How To Get Ahead with Competence Motivation (How To Get Motivated)

How To Get Ahead with Competence Motivation (How To Get Motivated)

you've probably seen employee of the month boards and shops and offices that highlight the top worker during a particular time.

It does show the employees some appreciation for their efforts but why not express a preference in private instead? So why tell everyone including the customers that's right to encourage the other workers' competitive nature and make them work harder? In this case, we will discuss what is competence motivation and how to use it.

Motivate your competence, When your competence is motivated, you are never aimless you always have a goal, unlike thirst and hunger, the desire to compete and excel do not go away after a single objective is met instead we find new goals, and our competitive side sets in urging us to obtain them. thus depending on the degree of our desire to excel there are two kinds of competencies enhancing existing skills our existing skills if honed continuously can equip us with mastery incompetence mastering new skills the desire to work hard and explore better opportunities, drives us to learn new skills, while the first kind of competence makes us feel good about ourselves it's only.

Mastering new skills that can help us advance towards success by letting our competence motivation take the lead we enhance productivity improve performance become more energetic and have increased chances of attaining satisfaction with the psychology behind competence, motivation a psychological take on competence motivation reveals plenty about how our mind functions and the choices we make with a deeper understanding of our psyche we can better equip our competence and motivation to use curiosity didn't kill the cat.

Curiosity is one of the most driving competence motivators as it pushes people to explore discover and learn you could either be exploring generally without a specific goal in mind your goal putting the pieces together.

The famous Greek expression eureka speaks volumes about the joy humans seek from discovery and invention, we find pleasure in solving math, equations reaching the climax of novels, and movies coming up with a groundbreaking business idea learning a new skill and the list goes on. We love unwinding complexities and acquiring new knowledge the joy that settles in after completing such a pleasurable activity can inspire us to improve ourselves personally and professionally.

We love a good challenge on the path to self-discovery and improvement we get to decide the difficulty level of the tasks, we will take up just like in a video game these three levels challenge our competencies and we decide accordingly easy we all love easy things because, they don't require a lot of effort but after a while, it gets boring and monotonous.

Moderate also known as the optimum level of complexity in psychology these activities are neither too difficult nor too easy. We are generally inclined toward this difficult level of challenge a challenging but the conquerable task looks good once in a while but it can be a huge turn-off when faced repetitively depending on our taste, we are motivated to take up tasks in life that help us evolve into better beings and if you like things easy then you might just be stuck at level one forever that's all for today.

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