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Welcome back to Renegade Financial. I am going to review the super affiliate network. Now that I have been through it completely over the last several years. Done a number of continuing education courses that I will be reviewing here on the channel. In order for me to learn how to market myself online and also create some side businesses online. So that in the future can leverage what I am doing right now or completely step away from what I'm doing right now, so it is been a learning process for me.

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Super Affiliate Network

Online businesses are something that I am very good at in my personal business, but online business is something that's kind of been foreign to me. Super affiliate network, when you first get into it. There is a low-level entry fee of like $7 and then you can upgrade to like $47 a month. Yearly membership is also there, I will say the value of this course is incredible there is a coach that will go through you. I upgraded to the pro level, which is basically $2000. That includes a coach you check him with every day. We went through audiobooks, chapters they only let you go through the chapter at a time.

A lot of the problems I have had with the other courses that I have done is you are just kind of like released yourself. Either don't go through all the information or you kind of skip things or you fall behind or with this, you get quizzed every day.

Super affiliate network


You've got to literally really seriously pay attention to that which helped me in a lot of the mindset stuff. A lot of stuff about visualization, affirmations, and things that really helped me. I never made a dime off this course, the stuff I got with the mental preparation, affirmations, and reprogramming. Negative shit that I had in my head from when I was younger and I was a kid. I didn't have the greatest childhood. Have this negative programming that's been kind of holding me back right off the gate.

Online Affiliate Marketing

They're educating you like the whole point of the super affiliate network is not to make fast money. Like you can earn money as you're being taught. As you're going through the system by promoting their stuff, which is really cool. Sales team and sales system are really good and they are trying to help you. Whole point of the super affiliate network is they want you to build your own business. They want you to brand yourself or figure out a brand you want to promote they want to custom build you a Web site and they want to fly it.

You will go to Hawaii and they want to take pictures of you. They want to use their marketing expertise to figure out how you're going to leverage yourself. Sell courses and products and also market their thing as well.

They want you to create your own business. If you're like a doctor or an attorney and you want to like or if you're a multilevel marketer. You're sick and tired of like pissing all your friends off. This would be a great way to create a funnel to basically find and you could do all this stuff yourself. These guys are experts at it and they can custom build it for you. Basically, you have an entry-level product or you can go through the whole course and then you can promote their product.

Pros and Cons About Affiliate Marketing

There is the pro where you get more attention and then they build funnels for you and set it all up in the email system. One thing that they stressed in the beginning, you've got two things. You've got time and you've got money and you can always replace the money. You can't replace time so they're really big on paid advertising and then creating the email list. Big on solo ads, they will educate you on all the marketing but, they suggest you pick one. Also, they really like solo ads where you're set you’re buying traffic from other people. Then you're building your list which is a really targeted stuff is really cool because if you're a network marketer. You could target people that are actually looking for work from home opportunities.

You could get them into your funnel and then you could kind of flip it around. Make them apply for your opportunity as opposed to you going out trying to beat people over the head. Could talk to them about that or if you're a doctor or a lawyer. Could have some of your staff go through this course and learn all about how this works. Copywriting and all that kind of stuff. Build your business out for you and they set all the copywriting up. Settle that stuff out for you and if you look at like creating your own business or franchising.



I own a business, it costs me a hundred and fifty thousand dollars for my equipment. And gets everything going and tap, in fees for the city and that. So you're looking at their mid-range product I believe it is like 10 grand. Then they are super like the deluxe system is thirty thousand. You get like a year of daily coaching and check-in’s and you get to fly out and meet with Mischa and his team like four times. Get unlimited tech support for the rest of your life.

Basically upgrade things as new technology comes out. An incredible value for the money and they say that from the beginning. Talk about how much it costs to get into like a McDonald's franchise or Burger King or whatever, millions of dollars. Cataract version thirty thousand dollars when you really think of it. If you're a doctor or lawyer or if you're a multi-level marketer and you want to have everything set up for you and done for you. Even take professional pictures of you and then they build you like an expert site and it's really a concierge service.

Quick Money

If you're just looking to make quick money like real fast, there are other things that I'll review here that you can go on YouTube. Things and generate some quick revenue. You're looking for somebody to and this is probably something I'm going to look into in the future. When I go to create different courses and stuff when I decide to totally automate my business. Do more things online as opposed to in-person like I am now so that I can work from anywhere in the world.

If you go through this course, you're going to be able to market any course anywhere in the world at any time. Once you understand how funnels work, how email lists work, you're going to be able to build your lists. You'll be able to sell them whatever you want as long as you provide them with value. You do get an affiliate training coach to provide you the prebuilt pre-code, add Website provides you with cell funnels.

Use of Funnels

They have some great funnels that you can promote before you get all your stuff built for you. So you can be promoting from day one completely done for your system, gorgeously updated lists of hot selling products and where to find them step by step, video training, weekly webinar classes, active Facebook group Access to Meesha. Daily freedom call coaching live with Meesha 30 days, no questions asked, money-back guarantee. That's on the lower level stuff or if you decide as you do, the $7 or the forty-seven dollars a month and you don't like it, they'll give you your money back plus they give you a $100 for the time that you spent. Now let's go over some of the perceived negatives that people don't really understand.

You can only access training when your coach sends the link so you can't like speed ahead. If you're doing like the pro level as I did, I would check in every day and once I go through the course then they would allow me to go to the next level. I don't look at that as a con, I look at that as a positive because then you have to go through the system. The $1 dollar trial, welcome videos and you talking with the coach and your goals.

Money-Back Guarantee

That’s basically they get you in the door and then they try and upsell you from the beginning if you understand, it's a con shear's like luxury service and it's not a big deal. The 30-day money-back guarantee is not applied to everything, once you're into like the pro level. So you just have to know that going into it as a lot of upsells from the beginning, you'll know when you get into the program that they're there. Basically their whole goal is they want to create a business that revolves around you that's totally unique.

People would call it a pay to play affiliate program, which usually an indicator of a scam. I don't really buy into that because from the beginning they are upfront about they want you to buy the Cataract plan and they want to set you up. To be able to provide value to people and to make a lot of money based on you and what you want to build your business around. So I don't really buy into that one you have to use their website. Yes, they use click funnels, you kind of got to buy into that and their system. Again, you get all the technical support that comes with that. It can be a bit expensive but like I said before, compared, to have a business built custom around you in the courses that you can offer.


I mean, you could literally if you were a doctor, you could have different courses based on what you specialize in and then you could upsell that to working with you on one or you can have webinars, you could have Facebook groups. So you could really transition to working with patients in person, to working with patients all over the place. You can specifically target people with network marketing. If you want to learn more about this, there'll be a link in the description below and then you just put your email in there and then when you sign up. Tell your advisor exactly what you're looking for and it's a great value even if you went through at the forty-seven dollars a month and just promoted their product.

I think the education of all the courses, I've taken four or five courses out of all the courses I've taken. It is the most in-depth, thorough so course I've ever taken and honestly, it's much this course is much more valuable than a college degree. People spent hundreds of thousand dollars on college marketing degrees and all that sort of thing. You're going to learn more in this program at a fraction of the cost. I mean, you could do it for forty-seven dollars a month and then even the pro like I did the amount I got out of it as far as my personal development was incredible. And, if you look at like the super-wealthy one, they read a lot and there's a lot of audio.


My mentor put me through a lot of audiobooks, all sorts of different drills and affirmations and it was really good for me. I'm happy even if I don't make a sale, which I've had some pretty nice success with their products so far. But even if I didn't make any sales, I'd be totally happy because the amount of value that I got out of the product just from the training part of it was incredible. Knowing the knowledge that I have now about marketing online, the sales system, a lot of it was, what I've been doing already in my own business.


I just have been able to apply it to the online business so it's a really good experience as far as I'm concerned so I really think the price is a bargain. Look at what you're getting, especially if you have everything set up for you, but it's not if you're looking to make money quickly. You don't have a lot of money, this wouldn't be the program for you. If you're somebody like me who has a brick and mortar business and wants to transition into an online business and you want help from the best marketers in the world, then then this is the place for you.

So, let me know if you have any questions in the comments below, please like and subscribe so you can get updates. I'm going to be continually sharing the journey of my quest for independence and freedom and automation and the four hour work week kind of deal work. I've got an automated system where I can help a lot of people and I can also help myself at the same time. So click on the link. Put your email in there. Give it a shot.

For more information on the Super Affiliate Network CLICK HERE


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