Getting Things Done Simple Trick to Be Ultra Productive

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Basic Introductions: 

Welcome back to Renegade Financial, just taking a little break here at work and get a little break every afternoon, which is really nice. One of the biggest things is really kind of hurt me over the years. Don't get me wrong, I've been really successful in what I do. I expanded my business, had multiple employees.

The thing I struggle with is I was so good at what I do when I'm working with somebody in person that's right in front of my clients. The thing I struggle with is like the back end like managing other employees, setting up systems. That's just not my thing.

So I even hired people to help me with that, but that stressed me out. So basically downsized. Now I'm just working with small groups of clients and that's what I like best because I can focus on doing what I love doing. I've expanded into this kind of mindset. Entrepreneur. Trying to improve on the side of my life. Creating things that are going to basically allows me to not trade hours for dollars anymore. Because I love what I do. But I also want to create some things that are going to create freedom for me. So here's one of the big things that I struggle with over the years is time OK?

Value of time: To Be Ultra Productive

We've got time. Time is one of those difficult things to understand because, it just seems like, you're young and you last forever. All this good stuff. I was a big procrastinator, so I would late to the last minute so that I would be ultra-focused.

I would basically do my best work, like with a gun to my head, so to speak. So this is a nice little tip.

Something that's really helped me in the last couple of years is I do my best work when I'm ultra-focused. I give myself a little mini-deadlines and the all the other thing I do I find myself doing before is I try to multitask. So now what I do is basically I figure out, what, three or four, one or two tasks I need to do that day is. Then I put all of the distractions aside, like no phone, no YouTube, shut off my Facebook. I turn everything off and I focus 100 percent on the task at hand. And I put that deadline on me. I say I've got to get this done by today and I've got a self-imposed deadline on myself.

Stay In focus: Ultra Productive

So it's almost like me waiting to the last minute to do my exam or, all that sort of thing in college that I was so good at. That way, I get the ultra-focus. Distraction has been one of my major hurdles. So now I pick one or two things to do and I do those 100 percent with all my effort. And then I take a break. Do something else, maybe. You know what? I basically plan my days off. Before, I didn't, basically showed up at work. And I work and I had to work. The rest of the time was basically spent wasting my time, which now I want to spend all my time investing and things are going to pay me down the road. And it starts out slow, but it's already starting to take some traction.

Focus on Tasks

Conclusion: To Be Ultra Productive

I hope you learn from that how to be Ultra productive. If you have any questions, we're trying to keep this as simple as we can because there's a lot of information out there. And but the difference between, successful people and unsuccessful people is the successful people do a few things really, really well and they get shit done. That's one of the problems I've had in the past. They've had all these ideas and all these dreams and all these visions.

I dropped the ball and actually getting the stuff done, except when it comes to working with people in person. And then I do my best work. So here's a little something for you to think about. Please like and subscribe trying to grow the channel. And that way I can provide value for you and give you guys more information. But you have any questions, please comment. Leave your opinion down below. Agree and disagree. And then, my funny little whiteboard here that's so much, much fun.

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