Ten Reasons To Own Pirate Chain

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There are many compelling reasons why Pirate Chain is superior to other privacy coins!

100% Private – Pirate Chain’s protocol utilizes the latest and most effective privacy tech available today

Pirate Chain’s zero-knowledge proofs (zkSNARKS) are today's latest and most advanced privacy technology. Developers can secure their applications, smart contracts, and transactions with zkSNARKS without sacrificing trust or security. Zero-knowledge proofs allow for complete anonymity while preserving all of the functionality of a blockchain. This technology has been used in many other privacy coins, such as ZEC (Zcash) and XMR (Monero).

Trustless – no need to trust anyone to keep your transactions private; the network does it for you.

Pirate Chain is a trustless network, which means there is no need to trust anyone or any central authority. You do not need to trust a third party like PayPal or Visa, nor do you need to put your faith in a corporation like Facebook or Twitter. If you own some Bitcoin (BTC), you can send that BTC over the internet and onto Pirate Chain without any middlemen.

For example, suppose Alice sends 1 dollar worth of BTC to Bob using an exchange service like Poloniex or Coinbase before transferring it over the internet onto Pirate Chain, where Bob owns his node and has full control over all of his coins. Now let’s imagine that Alice wants to send another dollar worth of BTC from her wallet back onto Poloniex so she can buy more altcoins with it later down the road when prices have gone up again… but wait! There are no more funds left inside her wallet because she used them all earlier when she first sent it earlier today. Instead, now she needs access to that account somehow without having access anymore due to security reasons!

Pure & Simple – a simple, pure definition of privacy with no “selective transparency” or potential for audit by corporations or governments

Pirate Chain is 100% private. We are the only cryptocurrency to offer untraceable and unlinkable means of transacting. Trusting anyone with your data is unnecessary because the network does it for you. No one can see who sent or received tokens on Pirate Chain, and no one can know how much money was exchanged. Everything stays private as long as it needs to be kept that way while remaining open enough that anyone can confirm what they see in their wallet balance using an explorer website or by viewing a transaction log (which shows each transaction but not any other personal information).

Staking Rewards – stake ARRR and earn rewards while securing the chain

Staking rewards are paid out in ARRR

There is a time-based staking reward, where you earn up to 0.5% of your total stake for holding your coins for each staking window. The longer you stake, the higher your rewards! Stake Libras Coins to earn more Libras Coins or Bitcoin to gain more Bitcoin!

Libras Coin Support – Pirate Chain has integrated Libras Coin support which will enable transactions between LBC and ARRR holders on a decentralized exchange

You can use Libras Coin (LBC) to pay for ARRR on a decentralized exchange. You can also use ARRR to pay for LBC on this decentralized exchange. This means you can trade ARRR and LBC side-by-side, which is cool!

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can use your coins in person too; send them over and have the recipient receive them directly into their wallet.

Ultra Secure – immune to 51% mining attacks, quantum computing advances, and other threats to Bitcoin.

Pirate Chain is immune to 51% mining attacks and quantum computing advances that would allow Bitcoin to be exploited.

  • Pirate Chain is the first blockchain that rewards users who add hash power to its blockchain. If you own Pirate Chain, your coins will be worth more than those of other cryptocurrencies because they're harder to mine and are much less likely to be compromised.
  • Proof-of-stake consensus allows for a lower carbon footprint than proof-of-work blockchains like Bitcoin while still providing security and versatility.

GPU Mining – unlike other privacy coins, ARRR uses ASIC-resistant algorithm zkSNARKS Sapling to secure the blockchain

zkSNARKS Sapling is ASIC resistant and uses a proof of work algorithm that does not require high-end computers or expensive GPUs to mine. This means anyone can participate in the mining process on their home computer, leading to a massive community of miners built around the Pirate Chain.

The decentralized nature of the network allows it to be resilient against censorship and attack attempts. In addition, our innovative Proof-of-Stake system provides additional security by making it impossible for any one party (or group) to take control over 51%+ of our coin supply.

Finally, we have implemented ZK-Snarks Sapling into all blocks and into our user interface – this means users can send funds through private messages!

No ICO Funds – the team is not paid from ICO funds. ARRR was 100% funded by community donations.

You may think, “There are already so many blockchain projects out there. Why would I want to own Pirate Chain?”

Well, we have a few reasons for you:

  • ARRR was 100% funded by community donations. There was no ICO or corporate or government influence over its development process. This means that it's completely decentralized and will always remain that way! Unlike other coins in the space that were created with corporate interests in mind (and ended up being controlled by those interests), this project was built entirely without any need for outside funding or influence—and because of this, it is uniquely resistant against inflationary pressures from governments or corporations who might try to shut down cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin as they did back in 2017 when China tried banning crypto trading altogether…

Anonymous Team – anonymous team won’t face government pressure to weaken their coin as other projects have done.

The anonymous team is why Pirate Chain will be the most successful cryptocurrency in 2019.

  • They won’t face government pressure to weaken their coin as other projects have done. Examples of this include:
  • Monero and ZCash were accused by FinCEN (Financial Crimes Enforcement Network) of being used for money laundering. These projects had no choice but to comply with FinCEN’s request or risk being shut down entirely by regulators.

Multi-platform Wallet Support – Ledger Nano S hardware wallet support, multi-sig wallets, hardware wallets, Tor Darknet & Linux daemon wallets.

  • Ledger Nano S hardware wallet supports
  • multi-sig wallets
  • hardware wallets
  • Tor Darknet & Linux daemon wallets.

There are many compelling reasons why Pirate Chain is superior to other privacy coins!

There are so many compelling reasons why Pirate Chain is superior to other privacy coins!

  • ARRR is more secure than other privacy coins. Other privacy coins use private key generation and transactions, but we've taken it further with our unique Cold Staking Protocol. This makes your coins safer than ever before!
  • ARRR is more private than other privacy coins. Our advanced security measures ensure that nobody can see how much money you have in your wallet or even where the wallet address came from. You can rest assured that when you send and receive money through ARRR's wallets, nobody will be able to track down who sent it and where it went next—that's what makes us different from other cryptos out there!


We’re proud that Pirate Chain is the first privacy coin to use Sapling zkSNARKS. This makes us more secure than other coins, including our competitors, such as Monero and ZCash. We also have a unique mining protocol that allows GPU miners to mine ARRR on desktop computers instead of ASIC machines.

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