All right. You ignorant. You might notice that my eyes are covered today and it's because there's a problem. I've noticed a reflection when I'm filming. And I really don't like getting aroused when I film. Now, this is also an awkward video. Cause then we talking about something to Rouses me a whole lot. Some of this, Ooh, it's too tasty. It's too spicy to even talk about. Sometimes in camera, I brought this up at dinner. My parents threw me out of the house and disowned me because it got too hot, too tasty, too thick, and too juicy. Now, what am I talking about? ADA? ADA, of course, everybody knows. It's the thickest altcoin in town, but on a serious note, jokes aside [inaudible] I liked the video is supposed to get any better. When I lift up my, uh, my hoodie and I'm wearing sunglasses in my house.

Anyways, look, jokes aside, guys aid is going to kill Ethereum. It's going to be the highest ROI, top 10 coin period. In fact, it could potentially someday maybe, maybe, maybe, maybe flip Bitcoin, maybe, maybe, all right, here comes like a Pitchfork comes crashing through my window. The second I said that Michael Saylor jumps in with his shirt off and all over the floor. But no seriously with ADA, this is either going to go insane or we're going to lose all of our money, which is the case with pretty much everything in crypto. But I think if you understand the situation at ADAS in particularly from my unique point of view, as a software company, owner, and a person who's built software the last decade, I understand what they're doing. Understand the problems with Ethereum, understand the problems with, uh, Binance smart chain and eight is just in a position to Ooh, all those dirty things.

Your mother won't let you talk about it at dinner. And I think the coolest thing about this as well is if you look at what just happened with Binance smart chain, and you look at the ecosystem that's over there, which I'm not a fan of, I'm not a fan of, I don't think it's very long-term. I think it's, I think it's a big pump and dump. Okay. It's not a pump and dump another Pitchfork comes flying through my window. I'm surprised I'm still alive. But if you look at the ecosystem of projects that are being built on it, you can get into stuff super early, right.

And showed them girl, boom, boom.

But you also say, guys, let's cover this in this video. And I wanted to make this video cause you guys asked me to make more breakdowns of coins. I'm investing in. Let me make sure I'm recording. Cause I'm terrible at this. But you guys always ask me to make videos on what I'm investing in and why I'm investing it in and, and whatnot. So this is the first one I'm doing it. And then ADA, I think is the most obvious big win in crypto. On top of that, guys, you should follow me on Twitter at CSS Becker, because a lot of things want to talk about in this video. A lot of things I pointed out, I pointed on Twitter like a week ago. So you'll see everything way earlier. And while I'm not the world's greatest crypto expert, we're pretty good thumb on the pulse of the market from all the people I listened to and talk to. So a lot of things I say are pretty accurate. Sometimes maybe you should just follow me for the jokes to be honest. So let's talk about ADA, what it is, which I'm pretty sure everybody already knows what it is, why the opportunity is so huge from my perspective, what's going to happen. My prediction And I'm going to talk about, the ecosystem that I'm also investing in. Yeah.

As well. Okay. So look so first let's just get to what it is. Okay. And I'm not gonna Plaintiff's in the best possible way, because you can find any video that deeply explains what Ethereum and Cardinal and Binance coin and the other projects, Essentially what it is is it's a competition for the smart contract market

And what Ethereum is and why it is so huge is its programmable money. So for example, when you take an Uber, okay, you have to put your card in Uber driver picks you up. Then the money goes from your car through a bunch of banking institutions, a bunch of hoopla to Uber. Then Uber gets, it does a bunch of other things, takes their 20%, and then sends it to the Uber driver. It's a gigantic mess is a giant colossal mess between you and the driver simply because there is no way to get a verified middleman to do all these things between it. All right? Because moving Fiat around and moving this money around requires so many people involved. There are 20% fees. There's all these incongruencies and problems that pop up between it.

It's just a mess. Okay?

Ethereum makes it. So all this just goes away and you can have smart program money that when you come in, you enter an Ethereum contract. What the driver, the money that you're using, whatever coins you're using goes through. And it behaves exactly as the contract describes, this can be used for legal agreements. This can be used for selling your home. This can be used to build boating systems. It basically removes the need for middlemen for essentially anything you can imagine. That is one of the biggest innovations in technology and the last, The last a hundred years, honestly, it's, it's absolutely huge.

So the system that wins this one Right here is going to potentially have a bigger market cap than Bitcoin, because you have to think about Bitcoin is simply going to replace gold, which is a huge market cap. When you, when you think about all the systems that need to be decentralized and don't need middleman and can be improved with Ethereum Binance coin CarNow the market cap is significantly higher than gold. It is, it is absolutely much, much zillion billion times bigger now, zillion billion. Isn't exactly the accurate term, but What we're talking about right here. So this what's really interesting situation right here, because Ethereum has a really big problem with it. It's it's massive gas fees, which are going to be solved here, but I'm going to get to why I don't believe in Ethereum over car Dano here, In a minute, Binance coin has a whole Other range of problems. The two problems with these ones right here is a theorem doesn't scale. And there's so much old code and baggage in it. And I know as a person that's made software for a decade, you don't just get rid of baggage. Have you ever worked or used a software? That's absolutely huge. And they just can't seem to get the bugs out of it. That's because when you build it Software, what happens is it's like you're building a skyscraper and it's very, very, very, very difficult for you to go and change things. Once the skyscrapers built and the foundations in place, okay, changing this little thing up here, changing a sink down here requires you to dig a hole and change the plumbing down here. That's the problem with the software. And so when coal gets stacked up on top of itself, like this, it's actually extremely difficult because what a theorem has to do right now to fix its problems is to go and dig up its foundation. It has to go and dig up this and they have to go and dig up this. Okay? I think everybody knows this. And the result of this problem right now is that you can't do a transaction on a theorem network for it's insane. Say, I want to swap something, do something super simple, right? Let's say I want to swap a hundred dollars in tether for a Z, whatever. This is some weird thing I used to have in my wallet.

Okay. The transaction cost versus going to be $33 yesterday. And when it was, when it was high, it would be $50, $80 just to do this, just to do a simple transaction on it. That makes it unusable it's. It's literally unusable for just about anything. Can you imagine if people had to go to a voting booth and every time they voted, they'd have to pay $80. It's not going to work and yes at the room can fix this and whatnot. But I'm going to tell you straight up as a software, an experienced person, a software it's just way, build it to be easier to build a software or a skyscraper from absolute scratch, because then you have the foundation, right? The first time you have everything planned for scale, the problem with the theory, and why I don't have faith in it. Long-term is simply this.

It was not built with a long-term vision. In mind, it was built to accomplish smart contracts. It was built to prove that the concept worked, but then once you actually have the skyscraper up, it wasn't built the right way. And that's this whole entire reason why it's completely busted a day. And people are like, [inaudible] Oh, because you're already a smart contract money. Yes. But a rushed skyscraper is not a skyscraper. People are going to live in long-term and the one that's built correctly over 50 years is going to have an advantage over the one that got up in three, four years.

It just is okay. Now, Binance coin. On the other hand, it's just, It's centralized. I think it's going to be useful for trading and I think it will be useful for exactly what's being used for right now. I don't see it being used by governments or building systems or do contracts or to do contracts for houses or anything the matter. Okay. So what was it looking at right now is we have these two massive market caps. We've got about $400 billion right here. And Ethereum, I think is easily going to bust 500 billion. If not a trillion, this bull run and Binance going, probably going to bust 200, 200 billion.

Now we've got Cordato down here at 41 billion Kronos could easily flip these combined.

You could flip both of them combined and eat both the market caps. Don't get me wrong. I don't think they're all gonna implode overnight, but we could easily see, Cartano go to $500 billion. If it pulls off what it's promising to pull off. And it's already been put into Africa, it's already being put into place right now by governments, which is the largest blockchain Deployment ever. I with a skyscraper, as I said, has been built right? The first time what's going to happen. When the skyscraper gets up and opens it,

You have to understand what Cardona's aiming to do. They have the ability to clone any project that's on Ethereum Right now, what their ERC 20 converter and take it over and put it on Cardinal. And the reason why I'm so bullish on this right now, and the reason why I'm buying just tons and tons and tons of Cardona, I sold it actually goblin handed it during this step. And I bought tons back for a dollar and 3 cents, dollar and 5 cents, dollar and 7 cents. But most of my portfolio back actually at that price. So I'm sitting pretty good on

It right now. The reason I'm so extremely Bullish on this is that I've seen what happened with the Binance coin right here. So I wasn't as bullish as I've been recently in Cardozo because I was like, all right, you know, it's gonna, it's gonna take a lot of effort to move people over from Ethereum to Cartano. But with Binance coin and pancakes swap, we literally went, Witnessed an overnight swap almost to Binance coin. And they're swapping technology, even though it's not optimized to be moved from Ethereum to there. So we saw very little resistance. We saw this market cap explode right here, explode on a coin. It's not even optimized Ethereum. And so when the reasons I'm so excited and I'm like, okay, wait, there's a lot more money. The poor. Yeah.

Okay. And then we saw and Cardona, It's going to be perfectly optimized to rip away this market cap or at least come up and meet it and match it Because you have to think longterm

Over five years, people are not going to live in the skyscraper. That's been built the wrong way. There's leaks going on over here. There's this stuff going right here are the foundations constantly being ripped up. It takes a long time to make software correctly and it makes it, it takes a long time to make it work. Right? If you rush something out, that's fine, but you're going to be fixing it for years. And then It just doesn't get fixed. Like this is a lesson

You have to understand that nobody in crypto seems to get just because the theory is here in bigger now is so irrelevant. For example, Citrix had gone to webinar, the biggest webinar platform ever. It was unstoppable. And in the span of no time at all, they got completely replaced by zoom. And this was a technology zoom, for example, uh, and Citrix goes to the webinar already worked. It was fully functional. There was no problem. You didn't get charged a thousand dollars. Every time you started up a webinar, zoom was just simply better by 25%. And it just completely came in, at least match six shirts and then just beat the liver, living Out of them. So when you tell me a theory from something that's unusable right now, for anything other than hobbyist use,

I mean, seriously, it's for trading and for buying an FTS, that's about all it's good for, and you can't use it for anything real world because of the gas fees. And We just saw how fragile

The loyalty is to Ethereum with an increase in Binance coin and Binance coin is not a long-term smart contract solution. And then we saw to the man for Binance coin skyrocket to use their swapping technologies. They use their technology that created a supply crunch right there. We're actually going to see a supply crunch for real-world application of [inaudible]. That's going to be magnitudes larger than this because again, 50 million people in Ethiopia, hundreds of millions of people in one country, all using it, That's way bigger than the supply crunch it's going on for BNB.

So I don't, I don't see, I don't see where the defense is. The only, the only way this is not going to happen is if Charles poops the bed that's and that's very potentially right. Really could happen, but Projects can easily slip, slip over to ADA. There's no loyalty. We just saw that with the BNB, we just saw there's no loyalty. People will hop over to whatever works better in real-time. No, one's going to stay on eith when it's doing this. And it has the ability to clone everything over. So it's much easier to do it. There's going to be a massive supply crunch from it. And frankly, it's about what software is built, right. And finishes, right. Not what gets up first. I can go and build a copy of zoom. I can hire a bunch of developers right now and make a copy of zoom in a month and a half. Okay. And it works and can work for 20 users. As soon as I started trying to sail the scale, that beast Completely different game. It's a completely different game. Okay.

So the default in software, the default in software is a software that's built bad and doesn't scale. Well always loses its that's the default. That's not the exception. The reason why I'm so excited about right now is that if they nailed this and it looks like they have, it looks like everything's going to be delivered on time and they do this. We're going to see the same exact ranger that's happened on Binance coin times three. And it's just not going to stop because the reason why a theorem hasn't gone to a $500 billion market cap and 800, a trillion-dollar macro cap is all the problems it has. It's just as simple as that. It's all the problems that Ethereum has. And so if the government use case in Ethiopia, for example, Cordato has the Africa special going on today. If that use case gets proven and they start using that for voting systems and other systems, a theorem camp uses voting systems.

Even if it was $10 per transaction, it can't be used as a voting system. It can't be used by anybody  with the gas fees. Even if they reduce their gas fees by, I don't know, 80%, it's still not usable. And even if it is usable, let's say they lower it by 80%. Okay. Yeah. We could use it for housing contracts and whatnot. It's slower. It's not as efficient as Cordato the end. And it's a fear I'm going to fix these things. Yeah, probably they probably will. But once this train gets going, it's just not going to stop. Now, what's the downside to this. Charles Hoskinson could be full of crap. Let's just be straight. He could be full of crap. And if that happens, we're going to see a massive dive right here.

But again, if you're playing With Ethereum right here, you could see a massive dive as well. At the same time you're playing with Binance coin. You could see the same exact thing. So nothing in, in, in crypto is safe. But the reason why I'm so heavy in Cardona right now, this goes, we have to also look at the returns and what the risk the reward is in this. So we're looking at a $2,700 theorem right now. Realistically, this could go to 10,000, this bull run. I just don't see it happening of Cardinal takes off though.

And so just looking At this best-case potential, we're looking into 3m. I'm not willing to sit through this bull, run deep into it for three weeks. I'm just not willing to do that.  I'm not gonna do that. It's, it's too difficult. And so some people are saying 20,000, 30,000.

I just, I just don't see that. So from my point of view, what I'm looking at, I can see a $10,000 a year in pretty easily, okay. In this bull run. So that being said, am I willing to take that risk on that? And is that the risks? I'm really looking the reward. I'm really trying to get from all this year of stress. No, no. So I'm going to come down here and I'm going to look at right. What coins can deliver, uh, the, the returns that I'm looking for with some level of safety? So what I mean by Cardona check out chain games right here. Okay. This is one I made a ton of money on and I'm so up. Like I exited it two weeks, but I could exit it like five X or something like that. And if we go look at this bad boy right here, it did this.

Okay. We're probably not going to see Cardozo do this. Okay. We're probably not gonna see it. Do this unless Charles does something really weird on Twitter. So what, that's what I mean by safe. If Cardinal fails, we're probably just going to see a slow decline in the hell. Okay. That's probably what we're going to see. And so you're probably not going to see a 70% drop overnight. Like we do with some, some poopy coins, but we have to go and look at these market caps right here. Where's the theorem probably going to finish this bull run at 500 billion to a trillion for all the way. Binance coin, probably 200 billion, 300 billion. There's no reason why Cardona can't get to 500 billion. This bull run. They're just, there just isn't. If it nails where it's doing there is absolutely no reason why I can't get the fiber and billion people are going to fall into it.

Like you've never seen before. And so for me, making a nice clean five X on this, that that's, that's good. Uh, a five X clean with the potential of a 10 X and eight X that's the swing I'm willing to, willing to look at. Okay. And so we also have to look at other things that are going on here. So for example, Binance coin just exploded and polygon just explodes on the theory. But what we saw with both of those is we saw pancake swap the swapping platform for Binance coin, go nuts. Okay. We saw this guy take off. Why? Because Binance Quinn was taking off. And so then we also saw On Ethereum polygon blew up.

Okay. Of course, right here, uh, basically a utility, a massive utility for Ethereum. That's going to lower its gas costs those that matter if it doesn't, if it doesn't reduce it, the Cardinal prices though, no, one's going to pay $10 for a transaction. It's just, I will see, Um, we'll see what it can do. That being said, polygon took off. Okay.

And then also, if we go look at quick, the swapping that runs on a polygon, Bada Bing, bada Boom. So what can we take away from this? What is going to happen here? So what I try to do encrypt, or at least my thinking now is like, where is this going to happen next? Because I don't want to hop in the Binance coin when it's done this. I don't, I don't want to get into a coin when it's, when it's gone through this in the past month. I don't want to get on a coin doing this. Okay. I want to get on stuff early. I want to be the person who grabs Things when it's right here.

Okay. I want to be the person before it goes and starts going Nuclear. Okay. I don't want to buy pancakes. Swap right here.

Yeah, it's bullish. But now I'm only looking at like a three, four X ROI for being in an altcoin. It's super pumped. That's just not worth the risk, the reward to me. So what I'm going to try and do is I'm going to try and find the things that have taken off on these platforms that are being now built on Cardona. I'm going to look for something like Charlie three. All right. Basically, the chain link or Oracle of Cardinal going to be super important to Cartano what's gone nuclear on Polka. poker starter. Okay.

So I'm gonna look at card starter, which is basically the poker starter On Cardano again, super Early to this party right here. I'm going to be potentially looking at Sunday, swap. I'm still looking and researching this project right here, but I'm going to be looking at projects like this. I'm going to be looking at the things, what happened on a theorem, what happened on bindings Twain and where is this going to happen again? Okay. So I want to see where's the pancake swap on Cardona. Where is the link on Cardona? Where is the poker starter on Cardona? Because I know these things are going to be built and I know there's going to be first movers on these platforms. I know they're at low market caps right now, so I can hop in, jump into them and get in when things are before things do this. Okay? Cause again, I don't want to buy it right here. Look what happens after something pumps? I don't want to be buying pancake swap right now. And if I'd had the crypto experience back then, I would have said, what's the theory I'm doing right now. What solves the problem? Binance coin? What are the things that Binance corner We're going to use? Pancakes wall, Same thing with polygon and quick swap right now. So I'm going to be looking for that next move. I'm not going to be hopping on to these moves that are currently happening. And so that guys is my strategy and why I'm so bullish on ADA as a SAS entrepreneur and a CEO of software companies for almost a decade. I see the challenges that Ethereum and Binance coin and AOR running into, and I see the strategies and how the businesses are operating. And I'm just telling you Straight up, the advantages are actually In Aida's favor right now because yeah, they're not first to market, but being first to market really doesn't matter when the market's not even there yet. Okay.

Mark is not even there. It's okay. If you're going to build a skyscraper in the middle of downtown, you want to buy a, build the one that's going to be there for the next 20 years. Not the one that's built there first, But that being said with their position, with their ERC converter, and the way the market caps are moving right now and where people are moving to, people are going to want the FOMO into something next. I think Cardona is going to be that thing. Once we get closer Gogan going live and the Smartronix score live. And then if they pull that off, there's nothing stopping all the projects from moving to Cardona because you can't even operate on Ethereum. If you have an NFT platform, it doesn't work on Ethereum because the artists can't put up their artwork because minting it is too expensive. It literally doesn't work. So there's no alternative. You can put it on Binance coin. It's just, that's just not, it's not a long-term option. And then we have these giant market caps right here. We have Cordato at a relatively low market cap compared to these two inability to basically do both of their jobs better than they knew with the potential that this market is.

Again, people trying to get rich. None of these valuations are, are make any sense at all. You have to understand that. Like, I don't think any of these have appropriate valuations. This is nuts. PayPal is a working business that actually delivers a product for millions and millions of people. Ethereum is cool for trading cards right now. Okay. And using uni swap it's no, no. So knowing that people are trying to get rich here, people are going to see Kardon will take off. They're going to look at Cardona and they're going to go, Hmm. Market cap, market cap. All right. This is where I can get rich. Next. They're going to hop on it. Just like they did Binance coin. Then it's going to create the same exact supply shock. We saw Binance coin on top of that, if there's any real-world application mean the use of Cardona of the supply shock is going to be compounded.

Uh, then we're going to see the market cap go up and up and up and up. And it's gonna challenge the theory because at this point there's no reason for Ethereum, okay? There's no reason for it. This isn't. So again, it can go in at least a match. These markets captured here. We've seen that been demonstrated with the Binance coin. We've seen how few apps people care about switching from Ethereum. The Binance coin. People are going to see an opportunity to get rich. As soon as they see an opportunity to get rich, they're going to do the same exact thing that they with Binance coining and say, okay, I can't make a five X on here anymore. Where can I make the five X okay. To things that are related to Cardona the projects underneath it, C3 card starter, maybe Sunday swap. I would not buy any of these based on the video because these are highly, highly, highly speculative, not financial advice.

Again, that's what people I believe are going to do. And what crypto is to me is predicting what people are going to do and what people are going to think. It's not about the technology right now. Okay. It's just not, it's about predicting what people are going to do, and then what the results of their actions are going to be and in what those results are going to trigger. And then what that will trigger people to also do then after that's the pattern that I see emerging, and the only thing that's gonna stop it is Cardinal flopping, which I don't think, I, I think the odds are the Cardona is going to nail it. And if that happens, it's going to be a blood bath. That's it, guys. That's all I got. If you like videos like this, be sure to follow me on Twitter at CSS, Becker. Cause I talk about the things I'm thinking like this, like weeks ahead of time, uh, because I don't always have time to shoot a video. Cause you know, I'm actually like run a, an actual business and stuff. So you should, uh, you should do that. I'll catch you next time.





This can be crypto wealthy operating with you to induce wealth with crypto. Filling our pockets with crypto profit enriching you with crypto and why do I say that's as a result of we tend to area unit in emits within the starting stages of a full market. There area unit huge fortunes to be created provided you discover smart quality cryptocurrency comes. That perhaps no one else is aware of this has unbelievable potential for growth. I am getting to be talking concerning one in all those comes during this session.

Hey Sylvain thanks such a lot for creating yourself offered and that I perceive that you {just} area unit and are committed good money you are additionally a YouTuber we're getting to be talking concerning good money does one wish to begin by just locution a touch bit concerning yourself and your relationship with good money, please.


Since I discovered cryptocurrencies. It quite becomes a passion and that is extremely what you recognize I decided to try that instead right as a result of I did not want it had been quite continually constant issue standard stuff. Therefore I used to be like why not cite crypto and you recognize. I’m aiming to cowl good money provide a number of the updates that are enforced. That kind of issue same plan as you are doing. Let’s say Pirate Chain so on. So yea that is my story background regarding good money.


Yeah, right many thanks, and perceive yours could be a project. You recognize wherever you get entangled with comes and you follow comes and you retain covering comes.


Exactly I favor the multi-coin reasonably plan you recognize .it would be like you are looking at cars right. You cannot simply have one just like the tesla and everybody has that. It's reasonably it is not however the market works. I think that you simply understand me. However, I believe a lot of tons of comes will contribute to an improved world. I believe that is why I made a decision to essentially cowl multiple comes. It might be privacy, it might be reasonably a digital currency, regarding building platforms like tlos ,ethereum that kind of factor. So air changing into the new web. I like the multi-coin approach.


Let me ask you a few questions about Smartcast.

So just some basics you know um what is it is a stackable coin, proof of work, proof of stake, when was it launched?


I think it was the eleventh of Gregorian calendar month 2017. You discover the study. The website there and yea it is a proof of labor coin therefore it's it was a fork of clearly a Bitcoin code that came from dash. in addition, right therefore it is a proof of labor coin that you simply may have sort of a Masternodes on in addition that insensible money it's referred to as the sensible node therefore for anyone holding a 100k sensible they will have a Masternode .which you recognize supports options like instant pay so on. Therefore very a pleasant community project for a digital peer-to-peer digital currency for businessperson adoption. You recognize quick and instant transactions therefore that is really what sensible money was designed for. That is the main use of a sensible money affirmative.


Just to get clear so it's its means of payment crypto coin rather than the platform.




It doesn't have any privacy features or it doesn't use to be used to have?


Some privacy features at first. That but right now it's only like all public stuff. But so for that one smart cash team went with like the private features on to another coin Bitcoin confidential. if we have time we can talk about it. It’s for smart cash it's really about being public for the same reason of both regulations. And so on to maintain and to stay with the merchants and avoid any kind of regulations to make it easier for merchant adoption. Then it's completely public and then there are no privacy features at the moment.


Remember there was there's a way you can earn smart?


There are two types of reward one is super reward and another one is the smart reward.

Smart rewards 1000 coins and above can collect smart rewards by activating their address within either like an atomic wallet koinomi edge Ellie pal also. The core wallet and also the electrum version of it so smart reward you get about 15% on smart rewards and that number tends to grow as compounding and you know we’ve got like a four if starting from fourth.

Super reward

That’s was recently added. With one million-plus coin so obviously you need a lot more coins for that one and then you need so like I said a million plus and then you are looking at 25 ROI and then now.


There are lots of cryptocurrencies that are forms of payment you know there's like Bitcoin cash and you know there are cheaper ones like dogecoin white and verge why should anybody be interested in smart cash yeah so uh yeah the team is working really.


To make extremely target adoption on and if you check out uh a number of the trend like a number of the cryptos square measure tends to be extremely high-ticket to interact relying on that one you are mistreatment away for like good money with them so it is a zero.001 uh fee right each dealing, therefore, it's like they are low-cost right, therefore, it's such as you understand if you check out bitcoin intrinsically generally you are gonna pay like 5 bucks, therefore, that is a bonus right for uh for folks to use that second possibility instant pay right you the merchants guarantee they are obtaining paid right as a result of it's at intervals seconds it gets confirmed and that they understand they'll it isn't gonna be like double-spent or something or they go to re-roll the dealing or rarity, therefore, it's like it's extremely quick it gets there and uh yeah it's that is why you recognize like folks ought to inspect good money.


The smart cache will look at it and you know take time to dig into it learn about the project there's we've got lots of nice integrations with like the cold wallets exchanges where we keep building on that and also working towards immersion adoption.




DASH arise litecoin fork beginning out as early as Jan 2014 whereas it had been still named Xcoin. Later it might whole to Darkcoin and earlier it accustomed has a negative connotation within the media as a dark web coin. The third and final rebrand gave birth to the mass-appealing name “DASH”, short for Digital money.

Currently, DASH focuses its branding a lot on the benefit of the use of crypto for customary people with shorter confirmation times.

Governance Structure

DASH is foremost happy with their “decentralized governance structure” conjointly named as a redistributed Autonomous Organization or DAO. 1/10th of DASH’s block rewards move to AN “escrow” among the blockchain of that the aim of the funds may be voted on by the Masternodes. Masternodes of course want AN incentive to run and in and of itself block rewards are split as follows

  1. Mining reward for Proof-of-Work: 45%
  2. Masternode reward for Proof-of-Service: 45%
  3. Decentralized governance budget: 10%.

When the amounts of projects grew, funding organizations such as the Dash Core Group, Inc. were created to act as contractors for the distribution of funds to many smaller decentralized projects.


A large loophole of privacy characteristics of the account balances: are account balances visible

Changes in states of account balances are wont to decipher wherever transactions went. Also, displaying account balances isn't personal in itself.

Privatesend could be a feature enabled by the Masternode network of DASH that uses a coin-mixing mechanism known as CoinJoin with some modifications to boost obfuscation of the sender of the dealing.

DASH’s CoinJoin needs activity on the chain, i.e., we would like different users to combine with. It may so take a jiffy before where DASH are mixed or “anonymized”. Reckoning on the number within the dealings could even take minutes to hours. in contrast to the standard CoinJoin mechanism, DASH doesn’t use centralized mixers however intermixture is achieved through its Masternode network. This will raise some queries concerning privacy as Masternodes will follow the sender and receiver of the transactions being mixed along. What is more, several Masternodes are pass Virtual personal Servers which might be compromised comparatively straightforward by governments.

Other technical characteristics of DASH:

  • 2.5-minute block-time
  • Mining algorithm: X11-PoW
  • First Block on 2014–01–19
  • 18.9 million Max. Supply and approx. 8.5M circulating
  • Max. Block size: 2 MB
  • 56 TPS max.
  • Instant Send: 2 sec. confirmation time
  • High early emission

Instant Send

Instant Send is a Masternode-enabled feature of DASH that permits confirmation times of below a pair of seconds by lockup within the group action among a random set of ten Masternodes.

Pirate Chain (ARRR)

Pirate uses Zcash’s zero-knowledge proofs referred to as zk-SNARKs (zero-knowledge concise non-interactive arguments of knowledge) which permit dealings data to be valid while not revealing any info regarding the number and also the parties concerned.SaplingWhat makes PIRATE distinctive is that it’s a forced secure transactions blockchain, therefore utilizing zk-SNARKS technology (z-transactions) that is arguably the most effective privacy tech there's.

PIRATE is mined into a clear address, however will solely get in a secure address from there. The results of this feature are that at least ninety nine.99% of ARRR is secure, dramatically increasing the privacy of the usage of the blockchain for causation funds.

Now that Pirate uses Sapling (conversion to Sapling is over 80 %!), shielding of transactions is restricted to the order of seconds.


Additionally, the PirateChain is protected by the BTC hash rate through delayed-Proof-of-Work (dPoW). This mechanism ensures Piratechain is proof against reorganizations of the network as a result of its shield by BTC’s hash rate, KMD’s hash rate, and its hash rate. Protection is achieved by storing block hashes (chain state backups) of the PIRATE chain within the KMD blockchain, of that the latter has block hashes keep into the Bitcoin blockchain.

Other non-privacy related features of PIRATE:

  • Blocktime: 60 seconds
  • Mining algorithm: Equihash PoW
  • dPoW security
  • Transaction fee: 0.0001 ARRR
  • Max. Supply of 200 million ARRR
  • Transactions per second: 34 TPS max.
  • Tx size: 2kb-200 kb.
  • Sending to 100 addresses simultaneously in one transaction.
  • PIRATE supports TOR to obfuscate geographic location (IP)


DASH’s and anonymity features are not very strong compared to Pirate. The private send option is dependent on user activity which can't guarantee our transaction is including the next block and can take a while if we're unlucky furthermore dash allows sending to transparent addresses which greatly hurts fungibility a quick look at the rich list can give our an estimation of a wealth of its users which is not very private and pirate has a stronger privacy check on the fungibility of the blockchain so now uh the focus of dash has been geared towards ease of use of mainstream adoption this is understandable as its privacy feature is not their strongest accent asset which is fair enough ours.



What is Pirate Chain (ARRR)?

Pirate Chain (ARRR) could be a distinctive non-public send cryptocurrency. It uses a sophisticated privacy protocol that can't be compromised by alternative users. PirateChain uses the technology ZK-Snarks to defend 100% of the peer to see transactions on the blockchain. This makes transactions anonymous and personal.


Pirate chain has been 12 years in the making. Perfecting the art of decentralization and privacy in a world where privacy is a luxury. In the past where every transaction is being monitored by a centralized entity and true anonymity seems like a fairy tale. Pirate chain came to change the game the first cryptocurrency to bring you the highest and on set ever unlike the rest of the virtual coins out there where privacy is not a main feature pirate chain's goal is to protect its users with the most sophisticated and most acclaimed privacy protocol in the world of cryptocurrencies are you. Going to get on this ship or are you going to keep putting your financial freedom at risk. Financial privacy today is freedom tomorrow.

TOP 5 Reasons Why Pirate Chain (ARRR) is going on top

NO Missing link of data-

privacy options no missending of your information if we tend to let the supposedly trustable Government or company handle your non-public information there is forever a risk for {the information} to fall within the wrong hands by hacking or simply plain incompetence with pirate there's no data sharing, therefore, no mishandling of information .To know  more watch the video .


Fungibility is powered since pirate is not traceable any pirate individual units are interchangeable just like gold that's called fungibility.

Business and Personal Privacy

Business and personal privacy when you do business you need privacy about your transactions history because you don’t want the taxi to charge

Financial Sovereignty

You surely want to put limits on a corporation or someone who keeps eye on all your transaction. These limits are important to protect freedom of speech, thought with the pirate you become your bank.

Preventing Gossip

If your transaction history is public it could be compiled and analyzed and it means that our insurance company knows every detail of all our spending money.

History of Pirate chain

On August twenty-ninth, 2018, developers within the Komodo community piloted Associate in. Nursing freelance quality chain with the technology offered by Komodo Platform. Pirate Chain harnesses the ability of tools like Delayed Proof of labor (dPoW) from Komodo, zero-knowledge proof

(zk-SNARKs) transactions from ZCash, and also the rule of enforced private-only transactions by Monero. Whereas several different “privacy” coins have elective privacy options, Pirate (ARRR) could be a 100% non-public send cryptocurrency, additionally because the 1st z dealings solely chain. ZK-Snarks technology (zero-knowledge cryptography) is used to fully protect peer to see transactions. This suggests that transactions are 100% non-public all the time. This has created the most important secure non-public pool of funds of any privacy coin, as well as Zcash and Monero. Pirate prevents fifty-one attacks by utilizing Komodo’s dPoW, which means its blocks are notarized onto each Komodo and Bitcoin blockchains. Merely declared, tries to mount a Sybil attack against Pirate would be got to overcome the combined hash rates of Bitcoin, Komodo, and Pirate. This aims to form a high price of attack to forestall malicious actors. On prime of that, Pirate started with a good launch, no ICO, no pre-mine, and 0 development fees.


Pirate Chain will be strip-mined victimization specialized mining code. XMR Stak could be a commonly-used mining tool that works for hardware mining and GPU mining with each Nvidia and AMD graphics card. CCMiner is another standard mining tool for computers with NVIDIA graphics cards. Additionally, to have a mining code, you may want a Pirate Chain and access to a mining pool that pools your effort with alternative miners and a notecase to store the Pirate Chain that you simply earn from mining. Most cryptocurrencies have multiple publicly available mining pools that may be found with a straightforward Google search.


How do I turn Bitcoin into a Pirate chain (ARRR)?

How do I turn Bitcoin into a Pirate chain (ARRR)?

How do I turn Bitcoin into a Pirate chain (ARRR)? The video will take you to step by step starting from listening to Jeff Berwick. Know about dollarvigilante.com and dollarvigilante.tv. We all know that Pirate Chain is going to be massive. A lot of crypto people are gravitating towards it. Let's know more about it from the video.

What is Pirate Chain?

Pirate Chain (ARRR) could be a 100 percent bush send cryptocurrency. There’s a privacy protocol employed by the coin that cannot be compromised by the opposite user's activity on the network. Most of the coins area unit pierce with holes created by no mandatory privacy.

What is Trade Oger?

Trade Ogre is a crypto to crypto exchange platform that is established in 2018. On its website, there are many amounts of sections that make it onerous for the users to try and do their due diligence on the exchange. This is the first major platform where Pirate Coin got listed. It’s doesn’t require KYC so trading cryptocurrency is less time-consuming here.

Trade Ogre presently implements a 0.2% mercantilism fee on all consummated orders.

Withdrawal fees are dynamically calculated supported the precise coin technology, we attempt to own token withdrawal fees

Pirate Wallet

Let’s start at pirate black here we can grab the wallet for storing the pirate coin.

Next, we need to find the wallet option and click on it and find suitable as our requirement and download it. So we all need to open it up and make sure we write our seed words down.

The Process

The process is in the video. Still what most people call it dex and this one is well-liked in the community. It’s been around for well over a year click the person icon up in the upper right. Then we are going to click register. Here then put in an email address and then put in a password and then we're in. We need to set up two-factor authentication so let's do that. Now I like authy but you can use Google authenticator. Or, there are others but I like authy search the app store for it's under Twilio Authy. We’ll see all the accounts that we have hooked up and in the bottom left you’ll see a big plus button. Click that and it wants us to scan a barcode. It can connect the account. So click scan and then scan the QR code on trade ogre. Then it wants to give us a logo so go ahead and search for trade ogre and you'll see the logo click continue to save the account and now you have a six-digit two-factor authentication.

After getting the Code?

Code it changes every 30 seconds so no dilly Dowling. Now type the code and we are in. Back to the person icon in the upper should be zero since it's we’re first time in the account go to the far right on the Bitcoin line and click deposit this way it gives us a BTC address copy that addresses and then takes it over to exodus or your wallet of choice to exodus or our wallet of choice and clicks send paste the address in entering the amount that we wish to get in this case ob. With my wallet, we can close that. Back to trade ogre where we can now click ok and we see that we are now looking at a pending deposit.

Bitcoin which is great

Bitcoin the quantity the date the status which right now says pending and it says confirmations are at zero. It will take not more than ten after that we've got one confirmation. We go back to balances and we have a balance of Bitcoin which is great. Next, we want to trade for the pirate chain so we head over to markets that are up in the upper left and now we're looking at a list of BTC markets and we're looking for the BTC to ARRR market all right once we click it and we see the market we can go up here and see the price of the coin in the upper left here and we can see these people in the red these people are all selling you can scroll down. And see there are many of them over here then if we click that top button here on the right click it once it's going to auto-fill this box over there click that purple this box over here click that purple buy and boom guess what.

Take a look

You are done just like that super simple go over here to your balances take a look and pirate there. We’ll bring up our wallet get that opened and we'll go to receive it we're going to grab this address right here there we go copy that and we can hit the next address if we wanted to add a different way up there. But we're going to copy this address now we're going to head back over to trade Ogre because we need to send ourselves our pirate chain so we go minimize this we're going to head over here and now back at the balance sheet we're going to go to the right of pirate and hit withdrawal. We're going to click that purple number again to auto-fill the withdrawal amount we're going to drop this wonderful address there and hit withdrawal up comes the two-factor authentication we're gonna wait for a second it's super quick super easy hit submit and that’s it.

Perfecting the art of decentralization and privacy

Pirate chain has been 12 years in the making. Perfecting the art of decentralization and privacy in a world where privacy is a luxury. In the past where every transaction is being monitored by a centralized entity and true anonymity seems like a fairy tale. Pirate chain came to change the game the first cryptocurrency to bring you the highest and on set ever unlike the rest of the virtual coins out there where privacy is not a main feature pirate chain's goal is to protect its users with the most sophisticated and most acclaimed privacy protocol in the world of cryptocurrencies are you. Going to get on this ship or are you going to keep putting your financial freedom at risk. Financial privacy today is freedom tomorrow.

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