Using ChatGPT To Make Money With YouTube Automation (NO FACE OR VOICE REQUIRED)

Using ChatGPT To Make Money With YouTube Automation (NO FACE OR VOICE REQUIRED)

There is a tremendous opportunity to profit with ChatGPT in the video production sector as the popularity of video content continues to grow. Videos are a powerful tool for reaching a wider audience because people prefer viewing them to reading. As a result, enhancing video descriptions is crucial for maximizing YouTube's potential.

Without a face or voice, it is possible to make money with ChatGPT and YouTube. Here are some starting points:

Give specifics about your video descriptions' voice and writing style. Depending on your preferences, ChatGPT can assist in making your copy more amusing, pleasant, or conversational. Make sure to give ChatGPT enough details about your company so that it can tailor the copy to be more precise rather than general. If you didn't complete the first prompt, contact ChatGPT again and ask it to update the response with the missing information.

Give voice commands akin to Siri, or input the details you want to appear in the video description. Anything you desire can be specified, including content, AI graphics, promotional materials, etc. Choose your option first. [3]

Make your video descriptions SEO-friendly. This will enhance the likelihood that people will watch your material and make your YouTube videos easier to find.

Utilize a program like Video to upload and convert your

I know the finest program to use to convert text to a video: Invideo.

Script it out.

The first step in producing a successful video is writing a script. Your video's script should be easy to understand, straightforward, and brief. The following advice will assist you in creating a strong script:

Instead of paragraphs, use bullet points to make the text easier to read.

Use bold text wherever necessary (for example, when highlighting essential points)

Use italics when you want to emphasize anything, such as if it is very startling.

Log in to Invideo after creating an account.

You must register for an Invideo account to begin.

Go to the Invideo website and select “Create New Account.” Upon completing the form, click “Create My Account” at the bottom of the page. Once you have completed this, you can log in using either Facebook or Google (which is what we recommend).

Once you've logged in, add some basic project information before clicking “Save.” This includes the video's title, description, and tags so that people can find it later on when searching for videos on YouTube using specific keywords.

Select “Create” (in the top right).

Click the option to produce a video from the text after ensuring that you are signed into your Invideo account.

Your video file to the server.

You must upload a video file in mp4 format since Invideo processes and encodes videos using the same technology as YouTube. Additionally, your video must not exceed 2GB in size and be less than 5 minutes in duration (about 22 minutes). The maximum length of an InVideo advertisement is 30 seconds. However, we advise making it as brief as possible to prevent losing viewers to longer advertisements.

Under “Profile Settings,” pick a video type and length. For your video to be something you can share with others, set the location to “Homepage.” You can also add tags to make it easier for users to find.

You can make a short, medium, or lengthy video. It takes longer to create and upload videos that are longer.

You are prepared for step 2 if you have already created an animated image with text.

Then select “Create Video.”

Click the “Create Video” button to get going.

You'll be prompted to select your video's format and length. Choose either YouTube's default 480p or 240p if you choose quality over space (and bandwidth).

Next, select “Homepage” from the dropdown menu next to “Location” to specify the location of your new video. If there is a particular page on your website where you want to display this unique piece of material, you can choose that page, but generally speaking, you should avoid overcrowding your homepage with items unless they clearly require constant attention (like news updates). Add any tags that might help viewers locate this specific video later, such as “how-to” or “DIY,” before finishing.

Using invideo, you may turn text into videos.

Text can be added to your video to help viewers comprehend what they're about to see, as well as the title of your video and any other information you feel is relevant.

Add Pictures/GIFs: Place any pictures or gifs you want viewers to see when they scroll through their feed here.

Include Music: Adding music to your videos makes them more entertaining and exciting while also ensuring that viewers remain attentive for the duration of the video (which will be longer if there is no background noise). Additionally, selecting music with lyrics can educate viewers about something new while they watch and provide them with further information each time!


If you want to convert text into a video, Invideo is an excellent application to utilize. It is simple to use and has a ton of options, like the ability to add YouTube audio or photos. Additionally, you may specify how long each text should remain visible on the screen before switching to the next one. Anyone with an internet connection who wants to develop their video material can do it without prior editing knowledge!

You can use ChatGPT to automate the production of video descriptions and earn money from YouTube by following these instructions. With the correct approach and a little work, you can capitalize on the possibilities of this dynamic sector and connect with more people.

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