Why Failure Is the Key to Your Success (Business)

Why Failure Is the Key to Your Success (Business)

Basic Introductions:

Welcome to Renegade Financial and welcome back to the whiteboard. So I want to talk about failure to succeed. Let's look at how kids learn how to walk like babies. They struggle, they try to flip over, they cry, they whine and finally, they flip over, they crawl and then they try to get up, they fall down. Smart parents will let them just figure it out. Silly parents will put them in those little walkers and help them walk. And then that leads to the kids having issues down the road. But we won't get into that. So, kids learn through failure to success, they learn through play, they learn through fall off their bike, getting back up, trying it again.

Learning from our past: Failure to success

Then all of a sudden they go to school. “My goodness, you better not fail. Oh my gosh! You got that question wrong” or “Don't ask your friend for help. That's cheating”. Most of the super successful people like entrepreneurs. As a businessman, they have mentors. They get help from people that have been where they are. But we tell kids all the way along in school, “Don't ask for help. That's cheating. Don't do that. Don't fail”. But in actuality, most of the highly successful people have failed multiple times over and over again. Failure is your best teacher. Without failure, you cannot learn without difficulty.

Help each other to learn:

Without stress, you cannot achieve it. The next level. If you're comfortable, if you're in a good place, more than likely, you're not going to make it to the next level. You're not going to strive to make those big jumps and those leaps and bounds. So don't be afraid to fail. Learn from your failures. And move forward, teach others, help others. Look to other people that have what you want for mentorship. A lot of them will, if you ask them, will help you. We can't do this alone. That's one of the reasons I partnered up with Josh. Because he has skill, a skill set that I want to learn so there's plenty of mentorships out there, especially online. Now we can reach out to people all around the world, so don't be afraid to fail.

Failure is the key to success:

Move forward, learn, put it behind you and find some teachers or some mentors. Don't let your brainwashing from your childhood of “Oh my goodness! Don't ask for help. That's cheating” or “Oh my goodness, don't you get that wrong on the test? That's bad. You fail”. Well, most of the people that are ultra-successful usually have a big failure or a setback before they take it to the next level. So keep that in mind Failure Is The Key To Your Success.



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