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Detailed Summary for How To Make PASSIVE INCOME With ChatGPT & Midjourney AI

00:00 Learn how to make passive income by creating simple storybooks for kids using AI technology.

  • Discover how a simple storybook for kids has made over $176,000 in passive income.
  • Find out how to generate book ideas, create high-quality illustrations, and use AI technology to launch a similar business.

01:11 Create a passive income by publishing free books on Amazon KDP using chat GPT

  • Generate a good story idea using chat GPT
  • Publish the book on Amazon KDP and make money while sleeping

02:09 Generate a complete story outline using a chatbot

  • Copy and paste the generated chapters into the chatbot to create the story content
  • Convert the story into a book for passive income without writing anything

03:07 AI art generators can create illustrations for free

  • Mid-journey is the best AI art generator, according to the speaker
  • Join their Discord server to see recently generated illustrations

04:10 Generate images by starting a prompt and using the /imagine command

  • New ideas are generated every second
  • Use the upscaling buttons (U1-U4) to generate larger versions and the variation buttons (V1-V4) to create new variations

05:16 Generate images section by section based on your story topic.

  • Upscale images using U2 to maintain the same style.
  • Combine text generated using chat GPT with the pictures using mid-journey.

06:14 Create a professional storybook with Canva

  • Upload AI-generated images to Canva and drag and drop them into the template
  • Customize the text with beginner-friendly design tools and duplicate templates for efficiency

07:14 Learn how to publish a book on Amazon for passive income

  • Follow a step-by-step guide in the video description
  • Join the private Facebook group for personalized help and support


The video outlines a method for creating passive income by developing children's storybooks using AI technology, chat GPT, and Amazon KDP. The process involves generating story ideas and outlines with chatbots, creating illustrations with AI art generators, designing a professional storybook with Canva, and ultimately publishing the book on Amazon for passive income.


In conclusion, utilizing AI technology and platforms such as Amazon KDP can provide a unique and efficient way to generate passive income by creating children's storybooks. By leveraging chat GPT for story ideas, AI art generators for illustrations, and Canva for design, even those without writing or illustration experience can produce and publish high-quality storybooks for a potentially profitable venture.

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