How to use social media for lead generation 2022?

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Nowadays, the majority of firms run their campaigns on social media platforms. This is due to the low-cost marketing they provide to a chosen demographic.

Social media campaigns have consistently been a significant component of the digital marketing industry. People used to believe that social media was merely another tool for creating brands in the beginning. Small businesses at the time pushed material on social media. The content covered everything from cold dialing to social media spam. Overall, the situation was hit-or-miss, and calculating return was a significant challenge.

How it Works

A lead is nothing more than an address, phone number, or ID that aids marketers in identifying their target market. For the purpose of marketing to users, marketers typically want a name or an email address.

Using social media to find leads is very relevant. You can conduct both organic and sponsored promotions on a social media site. Additionally, marketers can promote content through forums, communities, or native or sponsored adverts.

Any method of lead collection typically yields cold leads. Before you can market to it, you must warm it up. You must nurture it further.

The process of creating and fostering relationships with customers at each level of the sales funnel is known as lead nurturing. An effective lead nurturing program concentrates marketing and communication efforts on listening to prospects' needs and giving them the knowledge and solutions they require to establish trust.

Top Social Media Strategies for Lead Generation

  • Profile Optimization

Your profile should make it easy to find your contact information.

Different platforms offer distinctive profile elements depending on your objective. For instance, if you want more people to sign up for your newsletter, add a Signup button to your Facebook Page. Similarly, add Book, Reserve, or Get Tickets action buttons to your Instagram or Facebook accounts to request reservations for a meeting, restaurant, or consultation.

  • Employ social lead advertisements

Social lead ads are available if you've used up all of your organic lead collection options or want to intensify those efforts.

For marketers, Facebook provides a specialized lead ad structure. On Facebook, lead ads are essentially promoted forms. These leads can be downloaded or synced directly to your customer management system, allowing your sales staff to follow up as necessary. The remarketing features on Facebook are very helpful for lead nurturing.

Like Facebook, Instagram offers lead advertising that is intended to assist advertisers in gathering data. Instagram provides the opportunity to partially pre-fill forms, just like Facebook. These advertisements allow you to pre-fill the email address, full name, phone number, and gender sections.

social media for lead generation

  • Use content that is clickable.

You won't get leads if your content isn't appealing. It's that easy. Keep in mind that on social media, everyone is vying for attention. And people's attention spans are at an all-time low. Sharp images and more precise copies are required. Make sure you modify your creativity to support your lead generation objectives.

Make sure there is a spot for users to click when you have content that is clickable. Make every post as clear and inviting of a call to action as you can.

  • Webinars, Hangouts, and Live Videos

Utilizing hangouts, live videos, and webinars is another method for gaining leads through social media. The majority of businesses host webinars with advanced registration on specific topics. Getting as many leads as you can is the goal. Most people won't even watch the webinar because they have to pre-register. But it will assist the business in obtaining qualified leads.

A small group of people who are interested in a subject attends hangouts, from where required leads can be acquired. Businesses record live videos when they need to make an announcement, when they are at an event, or when they need to respond quickly to a few customer inquiries. Businesses can use gated content or in-video promotion for live videos. Live video is a feature that both Facebook and YouTube provide. 

  • Provide the proper incentive

An excellent technique to gather leads is by holding a social media competition. Ask participants to give any information they are willing to share in exchange for entry. For instance, the medical learning platform Osmosis ran a social contest where participants had to fill out a form in order to participate. The form included questions about the applicant's school and area of study.

Partnering with an influencer or brand partner will help you extend your contest's reach.

Several businesses sign up for their newsletter and give customers a discount code. Customers are encouraged to return to your website and, ideally, to make a purchase by using discount codes or reward points.

  • Share and Promote Gated Content

Therefore, you are losing out if you don't create content to attract leads into a sale with you. Links to gated content, or anything that needs signup first, are a terrific method to expand your email list. Up to 80% of B2B content marketing assets are reportedly blocked.

Content like white papers, reports, videos, and research may (and should) be gated. Then, just like Braze did with their mobile marketing FAQs, you can post links to these pages on social media. You must submit a multi-part lead form in order to view the information. This is a wonderful example of gated content, even though it is a little bit lengthier than those that merely demand an email and probably converts fewer leads than a simpler form.

However, producing this content will be beneficial for more than just generating leads. Additionally, you'll offer them content that encourages them to make purchases.


The ability to locate social media users who are interested in your business makes lead generation on social media beneficial for both B2C and B2B marketers. This gives you the necessary leverage to approach them with relevant offers and information to convert them eventually into paying customers. To put it another way, lead generation gives you the chance to present your business as a priceless resource for potential customers. Social media also aids in raising brand awareness, boosting website traffic, and encouraging community involvement—all of which are advantageous to your lead-generating efforts.

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