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Blockchain Privacy Security and Adoption Alliance:

Pirate chain is a founder member of the blockchain privacy security and adoption alliance. Which includes sentinel and their decentralized VPN ergo which are building privacy-focused decentralized d5 protocol. Burst coin one of the oldest smart if not the oldest smart contract program going and they are changing their name Burst coin because they've had an explosion in price recently turtle network bitu etho protocol comodo and dragon chain and these projects. They all work together to support each other they collaborate to further blockchain privacy security and adoption.

Price Bump

pirate chain and it was first listed on coin paprika in November 2018. About three and a half cents that were a few months after launch and it's pretty much-done nothing. one thing to remember is it does have a halving every 270 days and the next halving is going to be around the end of August. And magical things happened here on April 21 is that the price shot up it reached an all-time peak of 16.87. Then down again as people started taking profits. After that Bitcoin decided to go down and drag everything down with it including the pirate chain. However, there is some good news about the pirate ship so the pirate chain is above the 200 daily ema, unlike bitcoin which is below the daily ema. So we could say in some respects pirate chain has held this price better than Bitcoin it does now with the halving coming towards the end of august this might be a good time to pick up some pirate chain,

Now the increase in the price of the pirate chain was matched by an increase in the interest in the pirate chain. So one of the problems that we had at viracheng was that the servers were overloaded. We had to take down the home page for a couple of days to upgrade the server packages. What we had was a great problem because we couldn't deal with the demand. Remember this is a volunteer-run project fully decentralized no organization or company behind it. But we had many people stepping up from the community including moderators and developers and social media influencers that did their part to support the pirate chain crew in dealing with this explosion of interest now this is a good problem to have. And we are very very grateful to the volunteer moderators who are helping to keep our discord chat and our telegram chat free from spam and making sure that people stay on point talking about privacy issues and pirate chain.

Liquidity of ARRR:

In the terms of making the pirate chain more liquid. It is now available on-chain jelly pro. For those of you that want a simpler uni-swap type of experience, it's available on changely. The pirate chain project currently at the time of recording 10 Monero will get you 379 r and 0.1 of a Bitcoin will give you 532 are now changing. It may not be the cheapest way of buying ARRR but it's certainly the most convenient. And it almost allows you to buy a pirate chain with a debit card or a credit card because you can use chain jelly to buy Bitcoin with a debit card or credit card, and then you've got that Bitcoin you convert it easily to pirate chain

Atomic Swap

Atomic swaps via atomic decks, now if you don't know what atomic decks are well it is a project created by the komodo team. It is a secure wallet fully non-custodial decentralized exchange rolled into one application. It's beautiful to use very very easy and it's a true atomic swap dex. And what we mean by a true atomic swap is that you can exchange one cryptocurrency for another cryptocurrency with no counterparty in between. So with chain jelly that's not an atomic swap because they're using a sprout service. Atomic dex is fully peer-to-peer the transaction goes through for both parties or it doesn't go through at all. It's cross-chain so you can go from Bitcoin to litecoin to Ethereum or from Ethereum to q2 tokens that are listed on atomic decks. They're working on the komodo team the atomic dexs team is they're working on integrating pirate chain into the atomic dex, which will be a real boost for privacy because atomic decks are fully decentralized no KYC nothing like that. So you'll be able to convert your Bitcoin to pirate chain and the other way around as well.

This is why you must update your treasure chest wallet and you have to do it by June the 14th at the latest now. If you're not sure if you've got the most up-to-date version then what you should do is when you open up your treasure chest wallet you go to the about the button and that'll tell you a move the one that you want is 5.11.

Update the latest light wallet and our core dev forge has updated the light wallet for pirate making it more convenient than ever. It has a whole host of new features to keep your pirate chain coins safe and easy to move around it is easy to use much faster and way more secure now.

Monthly update:       

On the first Wednesday of every month, there is a monthly update on what's happening with pirate chain. You can find out details of that in the discord group or the telegram group and they're available on the website. If you want to listen to previous recordings there are also the pirate bonfire chats and these happen every Wednesday 6 30 p.m. EST 11 30 pm UTC. Although that should be 11 30 p.m BST because we're now in the British summertime and that's five hours ahead of EST and on these fireside chats we have conversations with other projects or representatives from other projects that we're interested in you to know one recent one was Danish Chaudhary. Who is the CEO of and is an exchange from which you can buy pirate Jane now there has been a lot of interest in the pirate chain.


Privacy could be a luxury. The past wherever each group action is being monitored by a centralized entity and true obscurity looks like a fairy tale. Pirate chain came to alter the sport the primary cryptocurrency to bring you the best and on set ever in contrast to the remainder of the virtual coins out there wherever privacy isn't a main feature pirate chain's goal is to guard its users with the foremost refined and most acclaimed privacy protocol within the world of cryptocurrencies. You are getting to get on this ship or are you getting to keep golf shot your money freedom in danger. Financial privacy these days is freedom tomorrow.

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