Best Way to Beat Inflation

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Everything, from your groceries to your gas, will become more expensive as the purchasing power of money decreases due to inflation. Inflation is a hidden killer of budgets. Your purchasing power will decrease by 2% to 3% in a year that is considered to be healthy; however, inflation is hanging at 9% right now, which is the most it has been in the past 40 years.

In the current hysteria about price hikes, it is easy to forget that not every household will be equally affected since not everything is being affected in the same way. However, this is because not everything is being affected in the same manner. Your individual financial situation is one of a kind, and the rate of inflation varies depending on a number of circumstances, such as whether you purchased a new or used vehicle, how frequently you hit the road, and whether you are married or live alone.

In light of the current circumstances, taking out loans is one of the options available to combat the effects of inflation. Even when compared to the level of inflation, interest rates are still quite low. A sound housing market can be profited from in a straightforward manner through the use of a mortgage. If the Federal Reserve decides to raise interest rates in response to rising inflation, it is possible that the cost of borrowing money will become less appealing.

Eighty per cent of the assets that we assess in accordance with our long-term projections regarding the capital market are expected to generate returns that are more than the rate of inflation. Investing any additional money you have in a portfolio that

corresponds to your financial goals and the amount of time you have available to achieve those goals is the easiest method for safeguarding your purchasing power.

The main objective of investing in stocks is to outpace inflation by placing your money in the stock market. When you don't invest, your purchasing power declines (a dollar buys less gasoline, for instance); thus, your investments should increase to keep up with the increased prices.

Growth vs Value Stocks

We must understand that Value and Growth Investing are opposite stock investing strategies. Instead of valuing businesses on their past or present earnings, Growth Investment bases company valuations on their predicted future earnings.

Inflation is the process through which money that will be worth less in the future depreciates in Value today. Future income, therefore, has less Value during periods of rising inflation, whereas current income has a correspondingly larger value.

Due to the above, Value Equities should do better during inflationary times than Growth Companies, and vice versa; since value stocks are valued based on their near-term profitability.

We might be approaching a phase where Value Investing triumphs over Growth Investing, which would be a change from what has been happening over the previous several years. This is foreseeable, as inflation has reached multi-decade highs across the U.S., U.K., and other developed countries.

The forecast that Value would beat Growth in an inflationary climate has also been confirmed by the S&P 500 index, which is the largest market in the world, according to the latest data for the year to date.

Best Way to Beat Inflation

Buy Value Stocks

A decent inflation hedge may be to purchase value stocks now, especially if the potential company benefits from an inflationary economy. Elon Musk said that when inflation is high, investing in stocks of companies you believe provide high-quality items rather than in dollars is better.

Among the value stock categories, utility companies typically outperform others in terms of acting as a hedge against inflation. Utility equities are less prone to market volatility and more likely to pay dividends.

Many value equities tend to profit from rising inflation more than growth companies. Value stocks frequently have substantial cash flows, albeit they might change over time. Growth stocks are currently more susceptible to the negative effects of rising interest rates due to their interest rates.

Value stocks typically sell for $50 or $60 per share on the American market, but their true Value is at least double that. As inflation slows the cash flows of speculative growth stocks, top U.S. hedge funds have begun to shift their attention to value stocks.

Make Tax-efficient Investments

Investments in stocks can serve as an inflation hedge. However, consider reducing overhead costs by focusing on tax-efficient investments to further economize. To do this, you can use a variety of tax-efficient investing strategies, such as:

  • Placing assets in taxable accounts that lose a smaller proportion of their earnings to taxes
  • Storing assets in tax-advantaged accounts to reduce their tax liability.

Companies with High Labor Costs

Companies that depend on their personnel, including those in the healthcare and retail industries, aim to raise pay during inflation to keep and recruit workers. These increases seek to keep pace with rising consumer goods costs. However, inflation spirals out of control as prices rise even further in response to rising salaries. Additionally, most seasoned investors, including Warren Buffet, steer clear of such businesses because they need a significant infusion of capital to survive during economic downturns.

Make sure to research the organization and comprehend how dependent it is on its workforce before selecting company stocks. Aim to invest in businesses that don't need a lot of capital to offset rising labour expenses during inflationary periods.

Best Way to Beat Inflation

Avoid Risky, High-growth Stocks

Rapidly expanding businesses that depend on interest rates are particularly vulnerable to inflation. That's because the U.S. Federal Reserve often raises interest rates to deter borrowing during times of increased inflation. The higher interest rate might also have a negative impact on new businesses.

Make sure the Growth of any potential high-growth company is supported by consistent operating leverage. These businesses often have steady stock values and are less impacted by rising inflation and the ensuing increase in interest rates.

Maintain a Balanced Investment Portfolio

When investing, it's crucial to have a varied, well-balanced portfolio. Start with wide, inexpensive index funds that follow significant stock market indices or the entire stock market.

Understanding how inflation affects your portfolio is always beneficial as the first line of protection against potential harm you would otherwise experience. Investment in stocks is one of the best ways to beat inflation. Make sure you are aware of your investment hedge choices so you can protect your portfolio from any negative effects before inflation significantly reduces your purchasing power.

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