100 List Building Methods : Part II

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100 List Building Methods: Part II, multiple strategies can be used at the same time since one alone cannot effectively achieve the intended goal. 

Here we go…

Host Beneficiary Relationships

Host beneficiary relationship involves establishing good relationships with other businesses so that you can have access to their already existing customers. In practice, the other business is a non-competing business that has spent years attracting and building relationships with customers who are prime prospects for your product/services. It is a strategy that brings more customers and cash within a short period.


A business can develop its rundown through individuals it has just met previously. For instance, the individuals as of now in contact with the business have many different contacts that the business can contact. Thusly, successful systems administration is significant in connecting with these individuals. In addition, meeting new individuals and making new contacts likewise help in developing the rundown. Systems administration requires appropriate relational abilities, the capacity to make an enduring impression, and the capacity to oversee contact's information base viably.


Qualified Lists – List Building Methods 

The list of qualified prospects influences the marketing success of a business because it can eliminate all marketing waste. The list consists of people having proven interest in the product/service of a business. By focusing on the qualified list, the business can market its products/services to the right people, and, therefore, avoid wasting time on the wrong targets.

Public Relations and Publicity

Businesses can use mainstream media to disseminate factual, interesting, and newsworthy information to their customers, employees, and other stakeholders. Examples of media a business can use include radio, television, magazines, trade journals, newsletters, and newspapers among others. The ability to approach PR correctly will enable a business to create a reputation for attracting customers. However, these channels are often costly, and, therefore, the need to balance them with other channels.

Circle of Leverage – List Building Methods 

This is a step-by-step strategy dealing with the single most common and frustrating problem of gaining access to the correct audience. A circle of leverage helps the marketer through bureaucracy and identify the people they need to see. For instance, it is possible to reach the desired prospects regardless of their positions or levels of experience. The strategy is fast and less expensive, yet it overcomes the challenge of getting through to the right persons.


Today, the internet is an essential element of business communication. People look for information by browsing the internet. Accordingly, every business needs a good website that can maximize their exposure. The website should be appealing, informative, and easy to navigate so that the business can obtain a constant stream of new prospects.


Collecting Addresses from Twitter

When using Twitter Lead Generation Cards, one can collect email addresses from Twitter and make it effortless for followers to subscribe. Setting up this functionality involves signing up for the Twitter Ads and putting a credit card on file. There are options for paid promotion, and, therefore, you should choose the right functionality that serves your needs.

Invite Subscriptions through Instagram Posts

In practice, Instagram does not give many lists of building leverage. However, there are creative ways an individual can use to grow the mailing list through the Instagram platform. For example, one should create a website link or landing page to the Instagram bio. Next, you should feature images that promote the lead magnets with easy links for followers to locate.

Turning Periscope into Email Signup Funnel

Today, Periscope is the second-fastest-growing social media platforms, and, therefore, the need to start considering using it in marketing. It allows a greater and deeper level of connection and engagement with the audience. Effective use of periscope requires one to deliver valuable and actionable content during their scope. One should ask the viewers to share the scope with viewers. In addition, it is important to provide an offer for freebies.

Collect Email Address on Snapchat – List Building Methods 

Snapchat also grows fast and is very addictive for some demographics. It is important to post content on a regular basis if Snapchat is being used as a primary platform. The stories should be interesting and a bit personal to encourage comments from followers. At this point, one should make an offer and request email addresses from people who would like to enjoy the offer. Thereafter, a link can be used to invite followers to sign up for the email list.


YouTube Cards

On YouTube, videos get approximately four billion views each day. At least half of the views come from people using mobile devices. Accordingly, there is a huge potential for one to grow a mailing list on YouTube. This can be using YouTube Cards which help in driving traffic from the mobile videos to an intended site. When a person clicks on the YouTube Card, they are redirected to a certain page on which they can be requested to subscribe.

Publishing a Best Practices Post

These are no ordinary posts because they introduce customers to the best ways they can use products, services, or any other resource. It should include practical tips and examples that support the identified points. Many consumers love these types of posts because they learn more about different myths and help them identify some of the best trends in the industry. In the past, Coca-Cola released a best practice video in which it urged users of the plastic bottles to find various innovative ways of reusing their empty bottles.

Regular and Consistent Publishing – List Building Methods 

People seeking to grow their mailing list must learn how to publish regularly and consistently. Depending on the nature of publication, one can publish several items on any day. In some cases, publications are done on a daily or weekly basis. Regular and consistent publishing attracts more readers who are likely to subscribe to the content so that they can always receive newly published content.

Examining Taboo and Controversial Topics

Depending on the nature of the list a person would like to build, sometimes it is possible to explore topics that people consider taboo or controversial in a given field. Exploring these topics or issues has the potential of increasing one’s visibility and reach to the target audience. Even though there is a strong likelihood of negative criticism, there are segments of the target market who will respond positively.

Special Events & Promotions

The strategy is common among high-end companies targeting a special group of clients. The goal is to make the event special, memorable, exciting, informative, and educative so that participants can develop an interest in the products/services of the hosting organization. Through events, businesses can educate potential customers about the benefits, advantages, and superior quality of a product compared to others. Besides, the event can be used to appreciate and recognize existing customers as being special.

Reaching Out to Influencers

Every business should strive to reach out to an influential person to endorse or recommend its product or service. The endorsement can take place through the sharing of the product on a social media page or any other platform. A single influencer who shares content can cause a 31.*% increase in sharing of the same content. Accordingly, more influencers will lead to more shares, and, therefore, more leads and a bigger list for the business.

Optimizing the Search Engine

Google is the recommended search engine that businesses should collaborate with to increase their leads. The channel will send business’ traffic on a consistent basis to enable companies to attract traffic to their content sites. Search engines such as Google ensure greater exposure compared to some social media pages where content only becomes viral and visible for a few days.

Search Engine

Colors make a Difference

Many people overlook the colors or combinations of colors they use on their sites. However, something as simple as a color can hugely impact the conversion rates of a product or opt-in. In this case, it is often important to consult a professional to come up with the right colors and combinations that will appeal to the audience.

Making it Easier for Users to Share Content – List Building Methods 

The people currently leading the content of a business are the best advocates to promote the content or products/services of an organization. These people are likely to share the post with other audiences as long as it contains top-notch content. Accordingly, every business with a website or a page on social media platforms should make it easy for others to share the post to other platforms and with other people. A business can achieve this by using click-to-tweet buttons, creating social sharing buttons, and installing image sharer software.

Exploiting New Social Media Channels

The social media industry is changing rapidly. Today, the most important social media platforms among teenagers and young adults (aged from 12-24 years) include Instagram (32%), Twitter (24%), Facebook (14%), Snapchat (13%), and Tumblr (4%). Businesses should survey new platforms with few competitors and many users to sell their products and services. Considering that these platforms support a wide range of activities, businesses can use them to grow their contact lists and generate new leads.

Commenting on Popular Blogs

Commenting on blogs is an area that many individuals and entities overlook. However, it is an effective strategy in connecting with blog owners as well as the blog users so that they can later promote one’s content. Commenting on popular blogs should not be done for the sake of it. Instead, one should add value by asking genuine questions or making serious comments. By being genuine, the business can get conversations going with the blog owner and other users, and, therefore, creating new contacts and leads.

Using Podcasts

Podcasts are useful in promoting content, products, and services. Well-created podcasts can attract high-quality traffic which often leads to higher sales. People appearing on podcasts should ensure they are well-designed and informative so that the target audience understands the message being sent by the marketer or business.


Joining Webinars – List Building Methods 

Webinars is another vital platform that most people tend to ignore or overlook in their attempts to grow the mailing list. Webinars are more valuable compared to other free offers. This is because subscribers have an opportunity to interact directly with the host. Besides building the email list, webinars are effective in converting for paid offers.

Advertorials and News Stories

Businesses can publish informative articles or stories related to customers’ use of products and services and post them on media where customers and prospects can find the content. These are helpful in building reputation in a quick and easy way. The marketers have to research and come up with article ideas which they can successfully use for self-promotion. Through these articles, customers can respond to the business and the latter will use the opportunity to convince the former into buying its products/services.


Brochures refer to small booklets or magazines that contain pictures and information regarding an organization and its products/services. Businesses must involve professionals in creating brochures and fliers that help in bringing profitable business. The brochures should educate prospects by addressing their needs about a product/service.


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