Pirate Lite Wallet User Guide – Pirate Chain (ARRR)

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Download The Lite Wallet:

The first factor we wish to try is to plow ahead to the official pirate chain website .which is pirate. black and when we get to the front page. We need to click on the tab in the middle that says wallets. Once we're on that page we need to scroll down a bit until we get to pirate chain wallet lite. and go ahead and pick the operating system that we want. We use windows so we're going to go ahead and download the windows version.
The next step that we want to do is right-click the folder and hit extract all. Now if we want we can extract the file in the same folder. Once it's done double click on the file and we'll see three options. We'll see license pirate wallet, dash lite, and readme. We want to go ahead and double-click the pirate wallet. If we have windows defender on we might also get this blue box. We just go ahead and click more info and then run anyways.

Creating New Wallet And Seed

We will have two options(after running the pirate wallet) the first one is to create a new wallet and the second one is to restore the wallet from seed. The second option is for people who have deleted or perhaps lost a wallet but still have their seed. They can restore their old wallet with the seed words that they were given when they made or created the wallet initially. we'll show what we mean here because we're going to go ahead and create a new wallet. Then click next and as we can see right here we've got our wallet seed phrase. These 24 words are extremely important because that is what's going to get us into our wallets. If we ever happen to lose it so what we want to do is maybe write down 24 words. Or maybe memorize them, or perhaps if we want we could even copy-paste them into a text document and print our seed phrase. We might need to laminate that piece of paper and keep it on the inside of a safe also. if we plan on storing our seed phrase digitally on a flash drive make sure to encrypt the flash drive first using software like vera crypt. Let's go ahead and hit finish.
And now the wallet is going to start to sync. This process might take a little bit of time so just be patient once it's done syncing up. We'll finally have access to our wallet. we'll notice on the top right of the overview tab we'll see the amount that we have in our wallet. this is a brand new account and there's not going to be any funds in here yet.

Sending ARRR

In the sent tab the first line at the top there will show us our balance. Second-line or the second part of the send tab we'll be able to put the address of the person that we're sending pirate chain. Next the amount and then we can also include a memo. If we like we can also add another recipient at the bottom of that. Whether we wanted to send pirate chain to multiple people. After that, if we wanted to send our pirate chain back on the exchange.
This is how we would do it we'd go to the deposit tab of the exchange. Get the address where the coins would be deposited then go back into our send tab and then put the address right here in the address of the recipient. Put the amount how many coins we want to put in there and then hit ok and then click send. Once we put the amount
in and just hit send and it'll send the number of coins back onto the exchange.

Receiving ARRR

The exchange is all right easy enough let's go ahead and click on the receive tab. We'll notice that we'll have an address section now. This is the address to our wallet this is where we want to receive all of our pirate chain.
There's also a QR code there on the bottom right. It's much easier for a cell phone to scan the QR code rather than having to copy-paste our address into someone's phone. Or sending our address to someone. Now we are going to transfer our money from our exchange into our pirate light wallet. The first thing we want to do is go ahead and right-click on the wallet address and hit copy. Next, we're going to go to our exchange where we want to withdraw money from. We happen to be using trade order so we're going to click on the balances tab and then when we find the pirate chain. We're going to click on withdraw the next page is going to our available balance on there. The amount that we wish to withdraw and we're going to paste the address that we initially copied from our wallet into this section. if we look just to the right of the withdrawal amount we'll see that there's a little fee that we have to pay. if we're trying to take our money or try to take our pirate chain off of the exchange and into the wallet. All right so we're ready to hit the withdrawal button when we do that we're gonna get the authenticator. Go ahead and grab our cell phone put in the six digits. Whether it's authy or google authenticator put in the code and hit submit now for the next part we're gonna have to be patient.
after a few 15-20 min is gonna get done. (Because of the heavy load in the website sometimes the transactions
got delayed )

Balance Check

now get back to our wallet .this time we can see that our coins have arrived .the amount that was traded over from trade ogre. And what it's worth right here on the top right side and the transaction has gone through. We
have our coins out of the exchange and into my wallet.

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