How to make money with ClickFunnels 2022

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With the addition of email marketing and affiliate marketing management features, ClickFunnels is a service that lets users create landing pages and sales funnels. Although it's not the most straightforward tool to use, it works well after you spend enough time learning about its functions. With the aid of ClickFunnels, one can develop a website, bring in leads, close deals, expand their email database, and establish their brands.

Since its founding, ClickFunnels has become one of the most well-known marketing SaaS (Software as a Service) firms. They stand out from rivals because they provide you with everything you need to draw clients, follow up with them when they become leads, and convert leads into customers.

How Click-Funnels Work

By generating targeted leads and converting them into customers, ClickFunnels is a service that makes it easier for business owners to scale their operations. It works on the principle of Sales Funnels.

Sales funnel is the marketing phrase used in e-commerce to describe potential buyers' paths before making a purchase. A sales funnel can help you better understand how potential consumers think and behave during the buying process.

A sales funnel typically has four stages, the first of which is “Awareness,” during which customers initially become familiar with the good or service being sold. After learning more about the brand, prospects will move on to the “Interest” stage, which is the next step, before moving on to the “Decision” stage and further exploring their options for pricing and packaging. The prospect either purchase the product during the final “Action” step or moves on.

The last “Action” stage is where ClickFunnels mainly diverge from a Sales Funnel. While conversion happens every time a sale is made in Sales Funnel, while in ClickFunnels, conversion occurs when a sale is made, some material is downloaded, or a specific link is clicked.

ClickFunnels can be set up in different lengths. Due to the prospect's ability to get right to the point more quickly, short-click funnels are the most popular and frequently have greater conversion rates. Longer click-through funnels let you gather more information about your prospects.

Thousands of marketers use ClickFunnels, an all-in-one online marketing, and sales tool, to quickly build and perfect their sales and marketing funnels. Other services of a similar sort include GrooveFunnels, GetResponse, Leadpages, Simvoly, and Kartra.

Pricing and Features

ClickFunnels has two main pricing plans; their Clickfunnels Standard Plan and their Clickfunnels Platinum Plan. Another premium plan (TwoCommaClubX) is available to selective users.

ClickFunnels Standard plan

The plan comes at 97 $ per month. It allows the creation of up to 100 pages, creation of 20 funnels with drag and drop editor and pre-made templates, and Activates Share functionality. The plan limits sub-users to 1 and supports three payment integrations and three connected domains. Moreover, support is offered via Chat, and one can access Funnel Flix and become a member of the Funnel Hacker community.

Any sort of funnel, including a full website sales, a webinar sales funnel, a professional membership sales funnel for lead generation, and a homepage to display products, may be built with the Standard plan.

The plan features a built-in shopping cart and top-notch order forms that you can embed anywhere on your website. Additionally, integrate the website with Stripe, Paypal, and other significant payment processors. There are more than 40 native integrations available.


ClickFunnels Platinum plan

The monthly cost of the plan is $297. It allows for the simultaneous connection of up to 3 users, nine payment integrations, and nine domains. The plan's Follow-up funnel function enables email automation.

The Clickfunnels Backpack is accessible with the Platinum package. This feature makes it possible to create a full affiliate program by providing unlimited affiliates, tiered commissions, affiliate clicks, and other elements.

With the Platinum plan, you have access to professional training materials and courses that cover every facet of leveraging funnels for online marketing (like traffic, copywriting, business tips and tricks, etc.). Get weekly hackathons with peer reviews as well. A personalized coach will walk you through the process of creating sales funnels from scratch at each step.


This is the highest tier of ClickFunnels plans. Entry to this package is by application only and costs 2497 $ per months.

Up to 10 users, 27 payment integrations, and 27 associated domains are supported by the package. It offers VIP phone assistance as well as priority support from the Clickfunnels technical team. Additionally, premium benefits like exclusive personal training courses, live conferences, and so forth are accessible.

Advantages of Using ClickFunnels

There are numerous advantages of using ClickFunnels owing to its rich features. These include:

  • ClickFunnels was created to save you time and effort when doing tasks that ordinarily call for extensive technological know-how and/or a variety of third-party tools. This is where ClickFunnels excels.
  • Built-in A/B testing is also excellent. Simply replicate the website, make your modifications, and decide how much of your traffic will see version A or version B.
  • One of its best features is the emphasis on producing money for the consumer using ClickFunnels. They make it really simple to create an account, post content, and begin accepting payments.
  • API integrations are handled rather well by ClickFunnels. Payment processors and email auto-responders aren't too difficult to use; they are dependable and simple to administer.
  • Rich features include page duplication and drag-and-drop page building, both of which are simple to use. Additionally, you may add ClickFunnels pages to your WordPress website using a plugin.
  • Overall, having everything centrally located is wonderful since one can build landing pages, generate and order forms, and initiate emails from the same platform.

Watch out for the Cons

Few considerations while going for ClickFunnels include:

  • The cost is a minor negative. There are two price points: $97 per month or $297 per month. This isn't a significant downside in the broad scheme of things; it's just another investment in your company, and you receive a decent deal.
  • A cult-like user base and very Founder-dependent software. It's challenging to avoid falling into the hype surrounding something after you've entered one of their funnels.
  • If a ClickFunnels bug causes your pages to go down for even a few hours while you're spending a lot of money promoting or driving visitors to your funnels, you could lose a lot of money.

Summing up

Although it may have certain shortcomings, ClickFunnels does an excellent job of bundling other valuable products and making them more accessible to users. It is beyond argument that it spares the majority of users the headache that they would experience if they attempted to handle funnels in another manner.

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