Inflation Housing Prices & Government Lies

This video discusses one way in which the US government understates the true rate of inflation, using the owner's equivalent rent (OER). Rather than using actual housing prices in their calculation of the CPI, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics uses a survey, asking homeowners how much rent they could collect if they rented out their house unfurnished and with utilities not included. If we use actual rent and housing price increases instead of OER, we find that CPI inflation is closer to 8.92%, rather than the reported 5.28%. All changes to the CPI index have contributed to it understating the real rate of inflation. In this environment, you need to be growing your net worth by at least 8.92% every year just to break even.


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Will Privacy Coins Flip Bitcoin?

Will Privacy Coins Flip Bitcoin?

Is Bitcoin A Privacy Coin?

There to be a massive rotation from Bitcoin into privacy coin. So basically yes Bitcoin has privacy issues nowhere near as private as we originally thought. And certain exchanges are blacklisting certain cryptocurrency addresses there are and it's suggesting Bitcoin is a surveillance coin. Authorities and the IRS and different taxing authorities can trace people's use of Bitcoin and other kind of crypto cryptocurrencies that do not have this privacy feature. So with that surveillance comes a lot of information comes taxing things and once that's in place and more thoroughly understood now they can do things like have special Bitcoin taxes they might put a 90% tax on Bitcoin or something like that. For that reason, we just wanted to address that.

Bank Holding Crypto for Private Clients:

People are lazy people who don't want to do it themselves and so they want to use institutions. They want to send off their money to the grayscale trust, they want to use ETFs which are coming shortly they want to use Wells Fargo just announced they're doing they're holding crypto for private clients. Chase bank, Jp morgan just announced they’re holding crypto for their private clients. Most of the big institutions so you know you're a Fortune 500 company or you're a big pension fund or you're whatever who holds the private keys is it the CFO is it the CEO is it the CTO is it a combination is it multi-sig. What is it and what we're finding is with all of those headaches and the potential for death and the potential for theft and all those huge headaches people are putting their money into centralized institutions. They're putting them into institutions like Gemini like Bitco like Perpetual . We're just seeing money pour into those spaces now the semblance of anonymity that Bitcoin had before putting your money into those institutions was something. After you put the money into those institutions forget about it. it's done you are toast there is no semblance of any kind of anonymity at that level none. What you're seeing is people are very very quick. I think it's more accurate to say dollars are more very very quick to give up their anonymity. All right your wealth is quick to give up its anonymity it's a relatively small proportion of the world's wealth who are willing to who crave that kind of anonymity. I'll go so far as to say it's even a little bit further than that.

What Is The Reason To Have Anonymity?

The reason to have anonymity is that you're escaping a surveillance coin, high taxation coin, there's bad stuff in that world. If people are spying on you and not doing anything with the information, then for sure no one gives a thing about being surveilled like most people especially the vast majority of dollars. Institutions often want to prove their solvent nations sovereigns who want to prove their wealth. So we know anonymous transactions big players countries, institutions they have almost no need for it as anonymity they need to prove to their customers what they say. They have it's the inverse they're looking for ways to demonstrate their wealth.

There is a small proportion of money that wants anonymity even if it is a relatively large portion of people who want anonymity. And it's the amount of money they're buying and selling that drives price not the number of people who want to use it so an important thing to understand. I think there will always be a world for Bitcoin and it might be I don't know it'll be fortune 500 companies so the market cap will grow. That fortune 500 companies the place for them to store wealth they need a place to store their money that's not getting inflated away but they don't want anonymity, they want proof that they're solvent they want proof that they're they have their customers funds they want proof they've got stuff on their balance sheet that it affects their share price.

 Why Privacy Coins Will Not Take Over:

We want people to understand the reason you're in privacy coins is to avoid not just their surveillance. But the consequences of surveillance could be high taxation, getting thrown in jail for not paying your taxes, and you're like ah I'm gonna go over here to this privacy coin or even money laundering, even other things like um drug trafficking, etc.

Every single transaction you do with that privacy coin makes you a criminal now in the eyes of the law we're not saying there's philosophical. The reality is at the end of the day there are men with guns that will be looking for you. Rich people and institutions don't like that, they don't like doing that. We want to be able to sleep at night you don't want to live in fear that someday some jackboots men with guns are going to kick the door down and take you away from your children. And so typically rich people don't do that so again we get to this argument people might want anonymity but money doesn’t want anonymity is it maybe people who want privacy but it's not money who wants privacy.

Final Thoughts:

In our opinion there that the concept that privacy coins are going to take over and Bitcoin is gonna go to zero we don't think that assumption is correct. I don't see it what I see is that institutions and other things as they enter the space prefer to go without anonymity. They all have to publish their bank accounts anyway. If they held a privacy coin they'd still have to publish it on their balance sheet they would still have to disclose it to everybody. So yeah it's different it's it's not a situation where privacy coins can send Bitcoin to zero



Pirate Chain:

Pirate Chain (ARRR) may well be a 100% bush send cryptocurrency. There’s a privacy protocol utilized by the coin that can't be compromised by the alternative user's activity on the network. Most of the coins unit pierce with holes created by no obligatory privacy.

Buying Pirate chain (ARRR):

First, we need to get into the official pirate chain website . Here we can find more about the project by going through the website and satisfy our self about the privacy credentials of pirate chain. If we want to know how to buy it we need to click on exchanges on the website. After that, it'll take us to these exchanges that are available now. Pirate chain doesn't have any official relationship with any of these exchanges.

Next, we can see there are several exchanges Trade ogre, Polarity turtle decks, Hilarity internal decks these are decentralized exchanges. Turtle decks are part of the Bpsaa as its pirate chain and polarity are connected to turtle network. We can also get it on Coinx, Changelly where we can purchase it with a credit card or a debit card. There is exchange and also Digi finex.

Now the other way where we can find out which exchanges buy and sell pirate chain or any other cryptocurrency is via coin market cap or Coin paprika or Coin gecko.


What most people decide is dex and this one is well-liked within the community. It’s been around for spill a year click the person icon up within the higher right so we have a tendency to ar reaching to click register. Here then place during an email address so place in parole so we're in. we'd like to line up two-factor authentication therefore let's try this. Currently, I prefer authy however we'll use Google critic or there are others I prefer authy search the app store for it’s underneath Twilio authy. We’ll see all the accounts that we've got attached and within the bottom left we’ll see an enormous and button. Click that and it needs the USA to scan a barcode so it will connect the account. therefore click scan the QR code on trade ogre at the moment it needs to grant the USA a brand so move and explore for trade ogre and we will see the brand click still save the account and currently we've got a six-digit two-factor authentication. Code it changes every thirty seconds therefore no dilly Dowling. Currently kind the code and that we are in. Back to the person icon within the higher ought to be zero since it's we have a tendency to 1st time within the account attend the so much right the Bitcoin line and click on deposit this manner it provides USA a BTC address copy that addresses so takes it over to exodus or were the case of an option to exodus or our case of selection and click on send paste the address in coming into the quantity that we would like to urge during this case ob. In my case, we can shut that. Back to trade ogre wherever we can currently click ok {and we have a tendency to|and that we} see that we are currently watching an unfinished deposit. Bitcoin the amount the date the standing that without delay says unfinished and it says confirmations are at zero. It’ll take less than 10 at the moment we have got one confirmation. we tend to return to balances and that we have a nice balance of Bitcoin. Next, we would like to trade for pirate chain therefore we tend to head over to markets that are up within the higher left and currently we tend to watch a listing of BTC markets, and that we're searching for the BTC to ARRR market very well once we click it and that we see the market we can go over here and see the value of the coin within the higher left here and we can see these folks within the red these folks are all mercantilism we'll scroll down. And see there are several of them up here within the if we tend to click that prime button here on the correct click it once it's reaching to auto-fill this box over there click that purple this box up here click that purple get and boom guesses what. We're done rather as that super easy re-evaluate here to where balances take a glance yep there is pirate there. We’ll quote our case get that opened {and we have a tendency to and that we tend to attend receive it we have a tendency to reach to grab this address right here there we go copy that and we will hit following address if we wished to feature a distinct high there. however, we tend to reach to copy this address currently we're reaching to head back over to trade Ogre as a result of we'd like to send ourselves our pirate chain, therefore, we go minimize this we're reaching to head up here and currently back at the record we're reaching to attend the correct of pirate and hit withdrawal. We're reaching to click that purple variety once more to auto-fill the withdrawal quantity we're reaching to drop this excellent address there and hit withdrawal up comes the two-factor authentication we're gonna anticipate a second it's super-fast super simple hit submit and that’s it.


Pirate chains are twelve years within the creating. Perfecting the art of decentralization and privacy in a very world wherever privacy could be a luxury. The past wherever each dealing is being monitored by a centralized entity and true namelessness looks like a fairy tale. Pirate chain came to vary the sport the primary cryptocurrency to bring you the very best and on set ever not like the remainder of the virtual coins out there wherever privacy isn't a main feature pirate chain's goal is to safeguard its users with the foremost subtle and most acclaimed privacy protocol within the world of cryptocurrencies area unit you. Getting to get on this ship or area unit you getting to keep swing your money freedom in danger. Financial privacy nowadays is freedom tomorrow.