How to Make Money on Patreon in 2022

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Patreon is widely considered one of the most successful online crowdfunding businesses because of its rapid growth since its inception in 2013. All kinds of artists are using the platform to engage their audiences, develop relationships, and drive revenue, and it has become the most powerful driving force in the creative world.

While some users of Patreon only make a few dollars from the platform, others make hundreds of thousands or even millions. A solid strategy and a set of industry standards to adhere to are all that are required for success. Because of this, I decided to write an article explaining how one might get income through Patreon.

You should read through it to figure out where you fit on the higher end of the range and start bringing in a stable income immediately.

Create a Complimentary Blog

You shouldn't be discouraged if you've been looking at different ways to earn money on Patreon, but none seem to be the right fit for you. You can choose from among a significant number of other accessible alternatives.

Because it is one of the few side hustles that allows you to design your schedule, work as much or as little as you want, and yet build a source of passive income for the future, I am a massive proponent of beginning a blog. I am one of the biggest proponents of starting a blog.

Therefore, if you want to make money on Patreon, my number one advice is that you launch your blog.

You might want to think about selling your artwork, music, material, crafts, and so on directly to clients on your website rather than interacting directly with your audience on Patreon. Patreon allows you to do both. You can increase the amount of money you generate by employing any additional monetization strategies.

You might, for instance, decide to become an affiliate and recommend the items of other individuals to the audience you have. You will receive a commission for your recommendation each time a sale is made as long as the customer comes through your referral.

Pre-Creation Campaign

If the creator wishes to begin a new project but does not have the financial means, they can use Patreon to request financial support from their audience.

Fans can help you with one-time contributions rather than needing to subscribe to the monthly Patreon plan price if you establish a campaign that is particular to your project and makes it available on Patreon. This is possible regardless of which Patreon plan you are on.

It's one of the best things about this strategy because it lets people give whatever they want to share, which means there's no limit to the amount of money you may get from your devoted followers.

 Make Money on Patreon


Donations allow fans to financially support their favorite artists while retaining discretion over the amount of contribution they make, comparable to the pre-creation campaign strategy. The most significant distinction is that spectators can choose when they want to send in their gift.

Therefore, in addition to purchasing a subscription or contributing to a campaign, music lovers always have the option of making a monetary contribution to the musicians of their choice whenever they see fit.

The one caveat is that, generally speaking, donations do not come with any perks attached to them. Naturally, as the author, you may choose to offer something in exchange for each contribution made regardless. It is entirely dependent on you.

Factors That Affect Your Patreon Income Level

It is possible to make a good income via Patreon, as you have undoubtedly deduced after reading the advice presented in the previous section. 

You may make money on Patreon; let's look at some of the essential elements that may influence the amount of money you make through the site.

  1. The extent to which you understand your target demographic The most successful creators on Patreon are those who understand their target demographic. They are entirely aware of the topics that pique their interest, the factors that are most likely to inspire them, and the forms of information that will make them eager to part with their cash.

Consequently, you must complete your study to be successful on the platform. Interact with your audience by inquiring about themselves or the topics they are most interested in. You should try to learn as much as possible about your intended audience to give them rewards appropriate for their contributions and the memberships they have purchased.

  1. The Niche You Operate In: Another element that might significantly impact your profits through Patreon is the niche in which you operate. What kinds of things/content are you going to be making? What genres of music and art do you mainly concentrate on?

You can't expect to be successful if you stick to a broad category of work. To be successful in this field, you will need to focus on particular aspects of the subject matter. Answer the topic of why your audience should support you when other people offer free work comparable to yours.

Your response will be what sets you apart from the vast majority of other content writers operating inside your area. If you can narrow your focus even more, it will be much simpler for you to attract an engaged audience that is eager to pay for the material you produce.

  1. The Methods You Use to Thank Your Customers: When implementing the subscription or membership model on Patreon, you need to consider what you will give your fans in exchange for their contributions and what you will give them.

If you want your audience to subscribe to your channel or make a gift, you need to be sure that the rewards you offer will make them feel good about themselves after receiving them. Suppose you are going to provide many reward tiers. In that case, you need to make it abundantly evident what customers at each level will receive, and you should also provide them with a compelling reason to progress to higher levels.

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