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Hey, guys, what is going on, Joshua Elder here. Welcome to yet another video. In this video, I am going to talk about “How to make money fast in 2020 – Affiliate Marketing” and literally how you can start making money in the next 24 hours. Now, if you have been watching my videos for any period of time. You'll notice that I drive home a lot of the same concepts, a lot of the same principles. The reason I do to make money online is simple.

You have got many people on YouTube. These gears are trying to get viewers their channel teaching you one thing per week. I am going to make this simple for you because the process works. There is no need to reinvent the wheel and learn some new quick hack. I will drive home the point and get you guys to take action. A lot of you guys have been seeing my success, even seeing my results but you still haven't done anything. Although I tell you pretty much the same stuff in most of my videos. So we are going to drive that home in this video of affiliate marketing.

Make Fast Money

I am going to show you first a recent student of mine by the name of David Bryant. You can see it right here. He says, “If you're wondering, does this work right?” That is one of the questions a lot of people have to make money online actually work? This is from sending a little traffic, 153 opt-in so far and seven sales. Opt is just simply somebody that takes an action. They fill out a name and email address that resulted in seven sales by leveraging the system. So within the past year, you can see that $414,000 in net profit has been produced from this process. 99% of my income is from free traffic strategies.

online business

I do some paid advertising, but I have only been doing paid advertising for the past few months. Let's go ahead and dive into this process. Let me give you kind of the 30000-foot overview and how you can get started with this. Also throughout this video, I am going to include some links. Some links will be shared in the description part. You can also check out that goes deeper into a lot of this stuff I am going to teach. So a lot you guys have seen this. This is the anatomy of an online business. Number one, you need eyeballs, AKA traffic to a sales process. It is just like you need customers in the front door of a grocery store, mall, and off-line online business.

Online Traction Marketing

The same thing works right off the line. You are getting people maybe from flyers, belly to belly cold calling, and door to door selling solicitation. There is a lot of different ways to drive, customers, AKA traffic. The cool thing about online marketing is that we can use traction marketing. We can take somebody that is already searching for our product or service and put ourselves in front of them. Either you're a subscriber, you type something into YouTube related to making money online or you came to this video. So you are a perfect prospect for what I have to offer versus playing this numbers game of knocking doors. I did this in the summer of 2008-2007. I graduated from high school and I sold door to door alarm systems and it was just a numbers game.

Did somebody happen to have a break-in recently? It improved my chance of closing the cell. Was I good enough salesman to get somebody to buy? Was I pushy enough? The things that you do offline, you don't have to make money fast online. You can actually get people coming to you already wanting what you have to offer. I love the power of YouTube, and I am creating this video because video drives traffic into my sell's processes. Now, you don't have to leverage YouTube, Facebook, Craigslist because you could do solo ads, post in forums, classified ads. There are so many different ways to drive traffic.

online traction marketing

Goals to Make Money Online

The first goal is to get eyeballs through the front door. If YouTube is your traffic strategy, then you want to be consistent with uploading content around problems that people have in the niche that you want to go into. You can go into many different niches out there. I usually say go into health, wealth or relationships markets, and there are niches in those markets. For example, in the health market, there is juicing, low carb diets, keto diets, etc. Those would be the specific niches that you can go into and then you would create content around those niches, in the form of videos on Facebook. It could be in the form of content in a forum helping people out. As you are building that relationship with people, then you can lead them into a sales funnel to promote a product that aligns with that niches problem.

Remember, I was talking about the student mindset. He got 153 options from what is called an opt-in page. You can send people from like Facebook to an opt-in page. And this is just a little page, a headline, few lines of text and then it has a place where they can enter the name, e-mail address and press submit. So from Marker's standpoint, what you are doing is you are asking for information in exchange for giving that prospect some sort of value whether it be an e-book, it could be a video series. You could be training such as this training. So you don't just want to ask for an email address without letting people know that if they enter their email address, you are going to get some sort of value. So you want to make sure that you do that an opt-in page.


Once they enter their name and email address, they are going to be put in auto-responder. An auto-responder is a service in which email addresses are logged. You can mass email people essentially like to get a bunch of email addresses to follow up? People have to send separate messages to all these people, like thousands. I have over about 30000 active users on my email list right now. Imagine having to email each one of those individually. So, it gives you the ability to communicate with people on a mass level and really automate your business. Most importantly, follow up with people that don't decide to purchase your products or your program. Once they had an opt-in page, then they hit a sales page right here. It has a headline, a video and it has a button below that video which it entices people to buy.

Now, most people don't just go ahead and buy for the first time they are exposed to somebody. You are wondering who I am. There are a million other gurus on YouTube like you don't know who to listen to. I do not expect you to just might buy my programs on the first go. So, you got to do research to make sure that I am legitimate, and then my income is actually real because people's screenshotted income, there is a lot of hype around videos. But, creating an income to make money fast online does take some sort of work. Not as much work has a lot of other things because you have a lot of these automated processes in place.

research to make sure

How Online System Works to Make Money Fast

What will happen if people reach the sales page and they do not buy? The arrow over there are going to start receiving follow up emails to that email address that they provided, giving them the free information that we promised on the opt-in page, as well as enticing them to go ahead and purchase the product, maybe showing some testimonials, the product, and use, showing that it actually works. Of course, we have got the checkout page if we want to add that extra step.

In this case, this is actually how I make money fast online system works. This is a system you can relicense. The income that I have made this four hundred fourteen thousand just in this one income stream in the past year, I have got other income streams that are been produced from this system. So how would you like to copy this whole entire system? You don't have to build you are opt-in pages and also you don't have to, build the sales pages by creating a systematic process, the emails, anything like that. How would that sound for you, if you want to get access to it?

Free Traffic Strategy in Online Business

We have got a private Facebook group. This just has tons and tons of my students here. 241 members are there. The brand new program that I just released. So you will be able to see pieces of training for me and you can see testimonials from our students. If I scroll down here a little bit more, you can see just seven affiliates just in the past. A short while, you could see Arem right here produce 12 sells and Larry Eleven is getting all residual commissions like $45 about roughly is what they are making per sell on a monthly continuous basis. These are all newer affiliate marketing of mine.

You can come in and you could start producing results in the next 24 hours, just following this process because we do a lot of the traffic for you, like YouTube through content-based much. Like this, we actually teach you both. We teach you how to do the paid stuff so you can get results fast as you saw from my screenshot there. Then you can also have long term traffic, which means from the videos and the content you created to start making you money, most likely 30-90 days from now and beyond. So I have got videos I created about five years ago. They are still making money for me today. And that's because of a free traffic strategy from where most of this income has been produced.

making money


I put about 1-2 hours a day into my business creating content and then also driving pay traffic. The cool thing about pay traffic can take 5-10 minutes to set up and then it is ongoing for as long as you want to run it for. So in this particular system, there is a $1 trial and then you can earn 97 bucks a month, in which you would earn 48 dollars and 50 cent commissions to be exact. Then you can earn one-time commissions as well. This is called an order bump. I don't want to get too complex here. Throughout this whole entire process, you can actually earn over fifteen hundred dollars in commissions. Plus those $48  and fifty cent commissions on the rebuild so I focus on this process long term. This is all I do all day, every day to implement this particular process.

If you like the sound of this, you want access to this to help you start and to make money fast online to grow your business using the same exact system. So no shinier object syndrome! This is the only thing that you need to focus on. You don't need to be going in learning how to do a new marketing strategy every single week. Just do YouTube and drive traffic to the same system I am about to give you. Facebook can also be used if you want to master Facebook free organic groups. It's completely up to you!

I hope you got value from this and I hope that 2020 is the year that you finally change your financial future.

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