100 Email List Building Methods : Part III

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The following few List Building Methods: Part III are some strategies people can use to grow their list of subscribers as fast as possible.


The newsletter is a bulletin issued by a business periodically to its members or customers. It is a powerful technique for periodically establishing and maintaining a reputation with a specific audience. In most cases, the newsletters are free or paid for through subscription. Effective newsletters help build closer relationships with clients so that they continue transacting with the business and recommend it to other users.


Leaflet Drops – List Building Methods

This methodology includes dropping pamphlets into organizations and homes in a given topographical region. The method is a straightforward mix of letter and leaflet promoting. The flyer consistently contains data about an item/administration just as a contact for the vendor. Many planned handouts consistently appeal to target advertisers and spur them to contact the dealer. It is less expensive and should be possible consistently.

Exhibitions and Trade Shows

Already successful businesses often use exhibitions and trade shows. It involves displaying and selling products at fairs, trade shows, of exhibitions. In practice, only serious prospects always attend these gatherings hoping to find something they would purchase immediately. Businesses can use the event to meet hundreds of prospects in a short time. Moreover, it allows carrying out research, collecting opinions about products/services, and collecting customers’ personal information for future communication. Exhibitions also introduce existing customers to new products they were previously unaware of.

Card Deck Offers – List Building Methods

A card deck is a package of individual cards wrapped together and mailed to a customer. The deck consists of 30 cards, each competing for the prospect's attention. Most card decks generate leads, but the business can increase its responses by being generous with premium, free reports or samples. Businesses should carefully select the target prospects to avoid sending the cards to people who do not have an interest.

Place Testimonials

Testimonials from current customers can be placed on the website to catch visitors' attention. McKinsey studied that testimonials are responsible for about 20-50% of all purchasing decisions by customers. Therefore, a high-quality testimonial from a customer or influencer will boost the authority of a business and increase the number of subscribers and those who make a purchase.

Designing Persuasive Sign-Up Closer

Sign-up closer serves the purpose of removing any friction that prevents visitors from taking action. The sign-up closer should be persuasive enough to enable a visitor to leave his email and a few personal details on the website. For example, intuit.com uses signup closer that promises visitors a webinar recording. The signup closer should also allow visitors to unsubscribe at any time.

Adding Social Proof

Social proof is anything showing that others are already using or doing something; therefore, that is the correct thing to do. Social proof can include case studies, reviews, logos of known brands, or data/numbers showing current users. In practice, websites tend to have something such as “+10 million active subscribers” as social proof showing that more than 10 million people follow the brand or use a specific product or service. Using social proof encourages customers to sign up for the mailing list.

Social Proof

Creating Multiple Email Subscriptions

Creating multiple email subscription types allows a marketer to send more targeted content to specific segments of customers. In practice, the recipients are more likely to click through emails targeted at them. In such a case, they are more likely to subscribe to the emails, enabling the business to grow its list.

Conducting Quiz

Quizzes are fast becoming popular on many online platforms. For example, you may have seen or taken a quiz such as “which celebrity is your look like?” On social media, these quizzes are often shared by most people. As people continue sharing the quiz, more and more are likely to visit the source of the quiz and sign up for more content.

Rewriting the “About Us” Page – List Building Methods

The “About Us” page is an essential page that most visitors will always click on whenever they use a website. It is essential to make it better and more compelling to attract more customers. About Us pages that are good tend to share a personal story, provide social proof, or show how a brand can help in changing lives.

Creating the “Thank You” Page

Many people underestimate the “Thank You” page. On most websites, this page does not exist, yet it possesses the power to increase conversion rates. Therefore, businesses seeking to increase the number of subscribers should take the time to create a good Thank You page that makes the visitor appreciate and convinced to share his or her email and other information.

“Thank You” Page

Installing the Hello Bar

Hello, bar is a full-width span throughout the browser window that immediately attracts the attention of people using the website. Practically, the hello bar is a set it and forget it lead generation box because it will continue to generate subscribers even without being monitored. Through the hello bar, a business can achieve a rapid increase in its conversion rate.

Install a Pop-up Box

Hubspot announced that 96% of site guests regularly leave the site without making a buy. It is imperative to change over most of these guests into email supporters. The establishment of a leave expectation spring up can help with the transformation. As indicated by Michael Stelzner. The originator of Social Media Examiner, leave purpose pop-ups helped his site add 95,000 supporters in just seven months.


Install a Footer Opt-in

Some visitors visit a site and read the entire content. Sometimes, these visitors will go ahead to leave a comment or share the content. These are the actions of an attractive fan and, therefore, the need to turn him or her into a regular visitor. This is achievable by using the footer opt-in to enable the visitor to sign up for a newsletter they can continue enjoying.

Add a Sidebar Form

The sidebar is a classic location for the opt-in form because most visitors expect to find it at that place. Having the sidebar form at this point will make it easier for interested visitors to sign up for communication with the organization.

Sidebar Form

Creating a Welcome Gate – List Building Methods

A welcome gate refers to an enticing and full-screen sign-up form users see whenever they visit a website. The welcome gate works effectively for the following reasons. First, it catches the user’s eyes without being annoying. Readers can either scroll down and sign up or click the “close” button to avoid the welcome gate. Second, it is a full-screen form with the sole purpose of getting more subscribers. Lastly, the welcome gate can send people to other linked pages.

Installing a Scroll Box

A scroll box is an opt-in form that slides into the screen from one of the corners after the user has scrolled down a certain percentage of the page. The scroll box is gentle and eye-catching. Site owners can use a tremendous sign-in form to capture email subscribers without being pushy.

Adding a Feature Box

A feature box is an option for individuals who may feel that the leave aim spring up is irritating. The Feature box is huge and sits over the site header. It helps develop the rundown by showing a blessing or a lead magnet that demands the guest enter their email address.

Using Content Upgrade

Content upgrades are a critical resource that is unique to blog posts. In this case, readers can access some content if they agree to share their email addresses with the blog site owner. A content upgrade is highly effective such that users often report an unprecedented increase in the number of their subscribers.

Content Upgrade

Expanded Guest Posts

An expanded guest post is similar to a content upgrade, except that it takes place in your guest post on a different blog. For example, the content upgrade is offered in a guest post rather than through your blog. It is essential to implement this strategy carefully to avoid potential failures, such as the content being removed by the host.

Creating Gated Content – List Building Methods

Gated content alludes to the utilization of substance storage spaces to confine admittance to a bit of substance that consistently gets a persistent progression of traffic. The substance storage will confine a client's admittance to the substance until the client gives his email address. Gated substance or substance storage frequently produces more endorsers consistently. For instance, the online rendition of the New York Times consistently expects guests to buy in with the goal that they can get to some news stories.

Installing Custom Designed Form

A custom-designed form attracts more endorsers by giving the site an expert look. Customization of the information exchange structure is an ideal case of remaining over the overlap. Derek Halpern, the originator of the Social Triggers, has a custom-designed sign-up form for the header of his blog. He utilizes it to draw in more endorsers of the blog.


Install WordPress Plugins

WordPress plugins are excellent and effective in attracting more email subscribers because they get people deeper into one’s content. For example, WWSGD (What Would Seth Godin Do) is an excellent plugin that places a little dialogue box at the top of posts. It works by welcoming people based on cookies. For instance, the message that new and old users get from the plugin is entirely different. A new user from Twitter might get a message such as “Hey there, Facebook user! Kindly check out our articles on getting the most out of Facebook.” The plugin is attractive and appeals to new users to subscribe to the site.

Creating Email Course

The email course is a lead magnet that delivers bite-sized tips regularly through email. Businesses or blogs can repurpose their old content. To create an email course that will attract more subscribers.


Redesign the Homepage – List Building Methods

Clients who access a given site must visit the landing page. Notwithstanding, many site proprietors will generally neglect the significance of the landing page in drawing in memberships. Ineffectively planned landing pages cause destinations to miss out on likely endorsers and the business to discard cash. It is essential to redesign the homepage into something that builds an instant relationship with readers and gets them to subscribe to the mailing list. Significant sections of the homepage include:

  • Visuals elements to make it easy to explain products or services
  • A section for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • Social proofs such as testimonials to build credibility
  • Call-to-action to encourage the visitors to sign-up


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