How to make more money working less (2020)

How to make more money working less (2020)



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Hey, welcome to Renegade Financial. First off, the reason I started this channel was to kind of give you kind of an insight into my life. Kind of the journey I've been on to find financial, different independence, freedom and basically create a life where I have the freedom to do what I want.

When I want, as opposed to being kind of a slave to your job as most people are today. I work with a lot of kids, I work a lot of people and this information has been around a long time. If you have ever heard of Robert Kiyosaki, his book “Rich That Poor Dad” and this information weren't really given to me growing up and you've got these four quadrants. Your employee here, you've got your self-employed, you've got your business owner and you've got your investor. If you're on the left side, you're basically trading hours for dollars and the self-employed works herself but that's where I was in my business.

Don't work hard work smartly:

I did have employees at one point, but I just didn't lightly like managing them. Over here you're trading hours for dollars and over here you make money work for you, OK? You got to choose which quarter it works best for you. You can be in multiple quadrants. That's kind of what I'm trying to do now. I'm trying to be here as an investor and a business owner. One of the biggest things I think people don't understand is the mindset that goes into your wanting to be financially independent. One of the big things' talking to kids and different individuals and with my own self is I made a lot of money and I do make a lot of money in my business.

The really big asset is time and time is you can't replace time, but you can always make more money. One of the mindsets I had with several mentors and reading several books was looking at my time and looking at my money and people that are wealthy.

Invest Money in right place:

They think about what they do with their money, so, instead of me going out and blowing hundred fifty-two hundred dollars on a weekend with like a fancy meal and drinks and all that kind of stuff. What if I've put that two hundred dollars over here and put it to work in like dividend stocks instead of, blowing it or buying like Facebook ads and selling a product. Investing that money and being patient with it and making the money work for me instead of just blowing it.

You want to have a good time and the cool thing is, is the more money you put over here in the investment quadrant, the more money you make. And then you can take some of that profit from what you make, you can reinvest some of it and then you can have fun with the rest of it. Right? And you don't have to actually be up here and actually work for it in today's society.

Most people are, living check to check and all that sort of thing. That's a big part of the mindset and also of time like I can film this video that's going to be on YouTube forever. It's going to reach hundreds of thousands of people or I could be you know, it's a Friday night right now and I could be out having a good time. Those memories are great but this, 15-20 minutes that I'm spending on.

Use Social Media to make Money in 2020

YouTube is going to pay me dividends down the road as people watch this video. You look at the links in the comments and all that sort of thing and getting new subscribers and building the channel. The cool thing is the playing field is more level than it's ever been. You've got apps like Stache and Robin Hood. Like when I was growing up, you had to have a stockbroker and it costs like 15 dollars to do a trade and now you can have your purchases rounded up and invested for you.

We've got things like affiliate marketing where you can write a blog post and put links to things on Amazon or you can review products. This is no better time in history where the playing field has been leveled for you to become to come over here.

It's just that we've been brainwashed that you go to college, you get like one hundred thousand dollars and you become a good employee. You have that job security or you start your own business and you're over here and you're trading hours for dollars whereas, this is great. I'm probably going to stay over here, but I want to have some online stuff over here.

This makes any money without me having to do a lot and then these like dividend stocks that I get through Robin hood that is paying me. Some of them pay me monthly, some of them pay me quarterly that are constantly or it could be, commercial real estate, those sort of things. I wanted to get on here just to make you think. Start thinking about like when you go out, like, do you really need those pair of Nike shoes?

Make money working less 2020:

Do you really need a lot of the stuff that people over on this side of the quadrant, they buy things? They use a credit card to buy like a pair of Nike shoes or go on vacation, they use their money, they're their profits to buy cars and to buy things. They use debt to basically invest like they'll take a loan out and buy a property and rent it out to somebody else and have someone else pay the debt off. So they're actually using debt to their advantage and for leverage, whereas these people over here are just using debt to consume, they buy something that doesn't actually pay a return.

So once you get that mindset and if you start out young enough, I mean, you can use something like Robin Hood to become very, very wealthy and investing five dollars a day. That's something for you to think about. If you want to check out Robin Hood and Stash and things like that I'll have some links below and in the description.


Let me know if you have any questions and there are just some random thoughts for you on the employee. The self-employed, the business owner, the investor, that doesn't necessarily mean that one is good or bad, it's just that each one of these has its benefits and, the big thing is finding out the combination. For me, I want to be here and here, and I want to use the money I'm making here to develop businesses online.

Want to use the money, I'm making here to invest in the stock market or to get commercial real estate and to buy things that are going to basically pay for my lifestyle. A part of that is the people over here are afraid to invest in themselves. Whereas the people on the right side, the business owner and the investor, will spend, thousands of dollars on mentors, on courses, and they won't even blink an eye because they're looking at investing in themselves.

Please, like and subscribe, I'll be making updates often. Liking really helps. The channel subscribing will basically give you updates when I get back on here. I hope you have yourself a great day and I hope you start thinking about, how you're spending your time or are you spending time to build something that's going to pay you in return. Are you spending your money on things that are going to pay you so that you have more money to spend if that's what you choose to do or you're just buying things that are basically just digging yourself a hole or just treading water so to speak?

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