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DASH arise litecoin fork beginning out as early as Jan 2014 whereas it had been still named Xcoin. Later it might whole to Darkcoin and earlier it accustomed has a negative connotation within the media as a dark web coin. The third and final rebrand gave birth to the mass-appealing name “DASH”, short for Digital money.

Currently, DASH focuses its branding a lot on the benefit of the use of crypto for customary people with shorter confirmation times.

Governance Structure

DASH is foremost happy with their “decentralized governance structure” conjointly named as a redistributed Autonomous Organization or DAO. 1/10th of DASH’s block rewards move to AN “escrow” among the blockchain of that the aim of the funds may be voted on by the Masternodes. Masternodes of course want AN incentive to run and in and of itself block rewards are split as follows

  1. Mining reward for Proof-of-Work: 45%
  2. Masternode reward for Proof-of-Service: 45%
  3. Decentralized governance budget: 10%.

When the amounts of projects grew, funding organizations such as the Dash Core Group, Inc. were created to act as contractors for the distribution of funds to many smaller decentralized projects.


A large loophole of privacy characteristics of the account balances: are account balances visible

Changes in states of account balances are wont to decipher wherever transactions went. Also, displaying account balances isn't personal in itself.

Privatesend could be a feature enabled by the Masternode network of DASH that uses a coin-mixing mechanism known as CoinJoin with some modifications to boost obfuscation of the sender of the dealing.

DASH’s CoinJoin needs activity on the chain, i.e., we would like different users to combine with. It may so take a jiffy before where DASH are mixed or “anonymized”. Reckoning on the number within the dealings could even take minutes to hours. in contrast to the standard CoinJoin mechanism, DASH doesn’t use centralized mixers however intermixture is achieved through its Masternode network. This will raise some queries concerning privacy as Masternodes will follow the sender and receiver of the transactions being mixed along. What is more, several Masternodes are pass Virtual personal Servers which might be compromised comparatively straightforward by governments.

Other technical characteristics of DASH:

  • 2.5-minute block-time
  • Mining algorithm: X11-PoW
  • First Block on 2014–01–19
  • 18.9 million Max. Supply and approx. 8.5M circulating
  • Max. Block size: 2 MB
  • 56 TPS max.
  • Instant Send: 2 sec. confirmation time
  • High early emission

Instant Send

Instant Send is a Masternode-enabled feature of DASH that permits confirmation times of below a pair of seconds by lockup within the group action among a random set of ten Masternodes.

Pirate Chain (ARRR)

Pirate uses Zcash’s zero-knowledge proofs referred to as zk-SNARKs (zero-knowledge concise non-interactive arguments of knowledge) which permit dealings data to be valid while not revealing any info regarding the number and also the parties concerned.SaplingWhat makes PIRATE distinctive is that it’s a forced secure transactions blockchain, therefore utilizing zk-SNARKS technology (z-transactions) that is arguably the most effective privacy tech there's.

PIRATE is mined into a clear address, however will solely get in a secure address from there. The results of this feature are that at least ninety nine.99% of ARRR is secure, dramatically increasing the privacy of the usage of the blockchain for causation funds.

Now that Pirate uses Sapling (conversion to Sapling is over 80 %!), shielding of transactions is restricted to the order of seconds.


Additionally, the PirateChain is protected by the BTC hash rate through delayed-Proof-of-Work (dPoW). This mechanism ensures Piratechain is proof against reorganizations of the network as a result of its shield by BTC’s hash rate, KMD’s hash rate, and its hash rate. Protection is achieved by storing block hashes (chain state backups) of the PIRATE chain within the KMD blockchain, of that the latter has block hashes keep into the Bitcoin blockchain.

Other non-privacy related features of PIRATE:

  • Blocktime: 60 seconds
  • Mining algorithm: Equihash PoW
  • dPoW security
  • Transaction fee: 0.0001 ARRR
  • Max. Supply of 200 million ARRR
  • Transactions per second: 34 TPS max.
  • Tx size: 2kb-200 kb.
  • Sending to 100 addresses simultaneously in one transaction.
  • PIRATE supports TOR to obfuscate geographic location (IP)


DASH’s and anonymity features are not very strong compared to Pirate. The private send option is dependent on user activity which can't guarantee our transaction is including the next block and can take a while if we're unlucky furthermore dash allows sending to transparent addresses which greatly hurts fungibility a quick look at the rich list can give our an estimation of a wealth of its users which is not very private and pirate has a stronger privacy check on the fungibility of the blockchain so now uh the focus of dash has been geared towards ease of use of mainstream adoption this is understandable as its privacy feature is not their strongest accent asset which is fair enough ours.

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