100 Email List Building Methods : Part IV

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100 List Building Methods: Part IV is a cheap and authentic technique of building leads, delivering valuable content, and building trust and rapport with the customers. Few more strategies are…

Sharing Content with your Audience

Sharing content or post with one’s audience results in traffic, social shares, and comments. All three things help build social proof. Social proof is necessary when one seeks to promote content. Posts to other bloggers and influencers in a given industry. Sites with quick social shares and comments stand a greater chance of being respected by users.

Create a Popup

A popup refers to the window appearing in the web page's foreground. Popups can be full-page takeovers or mid-screen popups. In most cases, they seem annoying to users. But they are very effective in attracting subscriptions, given the annoying nature of the popups. Sites using them must get the point across quickly. Also, efficiently before the user feels frustrated. As such, great headlines and a description. Also, a call to sign up should be the carrier of the popup strategy.

Create an Email Field in the Checkout Process

For eCommerce stores, there is always an opportunity to ask customers to share their email addresses and other contacts when checking out of the store. Online customers are a highly engaged market segment; therefore, they need to solicit their email addresses. In practice, the majority of online shoppers will willingly share their email addresses because they want to know about new products, existing discounts, or any other thing related to purchases. It is essential to integrate the cart with the email service provider so that the collection of the emails is automated.

Create an Email Field in the Checkout Process

Offer Discounts or Freebies in Exchange for Email Addresses

The strategy is ethical bribery that is highly effective. The offering of discounts, freebies, or coupon codes for the visitor’s email is an easy task. It works appropriately because many people want something from the business. Once the customer has entered the email address, there should be an app that redirects them to a page with the coupon code to enable them to enjoy the discount or collect their gift.

Ask for Referrals from Friends

Every person can grow their list by a hundred each day, but more than 95% of people will choose not to. Growing the list at this pace is possible because of the enormous group of people we know. They include family members, friends, and other acquaintances we meet daily. These people can recommend people to our sites or share the sites with their friends so that the list continues to grow.

Image Opt-ins

Image opt-ins are similar to “lead boxes,” except that the targeted user does not see the opt-in box until they click on an image in the sidebar. Delaying the visibility of the opt-in box ensures that it is not annoying to the user. Once they click the image on the sidebar, the appearance of the opt-in box will not be annoying since the user already expects something to appear.

Image Opt-ins

Using the Incentive Link

The links in the menu bar are one of the most clicked links on any site. Some standards on different sites include a homepage link, contact page, or start here page. Adding the incentive link is strategic and can help increase the number of subscribers because it gives the readers something extra special. The text for the link should appeal to users to click through. An example of an incentive link would be Warren Buffet's #1 stock pick” or “How to get your first 10,000 subscribers.” The link should be placed on the menu and then directed to a simple landing page where the user can download a free report after entering a valid name and email address.

Retargeting the Pixel List Building Methods

Retargeting helps in optimizing every visitor that enters the site. For example, retargeting achieves this by allowing the site owner to bring back visitors to the site if they did not convert on the first visit. Retargeting the pixel is done by placing a small code on the website.

Using Current Subscribers

A person to grow his or her mailing list should encourage the existing email subscribers to share and forward the emails they receive to friends, families, and other people they know. The strategy allows one to gain access to new networks likely to sign up for the list depending on their relationship with the person who shared the mail.

Free Online Tools/Resources

Free online tools and resources can also attract new subscriptions if one has to access them only after sharing their mail addresses. For instance, many people will readily share their email addresses when the tool or resource has some relevance to their needs. Concerning students, many will always share their email addresses whenever they want to access free plagiarism software.

Free Online Tools/Resources

New Lead Gen Offer

New lead gen offer such as a free eBook or whitepaper can also increase the size of mailing lists when visitors submit their email addresses to download a copy. In practice, this is an easy and cost-effective strategy to implement.

CTA Button on Facebook Business Page List Building Methods

Many Facebook pages are incredibly underutilized for attracting new subscribers. Adding a call-to-action button to the top of one’s Facebook Business Page is essential. The CTA button should be linked to a landing page that would prompt the visitor to enter their name and email addresses before they can continue.

Using Facebook Page to Promote Offers

It is possible to use the Facebook page to promote an offer that will require an email address submission from the visitors. Marketers should learn and practice promoting offers on their Facebook timelines. Such promotions should have social sharing buttons linked to the proper landing and thank-you pages. Given that Facebook has more than one billion subscribers List Building Methods IV, well-designed offers can result in viral increases in the number of subscribers.

Run Promotions on Partner Websites

Every business tends to have a partner business. It is essential to run promotions on partner businesses' websites to target a new but appropriate audience. In most cases, loyal customers of other businesses are likely to sign-up because they believe that any business associated with the other business would serve their needs similarly.

Offline Events – List Building Methods

Besides online platforms, one can successfully collect many email addresses at online events such as trade shows, exhibitions, and fairs. The new addresses can then be imported into the database for further action. It is always important to send the new contacts a welcome email to confirm their opt-in status on the mailing list.

Offline Events

Accepting Criticism

Not all people are always pleased with one’s content. Some may give subjective criticism, while others will give objective criticism. List Building Methods IV, criticism and backlash indicate that one’s work is gaining greater visibility and reach to the audience. It tends to indicate that a person is on the right track and, therefore, needs to embrace all criticism and use them as a springboard for exponential growth.

Strengthening things that Work

When there is something that works well, it is essential to continue strengthening it while at the same time improving on other areas. When people respond or comment on content, it is crucial to provide feedback because it gives more status and authority.

Republishing Content across the Web

Once a person has established content on a given platform. It is essential to branch out so the content can be re-published on other platforms. Republishing content across the web has the magic of increasing the exposure of the same content. Therefore, helpful in building an audience. In the same manner. The list continues to grow as people from different platforms comment on the content.

Building Social Media Following – List Building Methods

Social media has become the number one platform for different people to interact. Each other as well as seek information. There are different platforms whose popularities differ across demographics. Accordingly, one should identify where his or her target audience hangs out so that they can start building a following on each of the platforms identified. List Building Methods IV ensures there are effective ways of communicating with different types of audiences. A more significant following on social media always provides an opportunity. This is for one to grow their lists with the right type of audience.


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