How to Make Money Fast Online (2020) – Affiliate Marketing

How to Make Money Fast Online (2020) – Affiliate Marketing

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Hey, guys, what is going on, Joshua Elder here. Welcome to yet another video. In this video, I am going to talk about “How to make money fast in 2020 – Affiliate Marketing” and literally how you can start making money in the next 24 hours. Now, if you have been watching my videos for any period of time. You'll notice that I drive home a lot of the same concepts, a lot of the same principles. The reason I do to make money online is simple.

You have got many people on YouTube. These gears are trying to get viewers their channel teaching you one thing per week. I am going to make this simple for you because the process works. There is no need to reinvent the wheel and learn some new quick hack. I will drive home the point and get you guys to take action. A lot of you guys have been seeing my success, even seeing my results but you still haven't done anything. Although I tell you pretty much the same stuff in most of my videos. So we are going to drive that home in this video of affiliate marketing.

Make Fast Money

I am going to show you first a recent student of mine by the name of David Bryant. You can see it right here. He says, “If you're wondering, does this work right?” That is one of the questions a lot of people have to make money online actually work? This is from sending a little traffic, 153 opt-in so far and seven sales. Opt is just simply somebody that takes an action. They fill out a name and email address that resulted in seven sales by leveraging the system. So within the past year, you can see that $414,000 in net profit has been produced from this process. 99% of my income is from free traffic strategies.

online business

I do some paid advertising, but I have only been doing paid advertising for the past few months. Let's go ahead and dive into this process. Let me give you kind of the 30000-foot overview and how you can get started with this. Also throughout this video, I am going to include some links. Some links will be shared in the description part. You can also check out that goes deeper into a lot of this stuff I am going to teach. So a lot you guys have seen this. This is the anatomy of an online business. Number one, you need eyeballs, AKA traffic to a sales process. It is just like you need customers in the front door of a grocery store, mall, and off-line online business.

Online Traction Marketing

The same thing works right off the line. You are getting people maybe from flyers, belly to belly cold calling, and door to door selling solicitation. There is a lot of different ways to drive, customers, AKA traffic. The cool thing about online marketing is that we can use traction marketing. We can take somebody that is already searching for our product or service and put ourselves in front of them. Either you're a subscriber, you type something into YouTube related to making money online or you came to this video. So you are a perfect prospect for what I have to offer versus playing this numbers game of knocking doors. I did this in the summer of 2008-2007. I graduated from high school and I sold door to door alarm systems and it was just a numbers game.

Did somebody happen to have a break-in recently? It improved my chance of closing the cell. Was I good enough salesman to get somebody to buy? Was I pushy enough? The things that you do offline, you don't have to make money fast online. You can actually get people coming to you already wanting what you have to offer. I love the power of YouTube, and I am creating this video because video drives traffic into my sell's processes. Now, you don't have to leverage YouTube, Facebook, Craigslist because you could do solo ads, post in forums, classified ads. There are so many different ways to drive traffic.

online traction marketing

Goals to Make Money Online

The first goal is to get eyeballs through the front door. If YouTube is your traffic strategy, then you want to be consistent with uploading content around problems that people have in the niche that you want to go into. You can go into many different niches out there. I usually say go into health, wealth or relationships markets, and there are niches in those markets. For example, in the health market, there is juicing, low carb diets, keto diets, etc. Those would be the specific niches that you can go into and then you would create content around those niches, in the form of videos on Facebook. It could be in the form of content in a forum helping people out. As you are building that relationship with people, then you can lead them into a sales funnel to promote a product that aligns with that niches problem.

Remember, I was talking about the student mindset. He got 153 options from what is called an opt-in page. You can send people from like Facebook to an opt-in page. And this is just a little page, a headline, few lines of text and then it has a place where they can enter the name, e-mail address and press submit. So from Marker's standpoint, what you are doing is you are asking for information in exchange for giving that prospect some sort of value whether it be an e-book, it could be a video series. You could be training such as this training. So you don't just want to ask for an email address without letting people know that if they enter their email address, you are going to get some sort of value. So you want to make sure that you do that an opt-in page.


Once they enter their name and email address, they are going to be put in auto-responder. An auto-responder is a service in which email addresses are logged. You can mass email people essentially like to get a bunch of email addresses to follow up? People have to send separate messages to all these people, like thousands. I have over about 30000 active users on my email list right now. Imagine having to email each one of those individually. So, it gives you the ability to communicate with people on a mass level and really automate your business. Most importantly, follow up with people that don't decide to purchase your products or your program. Once they had an opt-in page, then they hit a sales page right here. It has a headline, a video and it has a button below that video which it entices people to buy.

Now, most people don't just go ahead and buy for the first time they are exposed to somebody. You are wondering who I am. There are a million other gurus on YouTube like you don't know who to listen to. I do not expect you to just might buy my programs on the first go. So, you got to do research to make sure that I am legitimate, and then my income is actually real because people's screenshotted income, there is a lot of hype around videos. But, creating an income to make money fast online does take some sort of work. Not as much work has a lot of other things because you have a lot of these automated processes in place.

research to make sure

How Online System Works to Make Money Fast

What will happen if people reach the sales page and they do not buy? The arrow over there are going to start receiving follow up emails to that email address that they provided, giving them the free information that we promised on the opt-in page, as well as enticing them to go ahead and purchase the product, maybe showing some testimonials, the product, and use, showing that it actually works. Of course, we have got the checkout page if we want to add that extra step.

In this case, this is actually how I make money fast online system works. This is a system you can relicense. The income that I have made this four hundred fourteen thousand just in this one income stream in the past year, I have got other income streams that are been produced from this system. So how would you like to copy this whole entire system? You don't have to build you are opt-in pages and also you don't have to, build the sales pages by creating a systematic process, the emails, anything like that. How would that sound for you, if you want to get access to it?

Free Traffic Strategy in Online Business

We have got a private Facebook group. This just has tons and tons of my students here. 241 members are there. The brand new program that I just released. So you will be able to see pieces of training for me and you can see testimonials from our students. If I scroll down here a little bit more, you can see just seven affiliates just in the past. A short while, you could see Arem right here produce 12 sells and Larry Eleven is getting all residual commissions like $45 about roughly is what they are making per sell on a monthly continuous basis. These are all newer affiliate marketing of mine.

You can come in and you could start producing results in the next 24 hours, just following this process because we do a lot of the traffic for you, like YouTube through content-based much. Like this, we actually teach you both. We teach you how to do the paid stuff so you can get results fast as you saw from my screenshot there. Then you can also have long term traffic, which means from the videos and the content you created to start making you money, most likely 30-90 days from now and beyond. So I have got videos I created about five years ago. They are still making money for me today. And that's because of a free traffic strategy from where most of this income has been produced.

making money


I put about 1-2 hours a day into my business creating content and then also driving pay traffic. The cool thing about pay traffic can take 5-10 minutes to set up and then it is ongoing for as long as you want to run it for. So in this particular system, there is a $1 trial and then you can earn 97 bucks a month, in which you would earn 48 dollars and 50 cent commissions to be exact. Then you can earn one-time commissions as well. This is called an order bump. I don't want to get too complex here. Throughout this whole entire process, you can actually earn over fifteen hundred dollars in commissions. Plus those $48  and fifty cent commissions on the rebuild so I focus on this process long term. This is all I do all day, every day to implement this particular process.

If you like the sound of this, you want access to this to help you start and to make money fast online to grow your business using the same exact system. So no shinier object syndrome! This is the only thing that you need to focus on. You don't need to be going in learning how to do a new marketing strategy every single week. Just do YouTube and drive traffic to the same system I am about to give you. Facebook can also be used if you want to master Facebook free organic groups. It's completely up to you!

I hope you got value from this and I hope that 2020 is the year that you finally change your financial future.

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The Super Affiliate Network Review (2020) How to Make Money Online Affiliate Marketing

The Super Affiliate Network Review (2020) How to Make Money Online Affiliate Marketing

Welcome back to Renegade Financial. I am going to review the super affiliate network. Now that I have been through it completely over the last several years. Done a number of continuing education courses that I will be reviewing here on the channel. In order for me to learn how to market myself online and also create some side businesses online. So that in the future can leverage what I am doing right now or completely step away from what I'm doing right now, so it is been a learning process for me.

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Super Affiliate Network

Online businesses are something that I am very good at in my personal business, but online business is something that's kind of been foreign to me. Super affiliate network, when you first get into it. There is a low-level entry fee of like $7 and then you can upgrade to like $47 a month. Yearly membership is also there, I will say the value of this course is incredible there is a coach that will go through you. I upgraded to the pro level, which is basically $2000. That includes a coach you check him with every day. We went through audiobooks, chapters they only let you go through the chapter at a time.

A lot of the problems I have had with the other courses that I have done is you are just kind of like released yourself. Either don't go through all the information or you kind of skip things or you fall behind or with this, you get quizzed every day.

Super affiliate network


You've got to literally really seriously pay attention to that which helped me in a lot of the mindset stuff. A lot of stuff about visualization, affirmations, and things that really helped me. I never made a dime off this course, the stuff I got with the mental preparation, affirmations, and reprogramming. Negative shit that I had in my head from when I was younger and I was a kid. I didn't have the greatest childhood. Have this negative programming that's been kind of holding me back right off the gate.

Online Affiliate Marketing

They're educating you like the whole point of the super affiliate network is not to make fast money. Like you can earn money as you're being taught. As you're going through the system by promoting their stuff, which is really cool. Sales team and sales system are really good and they are trying to help you. Whole point of the super affiliate network is they want you to build your own business. They want you to brand yourself or figure out a brand you want to promote they want to custom build you a Web site and they want to fly it.

You will go to Hawaii and they want to take pictures of you. They want to use their marketing expertise to figure out how you're going to leverage yourself. Sell courses and products and also market their thing as well.

They want you to create your own business. If you're like a doctor or an attorney and you want to like or if you're a multilevel marketer. You're sick and tired of like pissing all your friends off. This would be a great way to create a funnel to basically find and you could do all this stuff yourself. These guys are experts at it and they can custom build it for you. Basically, you have an entry-level product or you can go through the whole course and then you can promote their product.

Pros and Cons About Affiliate Marketing

There is the pro where you get more attention and then they build funnels for you and set it all up in the email system. One thing that they stressed in the beginning, you've got two things. You've got time and you've got money and you can always replace the money. You can't replace time so they're really big on paid advertising and then creating the email list. Big on solo ads, they will educate you on all the marketing but, they suggest you pick one. Also, they really like solo ads where you're set you’re buying traffic from other people. Then you're building your list which is a really targeted stuff is really cool because if you're a network marketer. You could target people that are actually looking for work from home opportunities.

You could get them into your funnel and then you could kind of flip it around. Make them apply for your opportunity as opposed to you going out trying to beat people over the head. Could talk to them about that or if you're a doctor or a lawyer. Could have some of your staff go through this course and learn all about how this works. Copywriting and all that kind of stuff. Build your business out for you and they set all the copywriting up. Settle that stuff out for you and if you look at like creating your own business or franchising.



I own a business, it costs me a hundred and fifty thousand dollars for my equipment. And gets everything going and tap, in fees for the city and that. So you're looking at their mid-range product I believe it is like 10 grand. Then they are super like the deluxe system is thirty thousand. You get like a year of daily coaching and check-in’s and you get to fly out and meet with Mischa and his team like four times. Get unlimited tech support for the rest of your life.

Basically upgrade things as new technology comes out. An incredible value for the money and they say that from the beginning. Talk about how much it costs to get into like a McDonald's franchise or Burger King or whatever, millions of dollars. Cataract version thirty thousand dollars when you really think of it. If you're a doctor or lawyer or if you're a multi-level marketer and you want to have everything set up for you and done for you. Even take professional pictures of you and then they build you like an expert site and it's really a concierge service.

Quick Money

If you're just looking to make quick money like real fast, there are other things that I'll review here that you can go on YouTube. Things and generate some quick revenue. You're looking for somebody to and this is probably something I'm going to look into in the future. When I go to create different courses and stuff when I decide to totally automate my business. Do more things online as opposed to in-person like I am now so that I can work from anywhere in the world.

If you go through this course, you're going to be able to market any course anywhere in the world at any time. Once you understand how funnels work, how email lists work, you're going to be able to build your lists. You'll be able to sell them whatever you want as long as you provide them with value. You do get an affiliate training coach to provide you the prebuilt pre-code, add Website provides you with cell funnels.

Use of Funnels

They have some great funnels that you can promote before you get all your stuff built for you. So you can be promoting from day one completely done for your system, gorgeously updated lists of hot selling products and where to find them step by step, video training, weekly webinar classes, active Facebook group Access to Meesha. Daily freedom call coaching live with Meesha 30 days, no questions asked, money-back guarantee. That's on the lower level stuff or if you decide as you do, the $7 or the forty-seven dollars a month and you don't like it, they'll give you your money back plus they give you a $100 for the time that you spent. Now let's go over some of the perceived negatives that people don't really understand.

You can only access training when your coach sends the link so you can't like speed ahead. If you're doing like the pro level as I did, I would check in every day and once I go through the course then they would allow me to go to the next level. I don't look at that as a con, I look at that as a positive because then you have to go through the system. The $1 dollar trial, welcome videos and you talking with the coach and your goals.

Money-Back Guarantee

That’s basically they get you in the door and then they try and upsell you from the beginning if you understand, it's a con shear's like luxury service and it's not a big deal. The 30-day money-back guarantee is not applied to everything, once you're into like the pro level. So you just have to know that going into it as a lot of upsells from the beginning, you'll know when you get into the program that they're there. Basically their whole goal is they want to create a business that revolves around you that's totally unique.

People would call it a pay to play affiliate program, which usually an indicator of a scam. I don't really buy into that because from the beginning they are upfront about they want you to buy the Cataract plan and they want to set you up. To be able to provide value to people and to make a lot of money based on you and what you want to build your business around. So I don't really buy into that one you have to use their website. Yes, they use click funnels, you kind of got to buy into that and their system. Again, you get all the technical support that comes with that. It can be a bit expensive but like I said before, compared, to have a business built custom around you in the courses that you can offer.


I mean, you could literally if you were a doctor, you could have different courses based on what you specialize in and then you could upsell that to working with you on one or you can have webinars, you could have Facebook groups. So you could really transition to working with patients in person, to working with patients all over the place. You can specifically target people with network marketing. If you want to learn more about this, there'll be a link in the description below and then you just put your email in there and then when you sign up. Tell your advisor exactly what you're looking for and it's a great value even if you went through at the forty-seven dollars a month and just promoted their product.

I think the education of all the courses, I've taken four or five courses out of all the courses I've taken. It is the most in-depth, thorough so course I've ever taken and honestly, it's much this course is much more valuable than a college degree. People spent hundreds of thousand dollars on college marketing degrees and all that sort of thing. You're going to learn more in this program at a fraction of the cost. I mean, you could do it for forty-seven dollars a month and then even the pro like I did the amount I got out of it as far as my personal development was incredible. And, if you look at like the super-wealthy one, they read a lot and there's a lot of audio.


My mentor put me through a lot of audiobooks, all sorts of different drills and affirmations and it was really good for me. I'm happy even if I don't make a sale, which I've had some pretty nice success with their products so far. But even if I didn't make any sales, I'd be totally happy because the amount of value that I got out of the product just from the training part of it was incredible. Knowing the knowledge that I have now about marketing online, the sales system, a lot of it was, what I've been doing already in my own business.


I just have been able to apply it to the online business so it's a really good experience as far as I'm concerned so I really think the price is a bargain. Look at what you're getting, especially if you have everything set up for you, but it's not if you're looking to make money quickly. You don't have a lot of money, this wouldn't be the program for you. If you're somebody like me who has a brick and mortar business and wants to transition into an online business and you want help from the best marketers in the world, then then this is the place for you.

So, let me know if you have any questions in the comments below, please like and subscribe so you can get updates. I'm going to be continually sharing the journey of my quest for independence and freedom and automation and the four hour work week kind of deal work. I've got an automated system where I can help a lot of people and I can also help myself at the same time. So click on the link. Put your email in there. Give it a shot.

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Why Failure Is the Key to Your Success (Business)

Why Failure Is the Key to Your Success (Business)

Basic Introductions:

Welcome to Renegade Financial and welcome back to the whiteboard. So I want to talk about failure to succeed. Let's look at how kids learn how to walk like babies. They struggle, they try to flip over, they cry, they whine and finally, they flip over, they crawl and then they try to get up, they fall down. Smart parents will let them just figure it out. Silly parents will put them in those little walkers and help them walk. And then that leads to the kids having issues down the road. But we won't get into that. So, kids learn through failure to success, they learn through play, they learn through fall off their bike, getting back up, trying it again.

Learning from our past: Failure to success

Then all of a sudden they go to school. “My goodness, you better not fail. Oh my gosh! You got that question wrong” or “Don't ask your friend for help. That's cheating”. Most of the super successful people like entrepreneurs. As a businessman, they have mentors. They get help from people that have been where they are. But we tell kids all the way along in school, “Don't ask for help. That's cheating. Don't do that. Don't fail”. But in actuality, most of the highly successful people have failed multiple times over and over again. Failure is your best teacher. Without failure, you cannot learn without difficulty.

Help each other to learn:

Without stress, you cannot achieve it. The next level. If you're comfortable, if you're in a good place, more than likely, you're not going to make it to the next level. You're not going to strive to make those big jumps and those leaps and bounds. So don't be afraid to fail. Learn from your failures. And move forward, teach others, help others. Look to other people that have what you want for mentorship. A lot of them will, if you ask them, will help you. We can't do this alone. That's one of the reasons I partnered up with Josh. Because he has skill, a skill set that I want to learn so there's plenty of mentorships out there, especially online. Now we can reach out to people all around the world, so don't be afraid to fail.

Failure is the key to success:

Move forward, learn, put it behind you and find some teachers or some mentors. Don't let your brainwashing from your childhood of “Oh my goodness! Don't ask for help. That's cheating” or “Oh my goodness, don't you get that wrong on the test? That's bad. You fail”. Well, most of the people that are ultra-successful usually have a big failure or a setback before they take it to the next level. So keep that in mind Failure Is The Key To Your Success.



Please like and subscribe. I hope you're enjoying the channel. I know it's brand new. We're just starting and we're getting it rolling and we're starting to pick up some momentum. So please like, subscribe and share this. Ask questions below. Let me know what you think about Failure to success. And I just love scribbling on this screen. It's a lot of fun. So hope you guys have a great day. And we'll talk to you again soon.

Getting Things Done Simple Trick to Be Ultra Productive

Getting Things Done Simple Trick to Be Ultra Productive

Basic Introductions: 

Welcome back to Renegade Financial, just taking a little break here at work and get a little break every afternoon, which is really nice. One of the biggest things is really kind of hurt me over the years. Don't get me wrong, I've been really successful in what I do. I expanded my business, had multiple employees.

The thing I struggle with is I was so good at what I do when I'm working with somebody in person that's right in front of my clients. The thing I struggle with is like the back end like managing other employees, setting up systems. That's just not my thing.

So I even hired people to help me with that, but that stressed me out. So basically downsized. Now I'm just working with small groups of clients and that's what I like best because I can focus on doing what I love doing. I've expanded into this kind of mindset. Entrepreneur. Trying to improve on the side of my life. Creating things that are going to basically allows me to not trade hours for dollars anymore. Because I love what I do. But I also want to create some things that are going to create freedom for me. So here's one of the big things that I struggle with over the years is time OK?

Value of time: To Be Ultra Productive

We've got time. Time is one of those difficult things to understand because, it just seems like, you're young and you last forever. All this good stuff. I was a big procrastinator, so I would late to the last minute so that I would be ultra-focused.

I would basically do my best work, like with a gun to my head, so to speak. So this is a nice little tip.

Something that's really helped me in the last couple of years is I do my best work when I'm ultra-focused. I give myself a little mini-deadlines and the all the other thing I do I find myself doing before is I try to multitask. So now what I do is basically I figure out, what, three or four, one or two tasks I need to do that day is. Then I put all of the distractions aside, like no phone, no YouTube, shut off my Facebook. I turn everything off and I focus 100 percent on the task at hand. And I put that deadline on me. I say I've got to get this done by today and I've got a self-imposed deadline on myself.

Stay In focus: Ultra Productive

So it's almost like me waiting to the last minute to do my exam or, all that sort of thing in college that I was so good at. That way, I get the ultra-focus. Distraction has been one of my major hurdles. So now I pick one or two things to do and I do those 100 percent with all my effort. And then I take a break. Do something else, maybe. You know what? I basically plan my days off. Before, I didn't, basically showed up at work. And I work and I had to work. The rest of the time was basically spent wasting my time, which now I want to spend all my time investing and things are going to pay me down the road. And it starts out slow, but it's already starting to take some traction.

Focus on Tasks

Conclusion: To Be Ultra Productive

I hope you learn from that how to be Ultra productive. If you have any questions, we're trying to keep this as simple as we can because there's a lot of information out there. And but the difference between, successful people and unsuccessful people is the successful people do a few things really, really well and they get shit done. That's one of the problems I've had in the past. They've had all these ideas and all these dreams and all these visions.

I dropped the ball and actually getting the stuff done, except when it comes to working with people in person. And then I do my best work. So here's a little something for you to think about. Please like and subscribe trying to grow the channel. And that way I can provide value for you and give you guys more information. But you have any questions, please comment. Leave your opinion down below. Agree and disagree. And then, my funny little whiteboard here that's so much, much fun.

How to make more money working less (2020)

How to make more money working less (2020)



Links Mentioned in Video:

Learn How To Start Your Own Online Business



Hey, welcome to Renegade Financial. First off, the reason I started this channel was to kind of give you kind of an insight into my life. Kind of the journey I've been on to find financial, different independence, freedom and basically create a life where I have the freedom to do what I want.

When I want, as opposed to being kind of a slave to your job as most people are today. I work with a lot of kids, I work a lot of people and this information has been around a long time. If you have ever heard of Robert Kiyosaki, his book “Rich That Poor Dad” and this information weren't really given to me growing up and you've got these four quadrants. Your employee here, you've got your self-employed, you've got your business owner and you've got your investor. If you're on the left side, you're basically trading hours for dollars and the self-employed works herself but that's where I was in my business.

Don't work hard work smartly:

I did have employees at one point, but I just didn't lightly like managing them. Over here you're trading hours for dollars and over here you make money work for you, OK? You got to choose which quarter it works best for you. You can be in multiple quadrants. That's kind of what I'm trying to do now. I'm trying to be here as an investor and a business owner. One of the biggest things I think people don't understand is the mindset that goes into your wanting to be financially independent. One of the big things' talking to kids and different individuals and with my own self is I made a lot of money and I do make a lot of money in my business.

The really big asset is time and time is you can't replace time, but you can always make more money. One of the mindsets I had with several mentors and reading several books was looking at my time and looking at my money and people that are wealthy.

Invest Money in right place:

They think about what they do with their money, so, instead of me going out and blowing hundred fifty-two hundred dollars on a weekend with like a fancy meal and drinks and all that kind of stuff. What if I've put that two hundred dollars over here and put it to work in like dividend stocks instead of, blowing it or buying like Facebook ads and selling a product. Investing that money and being patient with it and making the money work for me instead of just blowing it.

You want to have a good time and the cool thing is, is the more money you put over here in the investment quadrant, the more money you make. And then you can take some of that profit from what you make, you can reinvest some of it and then you can have fun with the rest of it. Right? And you don't have to actually be up here and actually work for it in today's society.

Most people are, living check to check and all that sort of thing. That's a big part of the mindset and also of time like I can film this video that's going to be on YouTube forever. It's going to reach hundreds of thousands of people or I could be you know, it's a Friday night right now and I could be out having a good time. Those memories are great but this, 15-20 minutes that I'm spending on.

Use Social Media to make Money in 2020

YouTube is going to pay me dividends down the road as people watch this video. You look at the links in the comments and all that sort of thing and getting new subscribers and building the channel. The cool thing is the playing field is more level than it's ever been. You've got apps like Stache and Robin Hood. Like when I was growing up, you had to have a stockbroker and it costs like 15 dollars to do a trade and now you can have your purchases rounded up and invested for you.

We've got things like affiliate marketing where you can write a blog post and put links to things on Amazon or you can review products. This is no better time in history where the playing field has been leveled for you to become to come over here.

It's just that we've been brainwashed that you go to college, you get like one hundred thousand dollars and you become a good employee. You have that job security or you start your own business and you're over here and you're trading hours for dollars whereas, this is great. I'm probably going to stay over here, but I want to have some online stuff over here.

This makes any money without me having to do a lot and then these like dividend stocks that I get through Robin hood that is paying me. Some of them pay me monthly, some of them pay me quarterly that are constantly or it could be, commercial real estate, those sort of things. I wanted to get on here just to make you think. Start thinking about like when you go out, like, do you really need those pair of Nike shoes?

Make money working less 2020:

Do you really need a lot of the stuff that people over on this side of the quadrant, they buy things? They use a credit card to buy like a pair of Nike shoes or go on vacation, they use their money, they're their profits to buy cars and to buy things. They use debt to basically invest like they'll take a loan out and buy a property and rent it out to somebody else and have someone else pay the debt off. So they're actually using debt to their advantage and for leverage, whereas these people over here are just using debt to consume, they buy something that doesn't actually pay a return.

So once you get that mindset and if you start out young enough, I mean, you can use something like Robin Hood to become very, very wealthy and investing five dollars a day. That's something for you to think about. If you want to check out Robin Hood and Stash and things like that I'll have some links below and in the description.


Let me know if you have any questions and there are just some random thoughts for you on the employee. The self-employed, the business owner, the investor, that doesn't necessarily mean that one is good or bad, it's just that each one of these has its benefits and, the big thing is finding out the combination. For me, I want to be here and here, and I want to use the money I'm making here to develop businesses online.

Want to use the money, I'm making here to invest in the stock market or to get commercial real estate and to buy things that are going to basically pay for my lifestyle. A part of that is the people over here are afraid to invest in themselves. Whereas the people on the right side, the business owner and the investor, will spend, thousands of dollars on mentors, on courses, and they won't even blink an eye because they're looking at investing in themselves.

Please, like and subscribe, I'll be making updates often. Liking really helps. The channel subscribing will basically give you updates when I get back on here. I hope you have yourself a great day and I hope you start thinking about, how you're spending your time or are you spending time to build something that's going to pay you in return. Are you spending your money on things that are going to pay you so that you have more money to spend if that's what you choose to do or you're just buying things that are basically just digging yourself a hole or just treading water so to speak?

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