DON’T PANIC! Michael Saylor’s Message to Crypto Holders During CRASH

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Watch the video DON'T PANIC! Michael Saylor's Message to Crypto Holders During CRASH.

That day was one of the worst dips in Crypto history with bitcoin. Temporarily dipping below 30k is bad, thus many people were panicking and selling at the bottom. Others were buying the dip or holding. But they're now up because they didn't let fear control them. One person who has consistently bought the dip is Michael Saylor and he also sent out many tweets in this video.

We will look at what Michael Saylor said. Then we will analyze the charts to see what could be coming next for bitcoin and for the crypto markets. What he actually tweet was important- “Actions are the best message not words”. That's exactly what Michael Saylor and his micro strategy did and they finally bought the dip.The biggest thing to focus on is buying great project with sound fundamentals. Like the ones we will get to know in this channel. Because if they're great projects then even if we do have these short term temporary movements. Eventually things will work out and they will be correctly valued anyway.

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