective advertising involves an advertisement that does the job of effective sales. It associate can do in a face-to-face meeting with a customer. An effective advert is founded on proven principles and facts rather than a trial and error approach. Effective advertising should use channels capable of reaching a sufficiently large population of the target market. In addition, communication should focus on the needs of the customer. It offers them something appealing. Lastly, the advert should give the prospects sufficient information and education about the product/service.

Writing Long-Form Guides

Guides are insanely valuable to many people. A guide includes things of nature “a beginner’s guide to social media marketing.” Guides allow businesses to build their mailing list. This is possible because they are created from the point of view of the target audience. For this reason, guides will naturally attract more shares, likes, traffic, and links. The long-form guide should cover topics related to the company’s business to enable it to attract the right audience.

Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Word-of-mouth marketing refers to a persuasive marketing technique available to any business or seller. Users can drive prospects to try out new products/services. It gives an opportunity for the seller to present the benefits of the product to customers. List Building Methods as well as answer queries that may arise. Again, it is important in building relationships of trust with the customer.

Using Cases Studies

Case studies aimed at building a list always make the customer the hero of a given story. It involves featuring customers’ results and testimonies in a superb way. That compels new visitors to sign up for the firm’s list. Through case studies, readers can relate the story of a customer to their own story. This type of case study helps the business looks authoritative and credible. Therefore, the ability to attract more prospects.


Telemarketing is flexible in its scope, message, and objectives. It is more effective when used alongside direct mails. As the marketer can identify customers and reach them immediately through the two channels. It is also useful in advancing and building relationships. List Building Methods while gently convincing the target customers to make a purchasing decision. Telemarketing allows for immediate feedback from customers. So that the marketer understands what the customers want and like.


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