Michael Saylor Bitcoin – We Have Done The Research (Bitcoin Explosion)

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About Michael Saylor: Michael J. Saylor is an American entrepreneur and business executive, who co-founded and leads MicroStrategy, a company that provides business intelligence, mobile software, and cloud-based services. Saylor authored the 2012 book The Mobile Wave: How Mobile Intelligence Will Change Everything.

In this video, Michael Saylor explains why his board of directors is going to be paid in Bitcoin. He also asserts that Bitcoin is the most reliable store of value.

Bitcoin is simple secure savings account in cyberspace. And the savings account has been yielding 200% tax-free interest for a decade, and this year, it has done more. The board of MicroStrategy was excited with the news of being paid with Bitcoin. If you have $200,000 in cash, and you convert it to Bitcoin, depreciating about 30% a year. This is still far better than a bank savings account. MicroStrategy employees were enthusiastic about it.

The next step for the company is to roll out Bitcoin on-ramps and a Bitcoin savings account. Any employee that wants to diversify can put the money into the company's stock. But putting it in Bitcoin will make it appreciate. If you'd asked any company in February 2020 about Bitcoin strategy, the management might not be able to give you a correct answer. But now, everybody knows about Bitcoin.

If you're buying low-yield bonds, you're getting 0%, meanwhile, the money supply has expanded by 20%. This ⁿshows your purchasing power is falling by 20%. So this breaks people out of their traditional patterns. MicroStrategy went through the process of considering everything, and the board finally decided Bitcoin was the strongest Treasury asset that they could find. If you have $100 billion worth of cash, and it's yielding zero, you're losing 20% of its value a year. So, it's a liability. You can flip it to an asset if you convert it into something which is going up 200% a year.

Meanwhile, Bitcoin has been rising 100% a year but it went up 800% last year. Bitcoin is a trillion-dollar asset going up to $1 trillion. If you enter now and convert your cash, which is depreciating into an appreciating asset that is appreciating, to create a positive value. Tesla made more money in six weeks following its announcement that it would accept Bitcoin for payments.

Money has two components. The first is the currency component, which is a medium of exchange and a payment network. And the second is an asset component, which is a long-term store of value. People use the dollar as a medium of exchange, and they use the debt, ETF, and index funds as a store of value.

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