How to Make Money With a Podcast in 2022

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Are you trying to figure out how to make money off of your podcast? If that's the case, you've found the proper place to be. Statistics and data on podcasts indicate that 62 percent of persons aged 12 and older have listened to a podcast, and more than 79 percent of the public is familiar with the medium. Given the massive size of the audience that this arena attracts, it follows that there is enormous potential available to business owners and entrepreneurs.

It is possible to generate actual money with a podcast, despite the widespread misconception that this is not only conceivable but also likely, and that is the topic that will be covered in this article.

Start a Blog

You will not only be able to gain new talents, such as writing, marketing, and SEO skills, but you will also be able to develop a source of continuous income both now and in the future. This will be possible if you take advantage of the opportunities that will be presented to you. You may make a significant portion of this revenue passive, which means that you put in the effort today and will continue to enjoy the advantages for a significant amount of time in the future.

When you have your blog up and running, you can combine it with your podcast to create even more potential to earn money by employing some of the monetization strategies that are detailed further down in this article.

Create an Online Course

If one of your skills is teaching others about your topic, then this may be the most effective method of monetizing your podcast for you.

All that is required of you is to disassemble everything and present a straightforward explanation of how things work in the form of a comprehensive online course. 

Thinkific and Teachable are two excellent examples of platforms that may assist you in developing a course in a way that is both straightforward and efficient.

Write an Ebook

You can create an online course or publish an eBook, which you can then advertise on your podcast. Both of these options are similar.

These days, publishing a book is simple, and anyone with a computer and an internet connection can self-publish an eBook on any topic they choose. Find a subject that's currently trending in your specialized field and write about that.

Be sure that the benefit that your readers will receive is actually understood. Find a problem and then find a solution to it. Give your readers all the knowledge they need to accomplish that one major goal, and when it's appropriate, link them to additional resources that will assist them in finding effective answers to their problems.

You don't need to go into an excessive amount of detail. In fact, several podcast hosts make money in this manner by merely summarising the most important parts of their most recent podcasts.

Offer One-On-One Coaching

As long as you have an active listener base, you should be able to monetize your podcast in some way. You can start earning money right immediately by providing coaching or consulting services to your audience, regardless of how large it is: five people, five thousand people, or anywhere in between.

Make Money With a Podcast

You will be able to take clients through their procedures while teaching them to live over the phone as opposed to instructing them online.

This type of monetization is ideal for anyone who enjoys interacting with other individuals on a one-on-one basis and is a lot less labor-intensive than developing an entire course. You will be able to start making money as soon as you put up advertisements for your services on your show and other online platforms, such as your blog, social media, email, and so on.

Secure Brand Sponsorships

The vast majority of folks who are interested in monetizing their podcast will turn to this strategy first. However, a significant drawback of this tactic is that a significant percentage of major businesses in the market today are overly preoccupied with numbers rather than contact and engagement.

Because of this, before businesses will ever consider collaborating with you, you will first need to amass a big following for your content before they even consider it. On the other hand, the reality is that having one hundred attentive listeners is worth a great deal more than having one thousand casual listeners.

Even if you have a very modest audience for your podcast but still want to secure sponsorship for it, there is still hope. You just need to select brands suitable for your subject matter and your target audience. Approach them with concrete evidence of the degree of audience engagement you generate and explain how effectively you can assist them in converting that engagement into conversions for their sponsorship.

Sell a Physical or Digital Product

Consider the issues and difficulties that are being experienced by the people who are listening to you. Is there a product you might develop that would simplify their lives or speed up the process by which they could attain their objectives?

Create an online survey and ask some of the people that are a part of your audience these questions so that you can get a better idea of their requirements.

One of the challenges that my audience experienced was making money online, so I developed an online course that teaches novices how to start and monetize a blog, even if they do not have any prior experience in this area.

Sell a Service

One-on-one coaching was one of the topics we covered before. Selling services is comparable to that, except that it involves taking things one step further. You can perform an action for other individuals instead of instructing them on how to carry it out.

For instance, rather than instructing my audience on how to construct financially successful blogs online, I may provide a service in which I build the blogs for the audience members themselves.

There are a lot of people out there who might hear my counsel but come to the conclusion that they do not have the necessary resources, such as time or bandwidth, to carry it out on their own. They are looking for someone who can handle all of the technical aspects of website construction on their behalf so that they can put more of their attention into developing their content, expanding their following, and so on.

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