How to make money on YouTube without showing your face in 2022?

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Welcome to the Topic “How to make money on YouTube without showing your face in 2022?”

The most popular website for viewing, sharing, and uploading user-generated videos is YouTube. The majority of the material on the platform consists of actors talking while they are filmed standing in front of cameras. Can you still monetize YouTube without using your voice and face? Yes, without a doubt, and we'll show you how to go about doing it.

It's no simple task to launch a faceless YouTube channel. You'll need to include additional visual components in your material, such as stock movies, photographs, graphics, and text, to make up for the absence of face time. You'll therefore end up spending more time editing than other creators in the long run.


However, there are several benefits to faceless material, including:

  • Keeping your information private on social networking
  • Avoiding letting your employer know that you have a channel
  • Defending yourself against unwelcome thoughts (family and friends)
  • Having a relaxing YouTube experience

Organizing your YouTube Channel Video Ideas

It's time to create a content strategy after selecting your ideas for your YouTube channel. You might start by making a thorough note of all the ideas for YouTube videos that come to you right away. Finding the videos you believe will do well on your channel is made easy with the help of this.

Make an effort to list 20 to 30 video ideas that your audience might find fascinating and useful.

How to Monetize 

A wonderful area to start an internet business and earn money online is YouTube. Ads are one of the most well-liked methods of revenue generation on YouTube. A software called Google Adsense enables you to make money by playing advertisements on your videos. Before during, and after videos, advertisements will play, and Google will share the advertising revenue with the creators.

However, you must be accepted into the YouTube partner program in order to monetize your YouTube channel and earn money.

Requirements for Monetizing on YouTube

Only YouTube partners are qualified to receive advertising money for their channels. Understanding YouTube's monetization standards are crucial if you're interested in making money this way. These requirements include, among others:

  • The policies of YouTube are followed by your content.
  • Preferably 1000 or more subscribers.
  • Had spent the previous 12 months watching videos for 4,000 hours.

Calculate the distance and make a plan to reach these. Simply speaking, you should obtain more subscribers the more view time you can accrue. Assuming you are producing quality content that is useful.

Knowing this, I would advise you to upload several videos each week, go live if you can, and, if you already have a following, tell them about your channel. 

YouTube without showing your face

Ways to do it without showing your face

Following are eight tried and tested ways to make faceless YouTube videos:

  • Make A 3D Avatar That Serves As Your Alternate Face.

How about utilizing a 3D avatar if you don't feel comfortable using your face on camera?

A 3D avatar is a virtual representation of oneself that you may use to represent yourself online and establish a distinctive online identity. With FaceRig, making a 3D avatar is easy. It's a tool that rapidly transforms your real-time facial expressions and expressions into any character.

  • Playing video games while earning money on YouTube

Both playing video games and watching others play them are hugely popular pastimes.

In addition, hundreds of thousands of video games are released each month. Before purchasing, many people like to know what they are about. Others don't have time to play but still want to know the complete story of a certain video game.

As a result, gaming videos are incredibly popular on YouTube and are a fantastic source of income.

Even better, if you start a walkthrough gaming channel on YouTube, which is frequently intended to finish entire video games to help other players or give them the full game storylines, you may concentrate solely on playing without having to communicate or show your face.

  • Audio Only Reaction Videos 

You've probably seen films when someone responds to a newsworthy event live on camera, exclaiming “wow” and “oops” when appropriate. There are other ways to create reaction videos on YouTube if that isn't your thing.

You can do a spoken reaction in place of revealing your face if you prefer. Record the original video on your computer first, then voice-over your thoughts as you view it.

  • ASMR

The autonomic sensory meridian response is referred to as ASMR. Yes, there are entire YouTube channels devoted to that happy emotion.`

Some ASMR channels lull their listeners to sleep with soft whispers. Others imitate common noises we find soothing, such as rains, rustling leaves, and book pages turning. No one is expecting to see your face because it's an audio experience, similar to this waterfall video from Relaxing White Noise.

YouTube without showing your face

  • Product Un-boxing and Reviews 

By producing video evaluations, you assist individuals in making important choices. You'll respond to inquiries like, “Should I purchase the most recent Toyota or Honda hybrid? The Samsung Galaxy S21 or the iPhone 12 should I purchase?”

Unboxing videos are more relaxed and frequently don't include reviews. Instead, the product's designer first removes the package to expose what's inside, sometimes without saying a word.

  • Peaceful Music

People are almost waiting for you to start a YouTube channel if you create soothing music, like ambient or lo-fi. We all need music for calm activities like hiking, learning, and meditation because life gets busy.

  • Meditation Instruction

Some people find it difficult to meditate alone. Because of this, newcomers look for guided meditations on YouTube, particularly those offered by mellow teachers.

The good news is that launching a channel regarding meditation is less difficult than starting one about music or games. We'd think you have a shot if you have a calm voice and thoughtful direction.

  • Top Videos

In your spare time, do you enjoy researching everything and everything? If so, you can simply add that talent to YouTube. You may spend your days ranking the top 10 movies, destinations, pizzerias, and other things, depending on your interests. However, you'll use graphics, voice-over, and photographs to fill in the visual gaps rather than revealing your face.

Summing up

People can now make good money on YouTube while engaging in their hobbies. There are many techniques you may employ to create excellent YouTube content without putting your face and voice in front of the camera. All that's left to do is pursue achievement with creativity, passion, and tenacity.

Have any questions regarding the topic “How to make money on YouTube without showing your face in 2022?” feel free to comment below.

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