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Can The IRS Seize Your Bitcoin?

This video discusses whether the IRS can seize your Bitcoin, and other issues surrounding U.S. cryptocurrency tax policy. Bitcoin is currently taxable as property in the US. If you leave your Bitcoin on an exchange or store your Bitcoin private keys in the cloud, the...

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Nexo Brainer #2 — Collateral Management

In this video of Nexo Brainer, George provides a tips and ideas on how to best manage your Instant Crypto Credit Line, plus in-depth explanations of the new Exchange Collateral and Unlock Fixed Terms features. Watch it now! What Is Nexo (NEXO)? Nexo is...

Nexo Brainer #1 – Earning on NEXO

In this video of Nexo Brainer, we highlight the benefits of earning interest on NEXO and the perks of our Loyalty program. We also discuss some details surrounding our Governance Vote – why we did it, the reason behind it and the results, plus what it means for you....