How to make money with YouTube shorts 2022?

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The introduction of YouTube Shorts has been a huge success for both YouTube and its artists. The feature on the website has produced more than 5 trillion views, and YouTube is totally committed to its further development.

For many creators, shorts have been a valuable source of additional views and engagement. However, there has been a considerable misunderstanding regarding how to profit from them.

Brand deals are only one of the many ways to profit from Shorts. Let's start by looking at ad revenue.

What criteria does the YouTube Shorts Fund have?

To start making money from your YouTube Shorts, you don't need to be a member of the YouTube Partner Program. The official specifications, as provided by YouTube, are listed below.

  • Within 180 days, channels are required to post at least one qualified original YouTube Short.
  • Channels must follow the official YouTube Community Guidelines, copyright regulations, and monetization guidelines.
  • Channels must post their own unique YouTube Shorts. Videos that have been reused, are not original, or have watermarks from other social media sites are not eligible.
  • The minimum age requirement for creators in the United States is 13, or the equivalent, in their respective countries.
  • Parents or guardians must approve the terms and set up an AdSense account for creators between the ages of 13 and 18 before payment may be made.
  • Creators must reside in a location that qualifies for monetization.

Google Adsense Revenue

There is a way for you to make money from your Shorts material in addition to any bonus payments if you are a member of the YouTube Partner Program and your channel is monetized (more on that later). Prior to that, it's crucial to be aware that there are two separate categories of YouTube Shorts:

  • Videos are made using the 15-second-long Shorts camera, which is available to artists in over 100 countries.

A video that is produced as a 15-second YouTube Short does not generate income from Adsense. The longer-length Shorts (marked by the hashtag #Shorts) do, however, have the potential to produce ad share revenue because standard YouTube videos can contain advertisements.

YouTube admits that in-stream video advertisements may be less likely to be shown on very brief videos. The total viewer engagement and audience retention rates should be improved with less disruption from these forms of advertisements.

Get Paid to Be Creative with the $100 million YouTube Shorts Fund

But what if you don't yet meet the criteria for monetization? Or perhaps you've been uploading utilizing the 15-second-capable Shorts camera? You have even another financial advantage, thanks to YouTube!

The platform launched a $100 million fund for short film creators in May 2021. It has pledged to pick thousands of qualified innovators each month who wish to apply for funding from the Fund, at the very least through the year 2022. 

If a creative qualifies and is chosen to receive payment from the Fund, they can anticipate receiving anywhere from $100 to $10,000 per month. This is excellent news for people who excel at producing really brief content.

Since many producers have been producing popular Shorts material for some time, they are in a great position to take advantage of this monetization potential. YouTube has put in place a few requirements for creators to meet.

  • In the previous 180 days, publish one short that qualifies.
  • The YouTube Community Guidelines, copyright regulations, or monetization guidelines are not in contradiction with your channel.
  • On the YouTube Shorts platform, content must be original and distinct. It is not permitted to upload movie clips or repost videos from other video-sharing websites

make money with YouTube shorts

Income from Advertising

Utilizing this method to insert advertisements into your regular YouTube videos is something that is possible. You get a cut of the money that the streaming media produces thanks to the advertisements that are displayed on the platform. In a more general sense, the more videos you have on your YouTube channel, the more money you will make.

Channel Membership

You have the option of converting viewers of your videos into paid subscribers who, in exchange for their subscription, could be eligible for enticing extras if the videos you upload are liked by the vast majority of people.

Deals with Companies and Sponsorships

I'll be the first to admit that qualifying for a bonus on YouTube Shorts isn't exactly the easiest thing in the world to do. There are thousands of content creators competing for the monthly award, and the bulk of them have Shorts that have received millions of views.

But what's this? You are not required to participate in that heated race. One of the best chances for making money off of YouTube Shorts is through brand sponsorships.

When a company sponsors you, they are paying you to promote one of your videos that features their good or service. It might be the newest Lululemon leggings, a new line of laptops, or even a squeegee for cleaning pet hair out of the soiled carpet.


If you have the ability to inspire people, becoming an influencer on YouTube is another method to use the platform to create a solid income. As an influencer, you can collaborate with a wide variety of organizations and companies to promote the sales of their products and services in exchange for financial compensation.

Super Chat and Super Stickers

You are able to charge users a fee in order to showcase their messages and chat if you have a significant following of followers.

YouTube Premium

You can create some videos that are interesting to watch and full of useful information that is only accessible to subscribers of YouTube Premium. Because these subscribers have a YouTube Premium subscription, the video-streaming company will split the revenue it generates from these customers with you.


As long as you continue to publish Shorts content that is engaging, entertaining, and original, you will not only be eligible to receive bonus payouts from the Shorts Fund, but you will also put yourself in a position to earn the most money possible from all of your content, regardless of whether or not you receive support from advertisers and brands.

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