How to use social media for lead generation 2022?

How to use social media for lead generation 2022?

Welcome to the Topic “How to use social media for lead generation 2022”

Nowadays, the majority of firms run their campaigns on social media platforms. This is due to the low-cost marketing they provide to a chosen demographic.

Social media campaigns have consistently been a significant component of the digital marketing industry. People used to believe that social media was merely another tool for creating brands in the beginning. Small businesses at the time pushed material on social media. The content covered everything from cold dialing to social media spam. Overall, the situation was hit-or-miss, and calculating return was a significant challenge.

How it Works

A lead is nothing more than an address, phone number, or ID that aids marketers in identifying their target market. For the purpose of marketing to users, marketers typically want a name or an email address.

Using social media to find leads is very relevant. You can conduct both organic and sponsored promotions on a social media site. Additionally, marketers can promote content through forums, communities, or native or sponsored adverts.

Any method of lead collection typically yields cold leads. Before you can market to it, you must warm it up. You must nurture it further.

The process of creating and fostering relationships with customers at each level of the sales funnel is known as lead nurturing. An effective lead nurturing program concentrates marketing and communication efforts on listening to prospects' needs and giving them the knowledge and solutions they require to establish trust.

Top Social Media Strategies for Lead Generation

  • Profile Optimization

Your profile should make it easy to find your contact information.

Different platforms offer distinctive profile elements depending on your objective. For instance, if you want more people to sign up for your newsletter, add a Signup button to your Facebook Page. Similarly, add Book, Reserve, or Get Tickets action buttons to your Instagram or Facebook accounts to request reservations for a meeting, restaurant, or consultation.

  • Employ social lead advertisements

Social lead ads are available if you've used up all of your organic lead collection options or want to intensify those efforts.

For marketers, Facebook provides a specialized lead ad structure. On Facebook, lead ads are essentially promoted forms. These leads can be downloaded or synced directly to your customer management system, allowing your sales staff to follow up as necessary. The remarketing features on Facebook are very helpful for lead nurturing.

Like Facebook, Instagram offers lead advertising that is intended to assist advertisers in gathering data. Instagram provides the opportunity to partially pre-fill forms, just like Facebook. These advertisements allow you to pre-fill the email address, full name, phone number, and gender sections.

social media for lead generation

  • Use content that is clickable.

You won't get leads if your content isn't appealing. It's that easy. Keep in mind that on social media, everyone is vying for attention. And people's attention spans are at an all-time low. Sharp images and more precise copies are required. Make sure you modify your creativity to support your lead generation objectives.

Make sure there is a spot for users to click when you have content that is clickable. Make every post as clear and inviting of a call to action as you can.

  • Webinars, Hangouts, and Live Videos

Utilizing hangouts, live videos, and webinars is another method for gaining leads through social media. The majority of businesses host webinars with advanced registration on specific topics. Getting as many leads as you can is the goal. Most people won't even watch the webinar because they have to pre-register. But it will assist the business in obtaining qualified leads.

A small group of people who are interested in a subject attends hangouts, from where required leads can be acquired. Businesses record live videos when they need to make an announcement, when they are at an event, or when they need to respond quickly to a few customer inquiries. Businesses can use gated content or in-video promotion for live videos. Live video is a feature that both Facebook and YouTube provide. 

  • Provide the proper incentive

An excellent technique to gather leads is by holding a social media competition. Ask participants to give any information they are willing to share in exchange for entry. For instance, the medical learning platform Osmosis ran a social contest where participants had to fill out a form in order to participate. The form included questions about the applicant's school and area of study.

Partnering with an influencer or brand partner will help you extend your contest's reach.

Several businesses sign up for their newsletter and give customers a discount code. Customers are encouraged to return to your website and, ideally, to make a purchase by using discount codes or reward points.

  • Share and Promote Gated Content

Therefore, you are losing out if you don't create content to attract leads into a sale with you. Links to gated content, or anything that needs signup first, are a terrific method to expand your email list. Up to 80% of B2B content marketing assets are reportedly blocked.

Content like white papers, reports, videos, and research may (and should) be gated. Then, just like Braze did with their mobile marketing FAQs, you can post links to these pages on social media. You must submit a multi-part lead form in order to view the information. This is a wonderful example of gated content, even though it is a little bit lengthier than those that merely demand an email and probably converts fewer leads than a simpler form.

However, producing this content will be beneficial for more than just generating leads. Additionally, you'll offer them content that encourages them to make purchases.


The ability to locate social media users who are interested in your business makes lead generation on social media beneficial for both B2C and B2B marketers. This gives you the necessary leverage to approach them with relevant offers and information to convert them eventually into paying customers. To put it another way, lead generation gives you the chance to present your business as a priceless resource for potential customers. Social media also aids in raising brand awareness, boosting website traffic, and encouraging community involvement—all of which are advantageous to your lead-generating efforts.

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Make money on TikTok 2022

Make money on TikTok 2022

Welcome to the Topic “Make money on TikTok 2022.”

TikTok is one of the most popular and rising social media platforms at the moment, and users who want to become famous are submitting content to the platform. The software for sharing short videos is prevalent and allows you to showcase your talents to the rest of the world.

When one considers the success tales that have emanated from the platform, one may conclude that it is a place where regular individuals can become overnight sensations.

Monetization on TikTok

Let's begin by reviewing a few essential words you need to know to make the most of the platform and understand how to make money on TikTok. 

  • The “TikTok Creator Fund” is a program managed by TikTok that compensates specific people for popular video material they create.
  • “TikTok Coins” are a form of in-app cash that can be used to tip users who have created videos.
  • A specialized account with additional metrics explicitly designed for content creators, known as a “TikTok Pro Account.”
  • The “Creator Marketplace” platform maintained by TikTok helps marketers locate content producers they can cooperate with to produce sponsored content.
  • Users are exposed to advertisements for the platform after watching many videos or when starting the application.

Become an Influencer on TikTok

Comparable to Instagram and Twitter in terms of their usefulness for influencer marketing, TikTok is a fantastic platform.

Addison Rae, whose handle on Twitter is @addisonre, is probably the best illustration of implementing this method. She also has her own apparel company (Addison) that she has started. Her influencer marketing strategies frequently center on the promotion of this brand. 

On the other hand, you do not need to have your product to sell it on TikTok; you may make a lot of money by selling or promoting the things that other people created. The following are some of the things that a TikTok influencer might be involved in:

  • Sponsored posts
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Sponsored events
  • Brand ambassadors

Many TikTokers enter into sponsorship agreements through brand sponsorship agencies, which are businesses that function as matchmakers between online influencers and brands that want to sponsor the content they create. This allows them to connect with firms prepared to pay for these things. 

TikTok's Creator Fund

TikTok made an initial commitment of $200 million to the Creator Fund when it was first established in 2021. This money was given to users of the platform who were producing innovative films to share on TikTok. They recognize your originality and value your perspective by compensating you with money from their business.

This is the least complicated method for earning money using TikTok. They took a significant risk by doing this, but as soon as it went live, it differentiated them from other competitors like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

The following requirements must be met to benefit from the fund:

  • Possess a minimum age of 18 years
  • Stationed in the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, or Italy
  • There have been no strikes in the TikTok Community, nor have any violations of the Terms of Service.

If you can satisfy these requirements, you will be able to submit an application using the TikTok app and get started earning your very first check using this straightforward technique. Because of this Fund, many Creators bring in four to five figures annually. 

Make money on TikTok 2022

Affiliate Marketing

The activity of selling the goods or services of a third party in exchange for a commission payment is known as affiliate marketing. It is the most productive method to generate money on TikTok. There are many different ways to do this, all of which are fantastic. 

You can set up affiliate links on your TikTok profile and include a call-to-action to the conclusion of your videos. When visitors click on the link you provide in your bio, they will be led to a product page where they can either make a purchase or continue via the sales funnel. 

You get paid when someone buys a product that you promote by posting advertisements on your profile or in the comments section to promote the development of another person or firm.

Receive Tips

The tipping feature of TikTok was introduced with the Creator Next version, released in December of 2021. Tipping content creators online is a practice that is considerably more frequent in Asian countries. Still, it is gaining popularity in the United States and has the potential to become a significant source of revenue here.

In contrast to live and video presents, online creators keep one hundred percent of the money they receive as tips (because tippers cover the processing fees).

Ad Campaign Management for Businesses Utilizing TikTok

TikTok has approximately 73 million users in the United States who regularly view videos on the platform. Therefore, from the point of view of digital marketing, this is a treasure trove for every business owner seeking space to advertise their company.

You have the opportunity to earn money by acting as a paid consultant for TikTok advertisements. These consultants develop advertisements for brands and businesses that can be run on the TikTok accounts of those businesses.

Due to the substantial potential earnings, this is one of freelancers' most desirable social media management professions. It is simple to connect your work for a client and the amount of money they make thanks to paid advertising efforts, which can immediately affect a company's bottom line. 


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TikTok is the most popular social media platform, and users who want to become famous submit content to the forum. The software that allows for sharing short videos is prevalent among millennials and will enable you to showcase your talents to the rest of the world. When one considers the success tales that have emanated from the platform, one may conclude that it is a place where regular individuals can become overnight sensations.

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How to make money on TikTok 2022?

How to make money on TikTok 2022?

Welcome to the Topic “How to make money on TikTok 2022”

In 2022, who will make the most money on TikTok?

Charli D'Amelio makes an estimated $17.5 million annually thanks to her enormous fan base, watchable dancing videos, and endorsement partnerships with brands like Hollister and Dunkin' Donuts.

Every year, Addison Rae earns about $8.5 million. She carries a ton of merchandise, custom makeup and deals with Reebok, American Eagle, and other brands. Her newly discovered acting and music occupations likely also help.

On TikTok, Khaby Lame earns an estimated $5 million annually, which to us seems pretty great. He dominated the platform in the summer of 2022, gaining the most followers thanks to sponsorship partnerships with Netflix, Hugo Boss, and Amazon Prime.

How many views and followers are required for TikTok monetization?

The hurdle to earning money directly from TikTok was substantially higher before December 2021. You need to be 18 years old (which is still the case! ), have more than 10,000 followers, and receive at least 100,000 video views in the previous 30 days to monetize your account.

You might be able to apply for the TikTok Creator Fund if you meet those requirements. It's not as simple as saying “1,000 views Equals $X” because the payment-per-view data have never been made available to the public. Once you've signed up for the Creator Fund, you can earn roughly two to three cents for every 1,000 views.

Payments vary according to the quantity and reliability of views, the degree of video interaction, and whether or not the content complies with TikTok's Community Guidelines and Terms of Service.

Getting Paid using TikTok’s Creator Fund

The TikTok Creator Fund is the company's method of encouraging and recognizing creative creators on its platform. This is the app's most recent effort to establish itself as a preferred user-generated content platform.

TikTok Creator Fund doesn't rely on the advertising model as other platforms do. Instead, as your channel and content expand, so does the quantity of your fund. It also depends on various other elements, including the geography of your audience and views from legitimate accounts.

For a period, the Creator Fund served as the primary passive revenue stream for well-known TikTok content creators. Then along came Creator Next.

Using the Creator Next

The end of 2021 saw TikTok roll out a new function. It's a monetization hub named Creator Next, consolidating all of the TikTok revenue-generating opportunities under one roof. 

Once you're signed up for Creator Next, there are additional ways outside Creator Fund to make money off of your TikTok account.

make money on TikTok

Creator Next provides:

  • TikTok gives out “Diamonds” as LIVE gifts based on the success of creators' LIVE videos, which users may subsequently swap for real money. During LIVE videos, viewers can also LIVE to Gift their preferred content creators, which can then be exchanged for actual, hard cash. Any TikTok user who is over 18 and enrolled in Creator Next is eligible to receive LIVE Gifts. This feature was available before Creator Next.
  • With video gifts, producers can earn diamonds based on how many people watch their brief videos instead of LIVE videos. Like on LIVE videos, viewers may also send gifts. 
  • Viewers can tip their preferred content producers, who will receive the total amount (minus any service fees.) Creators with more than 100,000 followers can use this feature.
  • Through TikTok Creator Marketplace, creators can interact and work with brands on compensating and incentive-based campaigns. If you have more than 10,000 followers, you can apply to join the Creator Marketplace, which brands will invite directly.

Additional ways to make money on TikTok

  • TikTok ads can increase sales

To increase traffic to your website, online business, or even your TikTok Shopping tab, use TikTok advertisements. To grow your TikTok following, you might run in-feed image advertisements promoting your items or use TopView commercials (full-screen takeovers) creatively. Both options can help you monetize the network.

TikTok may also be a top-of-funnel tool to encourage consumers to subscribe to your email list or SMS marketing. This method can protect your TikTok account from coming out as over-sales-oriented while still being a powerful cash generator.

  • Promote music

You can make money by selling music that you include in your videos. The significance of the fact that practically every video on TikTok has a background song to which the creators can lip sync and dance is not lost on the musicians who create these songs. If you have a significant fan base and a high degree of engagement among your listeners, musicians will pay you to promote their music inside your tracks in exchange for royalties.

They know that their song will also increase merchandise sales, concert tickets, and digital downloads if your video goes viral.

If you are a musician (or want to become one), you may use TikTok to market your music to a broader audience. It only makes sense because TikTok is a site where users can submit their beats, sing, and dance to their music.

  • Join the Brand Ambassador Program

In a manner analogous to sponsored content, brand ambassadors act as a resource over an extended period instead of simply for a single piece. As a brand ambassador, you will most likely get paid and receive free products in exchange for watching a predetermined number of videos weekly or monthly. The more valuable your material is, the more attractive your brand ambassador agreement becomes.

Find the names of the brands that you adore. Most organizations have likely specialized ambassador application parts on their websites; therefore, you should look through those sections to see whether or not any of your preferred companies offer any appealing programs.

  • Create and market TikTok accounts

Possess a talent for attracting crowds quickly? Do it as your job.

Many creators and companies would want to get a jump start on TikTok. You'll have a list of potential customers if you can quickly grow your TikTok following.

Consider prospective sectors that would be interested in purchasing a profitable TikTok account. An account devoted to kitten GIFs might be difficult to sell (although it might not be), but an unboxing profile or a dedicated vehicle fund would probably sell much more quickly.

Avoid using any of these accounts for personal use. You don't want your name or face to become associated with your followers. Instead, concentrate your text on the relevant information. This can sometimes make it challenging to expand an account, but it doesn't stop users like Ramy Halloun, 23, from earning $120,000 on Instagram using the same strategy.

Summing it up

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Making more money from your work gives you more time to produce art since time is money. The extra time it buys will be rewarding if the money isn't.

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How to make money on Instagram 2022?

How to make money on Instagram 2022?

Welcome to the Topic “How to make money on Instagram 2022”

1.7 billion people use Instagram globally, according to the most recent figures. It began as a photo-sharing software but has since evolved into a commercial platform. Millions of entrepreneurs are leveraging its selling ability to benefit from Instagram, from service providers to organizations to owners of drop shipping eCommerce businesses.

Instagram is the best platform for selling visually appealing products. Possessing photographic talents will give you a significant advantage on the platform. Bonus points if you're attractive and want to give your product photography more character. 

How much money do Instagram influencers make?

According to Search Engine Journal, the top five Instagram influencers as of April 2021 each had more than 200 million followers: Cristiano Ronaldo, Ariana Grande, Dwayne Johnson, Kylie Jenner, and Selena Gomez. Even though these Instagram stars can earn enormous sums of money, the average income of non-celebrities is not always a pittance.

According to the search marketing company, influencers with a million followers can make about $670 for every article. On Instagram, a content producer can make around $200 for each post if they have 100,000 followers, while someone with 10,000 followers can make roughly $88 for every post.

Therefore, the equation is: more followers plus more posts = more cash.

Ways to make Money on Instagram

  • Be an Influencer to Make Money Promoting Products

The term “Instagram influencers” is well known. One of the simplest methods to establish a strong position and begin profiting from the social media behemoth is by using influencers.

Once more, those with a few hundred followers cannot make it work. As I emphasized earlier, you need a sizable following of at least 3,000 followers and a good interaction rate.

Posting images of your interests is all it takes to start gaining fans. These photos should ideally reflect your personality and assist you in creating a spectacular personal brand. 

  • Get Sponsorship

Creating sponsored posts or stories on Instagram is the primary technique for Instagram users to monetize their accounts and generate money with their accounts. For instance, if the majority of the content on your feed consists of photographs of your dog going on hikes, an outdoor gear company might be interested in paying you to post a photo of one of their products.

make money on Instagram

There is a possibility that prospective sponsors will get in touch with you. 

You are free to select any business, provided it satisfies you

r requirements. You are able to deal directly with the agency that is known as the Mobile Media Lab. You can locate partners with the help of marketplaces such as Influicity. Using the assistance of other applications such as Aspire, you are able to effectively manage all of your partner interactions.

  • Promote your business

Instagram can also be utilized in a variety of ways to earn income for its users. You can broaden your current business operations by opening a business account. If, for instance, you run a food blog that features advertisements or an Etsy shop where you sell handcrafted goods, having a professional Instagram account could be beneficial to the promotion of your business.

Take findable pictures of the items you're attempting to market or the initiatives you're promoting. Make your own hashtag and look at the ones that rivals are utilizing. Encourage your customers to tag you in photos they publish online featuring your products.

The Instagram insights function can also be used to discover more about your audience. You can get information about viewers' age and gender distribution as well as how many people have looked at your post.

The resources in the app also aid in connecting you with fresh clients. Spend some cash on post-promotion if you want more people to see it. In order to make it simple for potential clients to get in touch with you, you can also add a button to your profile that leads to an email address or phone number.

  • Gain badges by watching live videos.

American content creators now have a method to get paid straight within the Instagram app, thanks to a feature called Live Badges. During the course of a live broadcast, viewers have the opportunity to show their support by purchasing badges, the cost of which can range anywhere from $0.99 to $4.99

You can enable Live Badges by going to your profile and selecting the Professional Dashboard option. Then you should make room for commercialization. After you have been accepted, a button that says “Set Up Badges” will appear on your screen. After you have tapped on that, you will be able to proceed.

When you go live, make sure to say if you've enabled Live Badges and let your fans know that it's easy for them to donate money if they want to and show thanks when someone buys a badge. Also, make sure to note if you've enabled Live Badges when you go live. Handwritten notes of gratitude go a long way and are likely to encourage additional people to give.

  • Sign up for an affiliate program

This is connected to the concept of brand alliances because signing up for an affiliate program will still require a person to associate themselves with a certain firm that provides certain products or experiences. In essence, affiliate networks will pay you to promote 

the products and services of third parties. 

The nail artist, who is also an affiliate marketer, earns a commission if one of her fans makes a purchase of nail polish using her unique discount code.

  • Use advertising to monetize your videos.

One more way to bring in cash is to open up your films to commercial sponsorship from various companies. You'll need to go into the settings for your creator account and enable the in-stream video ad monetization option before you can put it up. After that, continue posting videos as normal.

According to the information provided on the website for Instagram for Business, you will receive 55% of the revenue generated from each view. Payments are processed on a monthly basis.

If your movies do not fulfill the requirements, you will not get compensated for them. For instance, in order for videos to be profitable, their length needs to be at least two minutes. Instagram recommends establishing a time limit of between two and four minutes for your video.

The Bottom-line

As you can see, monetizing your Instagram account may be accomplished in a variety of different ways. When you consider that more than 1.7 billion people use the platform, it is not surprising that corporations and influential people have recently flocked to it. The good news is that you do not need a huge following on Instagram to take advantage of many of the tactics that have been discussed above.

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How to make money on Instagram Reels 2022?

How to make money on Instagram Reels 2022?

Welcome to the Topic “How to make money on Instagram Reels 2022”

Instagram is a social media site where users may post photographs and videos for their friends and followers to see. Instagram users can make money by producing and uploading “reels,” or short videos, in addition to posting content. Reels resemble conventional YouTube videos, but their length is generally from 15 to 60 seconds. Users must download the Instagram app and set up a profile before they can make a reel.

With Instagram Reels, which is a new premium feature, you can make a quick film and upload it to your profile. These videos may not be longer than the duration of the music you select. 

Instagram Reels explained

Reels provide a new method for sharing videos with their followers on Instagram. The videos can be customized with text, music, and filters and last up to 10 minutes. Reels can be used to share your ideas and thoughts and promote your company or brand.

Making brief video advertisements is one way to use reels. You may run a promotion for your goods or services, a competition, or a giveaway. Reels can be used to tell the history of your company or brand. Share the history of your organization, introduce your personnel, or show behind-the-scenes footage.

Making the Instagram Reels

Here are step-by-step instructions for making stunning reels for Instagram.

  1. Launch the Instagram App.
  2. To open the live view screen, tap the camera capture symbol or pinch to zoom on your phone. A list of all your videos will be displayed.
  3. Tap the camera capture icon and choose “start new reel” to make a new reel.
  4. Choose the length you want for each video. 
  5. If your phone or tablet has a built-in “fast forward” feature, choose how many seconds you want to skip, and then hit the circular “play” symbol in the bottom left corner of the screen.
  6. At any time, select “stop” by tapping the camera capture symbol.

Use Instagram Reels to make money.

There are many to capitalize Instagram reels; a few of these are covered below:

  • Sponsored Content Creation

You must first develop a following of viewers in order to earn money from sponsored material. Posting intriguing and original Instagram photographs, stories, and reels will help you achieve this.

You may use your reels to produce sponsored content when you have a following and fan base. You may, for instance, make a sponsored reel that focuses on a specific region or issue. Additionally, you can make a sequence of reels describing a good or service.

 make money on Instagram Reels

  • Collaborative Marketing

If you use the app, you've probably seen at least one sponsored post in your Instagram feed. These posts are produced when a brand works with an influencer to market a good or service. Brand collaborations have grown in popularity on Instagram over the past few years. This is due to a number of factors:

  1. First, partnerships let brands connect with new customers. Their followers are inclined to pay attention when an influencer advertises a good or service. Collaborations can also aid brands in boosting engagement levels and generating awareness about their goods or services.
  2. Second, partnerships with influencers can help brands strengthen their connections with them. Working with influential individuals enables brands to access their networks of customers and increase the exposure of their goods or services.
  3. Finally, collaborations can be rewarding for both brands and influencers.
  • Offer Your Goods and Services For Sale

Instagram offers the chance to sell your products by allowing you to make reels if you're an artist with the potential to produce outstanding paintings. You can make reels that entice viewers to interact with your video by demonstrating how to draw a painting. Enable the comments box to engage viewers because some of them could be interested in purchasing your product. 

Higher sales will assist in making more money. Create original videos to boost engagement and improve revenue by gaining likes for reels. Your video will reach more viewers quickly and increase traffic to your profile when it earns a lot of likes.

  • Use reels to generate Advertisements.

Statistics were added to Instagram's Reels to provide additional context. Reel advertising was introduced more recently, a terrific way for users to find new material.

Like all other Reels content, these advertisements are looping and can continue for up to 30 seconds. These are distinct from the 15-second Story advertisements. At the bottom of Reels advertising, there is space for a post description. 

The ability for users to like, watch, save, and share Reels Ads is another benefit. Along with other tabs like Stories and Reels, these new adverts also show up in your usual feed. 

Reels are a developing global stage where businesses and creators can be found by anybody, making them the finest area on Instagram to reach those who don't follow you. These advertisements will assist companies in reaching wider audiences, enabling consumers to find fresh, motivational material from companies and creators.

  • Earn Badges and Increase Trust

Obtain badges on Instagram to demonstrate your expertise and draw followers. You can obtain various badges, each one requiring a distinct method of achievement. The verification badge is the most popular kind of badge. Your account has to have a blue checkmark next to it in order to be validated. This demonstrates that the account is authentic and truly belongs to the person or business that it claims to.

The location tag is the second most popular kind of badge. Your account must include a verified location in one of its posts in order to receive a location tag. This lets folks know that you are connected to that specific location.

Additionally, Instagram offers a wide variety of different badge categories, including brand and music badges.

Summing up

You can begin to monetize your Instagram reels by using the advice above. When making your reels, keep in mind to be imaginative, think beyond the box, and promote them successfully. With a little perseverance and hard effort, you can soon start enjoying a consistent revenue stream from this well-known social networking platform.

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