Pirate Chain(ARRR) Is Really Privet

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Pirate Chain(ARRR) :-

Pirate Chain (ARRR) could be a 100 percent non-public send cryptocurrency. It uses a privacy protocol that can't be compromised by alternative user's activity on the network. Most privacy coins are riddled with holes created by ex gratia privacy. Pirate Chain uses ZK-Snarks to protect 100 percent of the peer to see transactions on the blockchain creating extremely anonymous and personal transactions.

Creation of the ARRR:-

it's an open-supply project.No fundraiser, no ico. no pre-mine, no dev, fund, no team, the fund they discharged the code folks started mining here equihash rule additionally the team of individuals behind it the crew. Also totally decentralized no one gets paid it is a volunteer decentralized community-based project. we tend to and that we tend to believe that it isn't potential to possess freedom. while no privacy there's no freedom. We have got to possess privacy that we've to be able to withdraw ourselves from the general public house. otherwise, we square measure forever surveilled .we are during a panopticon we're not free thus that is the attribute and the way it had been born

How Does Pirate chain Work?

For the primary time, the algorithmic program of ARRR permits a cryptocurrency wherever it's not possible to grasp or track WHO sent a dealing, what proportion the dealings quantity is, and WHO received the dealings. augment that, nobody will see the balances of the addresses, and therefore, this creates the proper anonymous currency. Pirate employs a Proof-of-Work algorithmic program for blockchain security. As new security against 51% double-spend attacks, Pirate utilizes the delayed Proof of labor algorithmic program offered by Komodo. Delayed Proof of labor indexes Pirate's blockchain onto Komodo and Bitcoin blockchains.

How Do Pirate chain Transactions Work?

It uses a privacy protocol that can't be compromised by alternative user's activity on the network. Most privacy coins square measure riddled with holes created by nonobligatory privacy. Pirate Chain uses ZK-Snarks to protect 100% of the peer to see transactions on the blockchain creating extremely anonymous and personal transactions.

The True Atomic Swap DEX.

so that is happening. Pirate chain is a member of the bpsaa. vision .which is a group of nine cryptocurrency projects that includes komodo and several others. That have dexes and they have some of them use proxy tokens. we know to do swaps turtle network has spawned polarity exchange. which has a dex that uses usdt as the base pair and that's a deck .so people can go in there and convert their bitcoin or their eth to usdt. Then into pirate chain and that's a dex no KYC or anything like that but also it's great. what we said about komodo because we think the Jl triple cell is a genius there's komodo's atomic dex dot io. this is a working product right now it's free no KYC it is a true atomic swap deck. that works on android ios and desktop and by atomic swap unlike chain jelly or change now. so we send litecoin, bitcoin, and the transaction either go through for both of us. it doesn't go through at all and they can do its cross-chain. So it's bitcoin protocol utxo coins to erc 20 tokens plus they've just added the binance smart chain or bep coins and tokens .we can do atomic swaps there they are working on adding pirate chain to the atomic decks .which means people will be able to go from bitcoin or litecoin or eth to pirate chain peer-to-peer fully decentralized. and hopefully, by the end of the summer beginning of the autumn, that'll be ready.

What Does Anonymous Atomic Swaps Mean?

We outline Associate in Nursing atomic swap as a two-party protocol and formalize the various notions of privacy within the variety of namelessness, confidentiality, and sameness of swap transactions. … This successively permits personal cross-chain swap mistreatment shnorr signatures

Who Will Use ARRR First?

Criminals conjointly the sex business. The criminals within the defense business are those right WHO do all the innovation. Then it filters out into the remainder of the, therefore, city we predict so for North American country as a result of politics is very important to North American country. Given the drive to absolutism and oppression in former western democracies like Britain like France like Australia night like new Zealand. folks area unit attending to do what they require, what they have to try and do to preserve their freedom. so that goes to drive folks towards cryptocurrencies and especially privacy-focused cryptocurrencies, the hurdles for pirate chain are not that troublesome.

What Is The Easiest Way To Buy Pirate Coin?

okay, we expect the best exchange with the foremost liquidity is trade ogre .which may be an email check-in no KYC or something with trade ogre .people will move to the website pirate. black and it's got a listing of the exchanges that it's on the market. it's on many different notecases we will have a mobile wallet .which works on golem .but not for giant amounts there is a lightweight notecase there is a full node. qt notecase there is the notecase off varus coin makers alternative comes that have created wallets that integrate pirate chain .

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