How to make money without showing your face on YouTube shorts 2022?

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These days, a great number of people want to become famous so much that they are willing to do everything it takes to launch their own YouTube channel and become successful on the platform. People who are competent but uncomfortable in front of a camera frequently have the misconception that they can launch a channel on YouTube without ever displaying their faces.

There are lots of ways to generate money doing things like that. The production of such videos has the benefit of requiring fewer pieces of equipment and only the necessary material; no specific location is required, and you also save the trouble of having to get ready.

Benefits and reasons for not showing face on YouTube videos

Being a You Tuber has advantages and disadvantages, but the following is what most deters individuals from beginning a channel:

  • Concern about being seen on camera and recorded.
  • It can be unsettling to have to talk to the camera. Putting oneself out there may be a very nerve-wracking experience. If you are neither young, pretty, wealthy, or some combination of these factors, you may lack the courage to record yourself and put your films on the internet. This may be the case for you.
  • It is logical and understandable that you would be anxious. Because the internet can be a harsh place, starting an anonymous YouTube channel is a smart option. [Citation needed] [Citation needed]
  • The creators of content frequently find themselves on the receiving end of scathing criticism and nasty personal attacks. Even if you manage to amass a significant number of supporters, they will soon turn against you if you commit even the smallest mistake.
  • Your difficult effort is being criticized by more than just random people. There are issues with people's ability to harass others and stalk people online, as well as privacy concerns. Arguments that take place online can occasionally have quite disturbing effects in the real world.

There is a solution to all of that. If you want to start a YouTube channel, you may do it and even start earning money without ever having to reveal your identity.

Five Ways to make YouTube videos without showing your face

A number of ways exist to make YouTube videos without showing your face; five of the best ones include:

  • Animation Videos

Animation is an excellent medium to use if you want to communicate a message, a concept, or your own ideas to other people. People take pleasure in watching animated videos, particularly when they are employed in a way that uses comedy to explain complicated ideas. Select a topic that is currently trending or that is particularly interesting to you, dissect it, and then show the results using animation.

These kinds of videos are really popular on YouTube right now, but in order to make them in a way that will keep people interested in watching them, you need to have a unique style. 

without showing your face on YouTube shorts

  • Gaming

If you want to come up with ideas for YouTube channels but don't want to identify who you are, this is an excellent option for you to consider. The most successful gaming channels on YouTube have more than 100 million followers, despite the fact that all they do is upload videos of gamers playing their games on the platform.

You can launch a gaming channel to demonstrate your prowess if you're very good at the hobby. You can perhaps add more character and appeal to your films by incorporating witty remarks or by issuing challenges to the people who watch them.

The only thing required of you in order to participate in these videos is to record your gameplay, engage with the viewers, and provide guidance on how they can better their game. In point of fact, you are able to publish videos in which you merely discuss the strategies and tips that players ought to implement in order to achieve success in the gaming sector.

  • Faceless tutorials

On YouTube, “How do I…” has been searched millions of times by users. When it comes to finding assistance with anything, many people immediately think of turning to YouTube as their go-to resource. As a result of this, if you are an expert or professional in any field, you may opt to start making films about it and instruct other people on how to complete it as quickly as possible. 

If you have a good background and experience in computer software or programming,  you could consider screen recording yourself while utilizing the software or conversing about it because a lot of people are often looking for helpful films of this kind.

  • Meditation

This niche has gained some traction on YouTube as a result of the growing number of people who look to meditation as a means of finding inner peace. These videos can be produced in a number of different ways; some of them have a narration that instructs the viewer, and others have background music playing in the background. 

Therefore, if you are interested in meditation and have some tips to offer to others, you can launch a channel on YouTube and teach people how to meditate. The reason that many of these channels are so successful on YouTube is that they enable those who are unable to leave their homes in order to practice meditation to do so by just subscribing to their channels. This draws viewers to the channels in large numbers.

  • Making Time-Lapse videos

Many people are curious about how time-lapse videos are made because they are so gorgeous, but they are unaware of the straightforward method. Anything and everything can be turned into a time-lapse; for instance, you could turn on the camera, place a flower in front of it, and watch it wither. A time-lapse video can be made to demonstrate how something degrades over time.

A time-lapse film of stars, clouds, fruit, cityscapes, etc. can be made. With time, this idea has gained enormous popularity, and a lot of people watch these movies since they find watching a video to be simple and straightforward. If you enjoy traveling, you can publish your VLOG videos on YouTube as time-lapse videos.

You should make engaging videos because there is a market where you can easily increase your subscriber base.


YouTube has evolved into a platform where users may make a substantial income while still engaging in activities that bring them joy. You don't need your face or voice to create fantastic material for YouTube; in addition to simply starting a video and standing in front of the camera, there are a number of other options available to you.

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