New Global Reserve Currency

New Global Reserve Currency

The global economy is complex and constantly changing, impacting people worldwide. In the video, “New Global Reserve Currency – SPECIAL EPISODE – Robert Kiyosaki, Andy Schectman,” renowned author Robert Kiyosaki and CEO of Miles Franklin, Andy Schectman, discuss the state of the US dollar and the potential for a new global reserve currency.

Insight 1: The US dollar is declining

Kiyosaki believes that the US dollar is declining due to the government printing too much money, causing inflation and devaluing the dollar. He advises investors to invest in physical gold and silver rather than paper assets like stocks and bonds.

Insight 2: The US is losing its influence

Kiyosaki also suggests that the US is losing its status as the world's reserve currency. Countries like Russia and China are buying gold and moving away from the dollar. He argues that other countries are moving towards a new mutually beneficial relationship that the West is not part of.

Insight 3: Physical gold and silver are better investments

Schectman emphasizes the importance of owning physical gold and silver rather than ETFs like GLD or SLV, which do not provide investors access to physical metals and are subject to counterparty risk. Physical precious metals serve as a haven for investors during economic uncertainty.

Insight 4: Precious metals are a hedge against inflation

Schectman suggests that precious physical metals can be a hedge against inflation and a way to preserve wealth over the long term.


The insights shared in the video are thought-provoking and valuable for anyone interested in the current and future state of the global economy. Kiyosaki and Schectman's insights highlight the potential for physical gold and silver as a haven for investors during economic uncertainty.

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